Nostalgic stills and posters for Ethan Ruan’s detective film, Shanghai Noir

 photo SHNO56-1.jpg

I mentioned this movie in June of this year and the release date is announced to be in…November. Anybody sensing a pattern here? November is the July of movies and dramas! BURR! A trailer will come out any moments now but first let’s dip our feet into Shanghai at the time, known as the Paris of the East during the French concession which lasted for about a century.

In the movie, Ethan Ruan plays the framed detective when the woman (Yang Zi Shan) he’s supposed to protect went missing. Now all the police forces are searching for him, including the said woman’s boyfriend (Yang Yang) as the prime suspect! Aid comes in an unexpected form – a blind young woman (Zhou Dong Yu). What’s a man gotta do to clear his name?

Stills & Posters:

Our down and dirty runaway detective, Ethan. These posters look like they are fanmade? Lol.

 photo SHNO34.jpg

 photo SHNO53.jpg

 photo SHNO55.jpg

The missing young lady, Yang Zi Shan. Goes rogue!

 photo SHNO32.jpg

 photo SHNO37.jpg

 photo SHNO38.jpg

 photo SHNO41.jpg

The handsome Yang Yang, donning a police uniform, proving to us that he’s no longer a little boy! Right?

 photo SHNO31.jpg

 photo SHNO52.jpg

 photo SHNO51.jpg

 photo SHNO50.jpg

 photo SHNO35.jpg

And finally, our blind student, Zhou Dong Yu.

 photo SHNO33.jpg

 photo SHNO36.jpg

 photo SHNO42.jpg

 photo SHNO39.jpg

The nostalgic and glamorous shots of Shanghai. It is beautiful. I swear, in this lifetime, I must see Shanghai in person!

 photo SHNO43.jpg

 photo SHNO44.jpg

 photo SHNO45.jpg

 photo SHNO46.jpg

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