We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

I’m not a follower of Korean variety show, We Got Married, but I have watched a few episodes where some of my favorite people were guests. This variety show messes with my head and emotions! It fascinates, frightens, and confuses me all at the same time. Two individuals fake marry, carry out scripted couple events, and then their emotions and behaviors are recorded by a small crew attached to their hips. It’s so weird! It gets weirder when the parents actually play along… 0_0 They are totally playing with your feelings and yet it works out so well with the audience fervently shipping the couples from right to left. How messed up is that?

And yet I’m doomed the moment I learned that Kim So Eun (upcoming project: Liar Game Remake) is the next bride to groom Song Jae Rim (current drama: Surplus Princess). Resistance is futile. *shakes head*

The two have quite a unique meeting, way different than other couples – they are arranged to meet in the dark.

Before the meeting, we get to know a little about each person. Song Jae Rim lives with his two kitty friends, a black cat and cat that looks like those evil cartoon cats. I’m a bit unsettled that we see traces of cats everywhere in his house. He’s like the strange old lady neighbor who loves cats.

 photo WGM-E238-2.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-4.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-1.jpg

He begins to write down questions to ask his wife – one that causes a chuckle out of me: does his wife have a pet? What if it’s a hamster? He turns and looks to his chubby kitty and asks, “Have you eaten a hamster before? Never mind, you can’t hunt anyway cause you’re fat!” LOL

 photo WGM-E238-5.jpg

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What a surprise, our Kim So Eun also owns a white cat. Tell me that cat does not resemble the ruling, obnoxious cat in the movie Cats & Dogs?

 photo WGM-E238-9.jpg

It’s sweet that people still refer to her by her character name in Boys Over Flowers.

 photo WGM-E238-10.jpg

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The bride and groom are very similar – they pack perfumes, protein shakes, and vitamin bottles. The MCs laugh when they observe that Jae Rim likes striped pants the most – he has several pairs in different colors.

 photo WGM-E238-12.jpg

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While So Eun practices her greetings in a conventional car, Jae Rim hops on a motorcycle wearing a gangster, wind-blocking face mask. Wow. He’s THAT type huh? But the sun ain’t his best friend today cause he complains of the blazing weather in minutes. haha.

 photo WGM-E238-15.jpg

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He arrives there at the meeting first and finds out that they have to meet in the dark. He reads the questions that So Eun wrote yesterday. I’m a little disappointed that she only wanted to know his physical attributes while his questions are more thoughtful and detailed. He even wrote down his phone number. heh.

 photo WGM-E238-17.jpg

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OMG. Too funny, when So Eun sits down, literally 1 foot away from him, Jae Rim extends his head and leans closer to smell her. haha!

 photo WGM-E238-19.jpg

He’s sweet too. Because he’s been there for a while, his eyes have adjusted to the darkness so when her hands wave around trying to get a glass of water, he moves it closer and she’s able to take a sip, then he speaks up, “Let’s play a game.”

 photo WGM-E238-20.jpg

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He wonders what her favorite question is on his list and when she replies it’s the pet inquiry, he smiles. He squees when she says she has cats too! ha! His high-pitched laugh. XD

 photo WGM-E238-22.jpg

Then they continue to go down the questions’ list and her preference for adam’s apple comes up. He even guides her hand to touch his throat. She loves it and he wonders aloud, “Do you have a fetish for adam’s apples and throats?” hehe.

 photo WGM-E238-25.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-26.jpg

Physical appearance. Jae Rim is such a tease, he tells her he’s 180cm….with insoles. LOL

 photo WGM-E238-28.jpg

Then she explains that she used to be a manager for a basketball team – providing them with water bottles and keeping scores. Riding on that comment, Jae Rim says, “Then you’ll do those well for your husband right?”

Unexpectedly, her comeback startles him, “Doesn’t he have hands?” HAHA. KO-ED! I love how the music hypes up according to the situation. This is like a pre-battle to see who can dominate in the relationship.

 photo WGM-E238-29.jpg

Haha, both lie about their age – she says she just graduated high school while he admits being an ajusshi and her lips form a quiet ‘O’ in astonishment. These two are so cheeky. She drops her head and he asks, “Are you crying? You stopped talking…”

 photo WGM-E238-30.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-33.jpg

Fully immersed in his acting… 😛

 photo WGM-E238-32.jpg

LOL@his face laughing at her reaction in the dark.

 photo WGM-E238-35.jpg

When interviewed, Jae Rim cracks up and confesses that he heard her heart collapse at his age. He laughs out loud at his own awesomeness in fooling the youngin.

 photo WGM-E238-41.jpg

In her own interview, So Eun reveals that she has an inkling that he was lying and that he finds it funny. Aha, our bride is a smart cookie!

 photo WGM-E238-44.jpg

Then they begin talking about hands and he offers a direct, fierce handshake. When he releases her hand, he casually caresses her fingers! HIS LIKES SKINSHIP! GAHHH!!

 photo WGM-E238-49.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-50.jpg

Things get exciting when he lurches forward to take a closer look of her in the dark. Startled, she holds up her hand to shield. So silly, these two. hee!

 photo WGM-E238-52.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-53.jpg

After she touches his hair, she claps her hands together – “I think I know who you are!”

 photo WGM-E238-55.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-57.jpg

Now that she has the upper hand, he directly asks, “What’s your surname?” She smiles and refuses to answer.

 photo WGM-E238-59.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-60.jpg

Official face-to-face meeting. Jae Rim squirms in frustration because he’s the loser for not knowing who she is. I’m sorry but I automatically look at his butt when he twists and turns – what can I say, Hani taught me well. 😛

 photo WGM-E238-61.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-62.jpg

Jae Rim blaming So Eun’s terse answers. If she wanted him to guess right, she should’ve spoken more! Lol. Poor lad.

 photo WGM-E238-64.jpg

From a distance, So Eun sees his back, so she uses her purse to cover her face. Seeing this, Jae Rim tskks and covers his own face, “She’s not an easy girl!”

 photo WGM-E238-65.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-66.jpg

Now standing in close proximity, So Eun suggests they put down their barriers on the count of 3. Neither of them follow through and both laugh.

 photo WGM-E238-69.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-70.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-71.jpg

For real this time! Upon seeing her face, Jae Rim slips out, “Who are you?” Oh GAWD. I’m sure he’s joking, there’s no way he doesn’t know who she is. Unless he lives in a cave when Boys Over Flowers swept up Korea in a storm?

 photo WGM-E238-75.jpg

 photo WGM-E238-76.jpg

When interviewed, So Eun maintains her composure and promises to work like a cow in the future so the whole nation will know of her face. hehe.

 photo WGM-E238-82.jpg

In his own interview, Jae Rim reveals that he doesn’t know a lot of actresses and often may be called a jerk.

 photo WGM-E238-83.jpg

Impressions of the two: While I have liked So Eun for a while now, I did not know she’s such a girly girl, not the weak type but the sassy one. Them two being actors definitely help speed up the skinship in real time. In a way, they are actors playing themselves with sprinkled requirements here and there (from the show & producers). While both seem natural, I must say So Eun did have an acting moment where she waved her hands to the right trying to locate his throat but he was obviously talking to her from her left side. On the other hand, Jae Rim appears to be more relaxed and easy-going. I do like their dynamic as a couple though – he’s playful and she’s equally snappish. Looking forward to more!

  1. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    lol come to the dark side!! we got married is a weird show…

    you know its very scripted – the controversy from last time was about cue cards – telling the couple what to do. it’s very unnatural with people standing not so far from the couple telling them to pose and and recording the events.

    but these two are actors like you said, so they are accustomed to having cameras around them. song jae rim is very flirty!! so funny when he keeps encouraging touching. Lol.

    they might be my new obsession. i didn’t last very long with gui gui and taecyeon, now they were awkward to watch.

    • 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

      CUE CARDS?!! Burrrrr! o.o

      You’re not the only one, Gui Gui and Taecyeon are best at friends. They are not each other’s style.

  2. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    I’m with you. Started watching it again because of SJR. And now am really liking the Nam GoongMin Jin-young couple a lot. Thanks for the recap.

  3. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    OMG-sh, Boys Over Flowers meets Moon Embraces the Sun. SJR was one smexy bodyguard back then.

    Oooh, I’m all caught up with Roommate so I’ll give this couple a chance to win my heart.

    Thanks Kappy for sharing. I’d be lost without knowing this cute virtual couple ever existed.

  4. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    I encoded this couple’s episode (only them), if anyone is interested: Click to download. No subs though. =/ You can always stream it online.

    Maybe I need to continue Surplus Princess while I wait.

    No problem Keane, giving drifters something to drool over is always an honor. 😉

  5. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    They’re so cute~
    I haven’t watched WGM in a few years, but I might have to come back for this couple *u*

  6. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    @kaptain A I don’t know if you want to pick up Surplus Princess, as much as I am enjoying the drama I am disappointed it got cut to 10 episodes. With only 2 ep left I don’t know what ending they c

    • 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

      Eeeee!! That’s terrible news. I can’t imagine their fallen faces when the news hits their filming locations. =(

  7. 9 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 238 “New couple.”

    **oh no click submit before I finished

    I don’t know what ending they can come up with that would make any sense.

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