The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

So tired. Been working like a dog these past 3 days, averaging 36+ hours! That’s the thing with unemployed individuals, when you get a chance to work, you work tirelessly and sleeplessly to prove that you’re capable of everything and I mean everything that they throw at you, just for a small window of opportunities down the road. I got home every day and my eyes rolled back into my skull and I passed out. Then I remember, I have a blog to update! People disappear around here! Lol.

Eddie Peng for Men’s Uno. They have him for a day and yet they chose the most boring background and poses EVER.

 photo SOD23.jpg

 photo SOD29.jpg

 photo SOD28.jpg

 photo SOD27.jpg

Even Eddie is confused on what he’s wearing and doing. When he should be shirtless and smiling. šŸ˜€

 photo SOD26.jpg

Yea, this is totally Chow Yun Fat’s pose. You can’t pull that off yet little Ed. šŸ˜Ž

 photo SOD25.jpg

Yea, he’s THAT bored. Lol.

 photo SOD24.jpg

Behind the boring scene…. Cannot believe the whole crew are men!

 photo SOD30.jpg

Busy being a dork behind the scene. šŸ˜‰ Weee ~

 photo SOD31.jpg

Miss Wolf – Liu Shi Shi. I must say I’m a little taken aback by this photoshoot, mainly because I did not recognize her at all. Instead, I thought it was young actress, Andy Yang, Wallace Huo’s co-star in The Battle of Chang Sha.

 photo SOD22.jpg

 photo SOD16.jpg

 photo SOD17.jpg

 photo SOD21.jpg

Really like these half-face shots here. Very atmospheric.

 photo SOD14.jpg

 photo SOD15.jpg

 photo SOD13.jpg

 photo SOD20.jpg

Hu Ge’s looking quite manly with his new mustache, yes yes? Lovely background choices. He could be a cowboy in his next drama!

 photo SOD9.jpg

 photo SOD11.jpg

The smile that you won’t see find in his Meng Jiu. Cute!

 photo SOD8.jpg

Er….the focus point. LOL

 photo SOD10.jpg

Isn’t it too hot to wear those Ge Ge?

 photo SOD5.jpg

 photo SOD6.jpg

 photo SOD7.jpg

The crew’s shadows. hehe.

 photo SOD3.jpg

 photo SOD4.jpg

 photo SOD1.jpg

 photo SOD2.jpg

I wish I could just sit back and enjoy Sound of the Desert. But I can’t! My desire to provide always outranks my needs to watch. Mainly because searching for a decent source is giving me a headache! Now the audio just won’t sync (hence episode 6 & 7 haven’t been posted.)

This sucks! Anyway, I gotta catch up on sleep. Nighty. Be back tomorrow to reply to comments. =)

Source: 01 // 02 // 03

    • 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

      This is the website I downloaded one episode from and I wouldn’t recommend fans to download from it. I don’t understand why it says HD 720p when the quality is worst than then 540p quality posted here. Can someone explain this to me? I’m confused?

    • 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

      Abu, I haven’t been visiting other English bloggers for the longest time. It helps me push myself to find news and info on my own in Chinese websites. Aside from the handful of blogger friends that I visit, I don’t deviate. Plus, spoilers are everywhere!

      So trust me when I say I have sources, I’m just picky about whether I choose to use them.

      Moonmoon, you posted the question in the other post dear! No need to rush, I’ll provide an answer soon enough. I think there’s a common confusion on the net nowadays that resolution = quality. That is incorrect.

      From my understanding, to be High Definition (HD), the video needs to fulfill two conditions: Higher quality at higher resolution. Missing one and it’s not HD. Hence, my videos although use 1080p source files do not qualify as HD because it’s lower in resolution. The files that abu posted are higher in resolution but lower in quality. If you want both (true HD), the size can be monstrous. Right now at AVV, I try to provide the best quality possible in the most respectable resolution = smaller file size.

      The term HD is thrown around too carelessly nowadays. I need to be careful of this as well.

      Video quality is determined by many factors, and I don’t really want to open that can of worms yet. Lol.

      • 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

        I understand, thanks Kappy. I double posted because I thought no one was gonna answered. =)

  1. 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

    Hu Ge is aging like fine wine and gets more charismatic with age. Too bad this photoshoot didn’t make use of his charisma.
    The guys in charge of Eddie’s shoot wasted all that potential OMG! Like, such a boring shoot when they could’ve done so much more with Eddie…
    Liu Shishi’s been photoshopped so much I can’t even recognize her in the photos! I honestly didn’t even realize it was Shishi until you said it was.

    These guys need to take a leaf from the people who did Rainie’s shoot (a few posts back). They really knew how to make good use of a star’s charisma. Unlike these people who totally wasted 3 wonderful models (Eddie, Shishi, and Hu Ge).

  2. 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

    I don’t know what’s with the crazy red colour for Eddie’s photoshoot, the guy is so hot and yet none of the pics reflect that. What a waste!!!

    LOL at your comment about the focus point of Hu Ge’s photo… ooops, my eyes went there too. Not my fault! And I don’t even like him!

  3. 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

    Shimo, Hu Ge looks really good with facial hair. Can’t believe he only decided to keep them now! I checked three times to make sure it says Liu Shi Shi name in Chinese. It’s really strange how they managed to make her look drastically different.

    Kat, Lol, I feel like they want to spotlight Eddie….but the guy needs no light on him to shine. My eyes just automatically go to him.

    hahha We are pervies, Kat, that’s why. šŸ˜€

  4. 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

    I think is the makeup that change LSS face… The hight light n couture can change the person face when taking picture… I don’t think it the Photoshop that change her feature…. I have seen some of her other shot… It also look like this one…

  5. 9 thoughts on “The Desert’s Trio all dolled up for magazine pages

    some of these clothes needs to go………

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