Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

I’m pretty sure that good news is gonna come out soon, cause there’s no other reason other than baby daddy that can force a man to leave his beautiful wife right after marriage and work endlessly and over nights, right? Still filming for Three Heroes and Five Gallants as the dashing Zhan Zhao, Yan Kuan takes on a completely different character – a noble thief, Xiao Shi Yi Lang, in the novel by Gu Long (The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung, The Proud Twins, The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng).

The last drama adaptation of Xiao Shi Yi Lang was eleven years ago, starring Nicky Wu, Yu Bo, and Athena Chu. Watch on Viki. Around the same time, TVB also has their own version with Felix Wong and Maggie Siu (I watched this version, but don’t recall much…)

Beijing Oriental Fei International is the production company with Ju Jue Liang (The Patriot Yue Fei, Water Margin) as the director. Xiao Shi Yi Lang is slated to be 50 episodes and filming begins yesterday. Not all cast has joined yet.

Confirmed Cast So Far:

Yan Kuan = Xiao Shi Yi Lang. Very flirty and suave. Somehow, he manages to look good in any hairstyle! This is his costume for the role.

 photo Lang7.jpg

Gan Ting Ting plays Shen Bi Jun. A noble girl betrothed to Lian Cheng Bi but is deeply in love with Yi Lang.

 photo Lang5.jpg

Zhu Yi Long plays Lian Cheng Bi, a handsome, young master of the Lian Manor. Deemed by the public as the perfect husband material. Shen Bi Jun’s fiancé.

 photo Lang4.jpg

Li Yi Xiao as Feng Si Niang, a swordswoman who loves Yi Lang.

 photo Lang3.jpg

That tattoo is hot!

 photo Lang6.jpg

Kristy Zhang as Xiao Gong Zi / Xiao Xiao, one of the three disciples of Xiao Yao Hou (Mr. Yang’s alias). While her role is small (a step down from leading lady status in Princess of Lan Ling), she’s already filming (costume below). Adorable.

 photo Lang8.jpg

 photo Lang9.jpg

Yu Qing Bin as Yang Kai Tai, son of the Mr. Yang, a rich horse breeder. Mr. Yang is the main villain of the series. I believe he loves Feng Si Niang.

 photo Lang2.jpg

Elvis Tsui as Mr. Yang (Xiao Yao Hou). Rich man, owns a massive horse breeder. Villain.

 photo Lang1.jpg

Beside Yan Kuan, Kristy, and Elvis, I’m not familiar with the rest of the cast members. I can’t distinguished between the two ladies in love with Yi Lang at all. Have you watched any previous versions? Looking forward to this one?

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

    In my opinion, this novel is one of the better ones written by Gu Long. Personally, not a fan of his writing nor the movies stemmed from his novels. I am 100% Jin Yong’s fan as I prefer Jin Yong’s style better. That said, I think I will give this movie a go when it airs. 🙂

    • 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

      I think I might have to rewatch the previous versions, as I feel quite alien to the story despite watching it years before. Have you Aryael?

      Same boat – I enjoy some and dislike some from both authors. hehe 😉

  2. 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

    Well at least they’re doing something other than remaking Jin Yong for the 10000000000000000th time. Gu Long’s male characters are generally more flirty/playboy than Jin Yong’s. I myself prefer Jin Yong’s style (in terms of story, characters, etc.), but some of Gu Long’s works are pretty good (like Legendary Twins).

    Xiao 11 Lang is one of Gu Long’s famous works too, so I look forward to how they’ll adapt this. Of course, having Yan Kuan as lead helps 😀 This guy looks so good in period costume 🙂

    • 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

      I enjoyed Legendary Twins when I was younger. Haven’t rewatched it since then, so I wonder how my feelings are about the drama now ~

      ♥ Jimmy Lin ♥

      It’s hard to make Yan Kuan look bad in anything! Seriously!

  3. 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

    I am soooo happy that Yan Kuan is finally getting more lead roles!!!!! Love him!

  4. 6 thoughts on “Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

    So in LOVE with Kevin Yan Kuan. Really wish can see his all movies with English caption/subtitle (most not yet).
    Please please please more lead role for this handsome hunk !!

    V from NYC

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