Lucky man, Jo Jung Suk, scores Shin Min Ah as onscreen wife

Oyy, these official stills are just adorable. Did you know that Jo Jung Suk is actually older than Shin Min Ah, but she’s the more widely known of the two? He’s four years older and all these years, I kept thinking he’s in his late twenties and his luck in snatching a hubby role opposite noona Min Ah. Then I checked their profiles today and it surprised me. Despite her sweet face, Min Ah’s graceful manners give off a mature vibe, and yet he’s the oppa! Do you need more reason to catch My Love, My Bride in theaters?

Official Stills:

Simple story – what happens to a newly-married couple during their honey phase and after?

 photo MLBride8.jpg

 photo MLBride10.jpg

 photo MLBride11.jpg

 photo MLBride23.jpg

 photo MLBride27.jpg

So adorable they can’t stand each other. 😛

 photo MLBride26.jpg

He’s admiring her…

 photo MLBride25.jpg

Even when she’s cutting her nails. Nothing she does is ever… ugly, huh?

 photo MLBride24.jpg

Hubby getting jealous and being ….cute?

 photo MLBride28.jpg

 photo MLBride17.jpg

 photo MLBride20.jpg

Arriving to a place and the chef is Shin Min Ah. ^_-

 photo MLBride16.jpg

 photo MLBride19.jpg

What two pretty people look like when they’re angry at each other. ANSWER: Pretty.

 photo MLBride14.jpg

 photo MLBride15.jpg

 photo MLBride9.jpg

Just more cute.

 photo MLBride5.jpg

 photo MLBride6.jpg

 photo MLBride12.jpg

 photo MLBride13.jpg

 photo MLBride22.jpg


My Love, My Bride hits theaters in Korea on October 8th!

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    aigoo.. i thought it’s a adrama.. oh i wish so i could enjoy their chemistry more than only 2-3 hours hehe.. the pics are so cute and adorable.. thank you Kap!

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