Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

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I last talked about this drama earlier this year. Remember how some of us wanted to correctly translate its name? Thanks heavens the production company took care of that problem during the press conference held today. The official title is now The Chronicles of Town Called Jian. Did someone fall asleep and forget one missing letter in the title? Ahum.

Check the 5-minute trailer to see if it caters to your taste!

Some stills… Yang Yang-centric… 😀

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Someone’s really touchy with our Yang Yang darling. Lol. =P

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This looks so ridiculous I had to post it. Who the hell is her stylist? She’s a beautiful girl but her stylist…..

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To refresh your memory of the plot, here’s my poor translation again: The story revolves around mysterious murder cases and the heroine is described as a bright, astute, and curious young lady. She uses her keen observation and analysis to solve cases. But the interesting factor lies in her special ability to extract clues from a set of tarot cards. After years of studying abroad, Du Chun Xiao (Victoria Song) returns to Jiangnan with her dear friend, Huang Meng Ching (Zhang Zhi Xi). Coincidentally, Meng Ching’s father, Mr. Huang (Jiang Tong), celebrates his 60th birthday. Blessed with a luxurious life, he welcomes Chun Xiao into their family without second thoughts. He likes her enough to engage her to his first son, Huang Mo Ru (Yang Yang). However, Chun Xiao’s stay with the Huangs causes strange events to happen, threatening her life. During those precarious moments, Chun Xiao finds herself befriending Huang Mu Yun (Jiang Jin Fu), Meng Ching’s younger brother. Slowly, feelings are developed and awakened. It’s also around this time that Chun Xiao discovers the truth about her identity, along with the layers and layers of unsettling sins caused by Mr. Huang in the past 20 years. [All mistakes are unintentional. Please do not take out w/o permission.]


  • Is it me or does Victoria‘s bob become shorter and shorter as we progress? Buhhh!
  • Poor Yang Yang. His heart is gonna get trampled on.
  • Not really impressed with the trailer. The villain is so transparent, the fun is not there.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

    Victoria’s hair… Sigh… Shake head in disapproval

  2. 2 thoughts on “Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

    Looks like they changed the title again. Small Town Adventures.

    If not for Yang Yang, I would not be following this series at all.

    Newest trailer dropped today:

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