Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

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hee! I marathon-ed all five episodes last night until 2AM! Haven’t done so in a while, for a TVB series no less. The first episode was rather slow because our group of cops, spies, and gangsters didn’t meet yet but once they do, the chemistry is palpable, not the romantic kind either, but in the spirit of camaraderie. I adore the chosen cast, even if there’s a nagging regret of not seeing Tony Leung Ka Fai onscreen for his TVB comeback. His replacement, Michael Miu, still screams handsomeness and charms even at the age of 56! Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam have definitely stepped up to the plate because they are hilarious and work very well together.

Decided not to go with the conventional recap style. Here’s Picture Commentary. More pictures, I hear. 😀

Episode 1-5 Commentary:

We begin with a quick look into the gloomy future: The two leads being chased by gang members and they hop into a car to make a run. However, there’s no key.

The scene then goes like so:

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I like that there is a running mystery within the whole theme. There are five undercover agents that were sent out to gather intel from different important figures in the famous gang of brokers, Hung Ying. Only two are confirmed in the first five episodes. Before we meet them, let’s meet the Inspector (handler), who’s in charge of protecting and aiding their quest.

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So what mystery was I referring to? For some threatening reason, the original handler commits suicide at the end of episode 1. Before he does, he reveals to his good friend, Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu), that he’s in charge of 5 undercover agents. He has deleted their cop profiles in the system because there’s a “dirty” cop in the force. Now Cheuk Hoi must find the five moles and complete the mission his friend started.

It’s not an easy mission for Cheuk Hoi because his undercover agent of some years ago is recently found dead. So it’s a promise to himself that he wouldn’t let another loyal subject die.

Charmaine Sheh plays Ding Siu Ka, and people in the neighborhood call her Sis Nail.

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She meets a lowly gang member, Bao Seed (Raymond Lam), and is ordered to get close to him by Cheuk Hoi because well, he’s going to be one of the main players in Hung Ying society soon. What’s with Oscar’s terrible acting? I was taken aback because he’s usually good.

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Their bickering and bantering is hilarious.

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Another Inspector (Patrick Tang) of a different team, who is irritating because he screams every line and does exactly as described.

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And revealed by the end of episode 5:

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She’s NOW romantically involved with Siu Leong. Uh Oh. Things do not look good for Kobe.

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Let’s meet the baddies:

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And…. Benz Hui, an actor who mostly plays the kind, fatherly roles is now a top-class villain! I shiver when he smiles a smile with a hidden thousand knives! There’s one scene where he just watches Flounder in prison and then just smiles like that all night. With the window lights behind him and all. EEEEEEEEE!!!

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I think that’s all the main players. So far, I enjoy the cast chemistry the most. Siu Ka and Cheuk Hoi have an interesting boss-employee dynamic. She wants money and benefits for every mission because the original handler spoiled her with good food and pay. With Cheuk Hoi, he serves her instant noodles and rarely gives in to her (monetary) demands. It’s funny. 😛

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Charm’s face!

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A heart-wrenching moment for Inspector Cheuk Hoi when Siu Ka is thrown out of the window with the criminal. Despite his injury, he holds onto her: “I won’t let you die. None of you can die!!” Because the pain of losing a comrade kills him. Aw.

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Ending of episode 5: Two undercover agents are now identified. Can’t wait till they work together and against each other because they are following two opposing sides in the gang! Woohoo!

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I hope you enjoy this post. Let’s discuss Line Walker! Your thoughts so far?

  1. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    Lol. the comments are hilarious!! *pew pew* 😛 im still on episode 3 right now. foon hei is still in jail playing the nice guy!! can’t wait to watch him being the big bad!!

    sharon and sammy is one hot couple – if and when she finally forgives him. dunnoo what she sees in the other police guy. he’s just mean!

    charmaine is hilarious. and her lines are wicked long sometimes!

    • 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

      Foon Hei is still a mystery to me. Is he the ultimate bad guy? He does give off that creepy vibes and I hope to see him unleash hell soon. Weird right?

      They are one hot couple! But I don’t understand why she hates him that much. Yes, he didn’t live like a decent guy (because of his mole status) but it’s not like he killed someone or purposely cheated on her. Drama for the sake of drama?

  2. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    Your caps are hilarious <3 Now I definitely have to watch this drama and recommend it to my dad, he loves these types of plots.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    “and then gets shot by the inconsiderate male lead” ROFL! poor gangsters!!

    I have never seen this side of Charmaine before!! shes improved so much!! So funny!!

    Thanks for the laughs! 😀

  4. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    Love all the screencaps/commentary!!!

    Charray scenes I’m warming up to now, reminds me of The Drive of Life days!!! (Altho didn’t ship them back then lol) I actually like Kobe’s story more than Bao Seed – maybe it’s because of the stupid haircut.

    I agree Michael Miu still has ‘it’ at 56, although the HD can be cruel to everyone. I’m looking forward to his story with Elena.

    I love it when some netizens suggested Benz is an undercover LOL. Like, what?

  5. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    I think you will like it too Millie. It’s funny so far, if my screenshots aren’t convincing enough. =D

    Mainland has helped Charm then, Judice? I think it’s always good to leave one’s maternal home and experience freshness elsewhere.

    Thanks Kat! What?!! Ben as undercover?! Okay, that’s just wrong and not fun. Let him be the villain this once! Chop up bodies!!! I’m trying to avoid spoilers too because I really want to guess the identity of the agents.

  6. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    Waaahh.. read this posting, make me curious about this series.. i rarely watch HK dramas, but i should give this one a chance, hehe.. i just finished watching Jerry Yan’s new drama, loving not forgetting, and well.. not my cup of tea.. soo.. i need something fresh.. and looking at your pics, mm.. they look interesting.. thank you 🙂

    • 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

      haha Yui, not your cup and yet you finished the whole drama, Yui!!

      Give it a try! It’s entertaining, well-paced, and well-acted. 😀

  7. 10 thoughts on “Line Walker: Episode 1 – 5 “Great beginning!”

    I love this drama! Your screencaps are amazing! Thanks for making my laugh!

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