The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

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Everyone loses something in this episode. And this drama loses me. Unfortunately, this will be my last recap for TWWW. Why? 1) I’m tired of repeating myself every episode. 2) The story goes in circles. 3) Not much to discuss. 4) I stop caring about the main OTP. They are infuriating.

Questions to ponder: If you were Jia Ni, would you forgive your best friend and husband for that one night? If you were Wei De, would you let the past haunt your present?

Episode 9 Picture Commentary:

Mama Jia Ni getting an ultrasound. Looking happy. Why not? Everyone loves her. One lucky girl.

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I’m unsure how Guo Qing even managed to open a flower shop when he’s so clueless about romance?

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Since Jia Ni is in the hospital, Wei De must be there too! Of course not, his papa is kinda sick.

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Ge Qing revealing to Wei De that she heard the whole cafeteria conversation and knew that he used to like Jia Ni. I like her confrontational style. She wants to be honest but Wei De is anything but that. He’s becoming less of the man we came to like.

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Jun Jie meets with Wei De and warns him to stay out of his family matters with Jia Ni (read: his unemployment)

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Ge Qing doesn’t know that Jia Ni doesn’t know about Jun Jie’s unemployment… so she accidentally reveals it. Poor girl is trying to be helpful.

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Naturally, the couple has a fight later on! She wants to know why he’s keeping everything a secret. Is she not dependable? Uhh, maybe because YOU’RE PREGNANT AND STRESSED OUT ALREADY? But obviously, Wei De’s name is again mentioned. I wonder how many times he sneezes a day.

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Cue! Mother in Law appears, complete in her angelic outfit and halo. 😉

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After thinking about it, the couple settles their differences. Because a bigger POOP IS COMING!

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Now it’s the second couple’s turn to argue! Wei De is the WORST boyfriend ever. Ge Qing didn’t do it on purpose.

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Next day…

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Jia Ni finally discovers the stupid note, kept by her genius husband.

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After celebrating Xiao Mei’s birthday and Jun Jie’s drunk as a skunk in the backseat…Jia Ni gazes at her friend…

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Jia Ni drives off with her car. How a pregnant woman runs faster than Rui Rui? I dunno.

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Jun Jie receives a phone call from Rui Rui. Both couldn’t utter a word.

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At the same time, Jia Ni swerves off to avoid a biker and hit a wall.

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——————————————– END ——————————————–

Kappy: I actually don’t have much to say about this episode because we’ve been waiting since Christmas for the ball to drop, for the secret to come out. Not to mention, they keep reminding us that the two culprits never showed up during that ONE party because it’s the only one that matters. People in this drama remember things so clearly. No wonder why they passed all their classes (read: how to frustrate me 101.)

So yep, you silent lurkers don’t have to deal with me ranting about The Way We Were anymore. Yay!

  1. 4 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

    As a fan of ur recap and review, too bad this is ur last recap of TWWW. It seems Everyone had different taste for this series. I really love these days episodes..its very emotional and interesting to me.
    I also love first 4 episode but these 1998 story is very different from them.
    Though tha did that, i feel sorry for junjie and ruirui. No evil in TWWW, everyone has their own story cant blame them.
    Cant describe with my bad english. And glad to know view rating become higher and higher…

    Really wonder what happen in last episode when their 2014. Too many rumors about them.
    Just hope no sad one…please

    For ur question, if i was jiani i dont want to lose ruirui since she is very sincerely best friend. But i am not sure i can treat her as usual. Hard question.

    Thx for ur time to recap TWWW.

    -From bad english korean fan-

    • 4 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

      Aww. Thank-you Tina! I guess you’re right, this drama isn’t for me. I loved the first four episodes because the direction and execution of the show felt light and natural but now everything is heavy-handed and seems very staged (A has to happen so B can happen, even if it doesn’t make sense.)

      I feel sad for Rui Rui and Jun Jie too, more than Jia Ni and Wei De because they have always been there for Jia Ni. I wish this show has developed Rui Rui more so that she isn’t just the “best friend who loves her best friend’s husband.”

      101 is a slang term for an introductory (basic) course in college. So here, I’m saying that all of them must have taken that class in college, learning the basics to frustrate me. 🙂

      I hope you continue to love TWWW! It might not be for me but a large population loves it. Your English is fine, I understood them! =)

  2. 4 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

    No wonder why they passed all their classes (read: how to frustrate me 101.)

    Can i ask what that 101 means?

  3. 4 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

    Wei De and Jia Nie should be together 😀 It seems ruby has incurred romance rumors with leroy!! hahahaha

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