Eddie Peng and Ni Ni attend press conference for Back In Time

Looks like the new trend in Mainland entertainment is following a group of friends from their high school/college days and well into their full-grown adult years. Check out Ruby’s The Way We Were for some Taiwanese flavor. Back in Time (That Year, Time Flew) is adapted from a novel with the same name. Eddie Peng plays the male lead, Chen Xun, a handsome man who excels at many things, and finds his quiet classmate, Fang Hui (Ni Ni), fascinating and mysterious. He throws himself at her, using many ways to attract her attention. What will happen to them then? And later?

Digging further into the news, there’s actually an internet drama version of the novels. You can watch it here on youtube featuring Yang Le and Viva Wang.

Photos from Press Conference:

 photo Time18.jpg

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Eddie’s face!

 photo Time6.jpg

 photo Time7.jpg

You gotta love a man who looks equally handsome and dazzling in a simple white shirt and black pants.

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 photo Time5.jpg

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 photo Time17.jpg

Don’t forget Ni Ni, she’s also into simple colors. Oh wait, everyone must have called and arranged this.

 photo Time15.jpg

 photo Time11.jpg

The couple.

 photo Time2.jpg

What are you channeling to the camera, Eddie?

 photo Time1.jpg

They look utterly cute together.

 photo Time10.jpg

 photo Time8.jpg

Yes, we know you guys rock it, in plain fashion or fancy photoshoots.

 photo Time13.jpg

Not sure what “skill” Eddie is showing Ni Ni here. Perhaps, the hovering technique?

 photo Time3.jpg

Movie Trailer:

  • The wordless trailer got me. Sometimes you don’t need to use words to deliver. Just a nudge here and there by the leads. Actions, folks! Actions! 😉
  • If Eddie were staring at me like that during class, I might have to quit my daytime job as the paper passer.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Eddie Peng and Ni Ni attend press conference for Back In Time

    ah i’m late.. the trailer video has been removed 🙁
    i havent read the novel yet but it sounds familiar.. i think, there was a Japanese movie with the same ‘storyline’.. uh, maybe i’m wrong hehe..

    so sad, i couldnt speak Mandarin, so i couldnt understand the drama version on youtube.. i should read the novel first 🙂

    • 2 thoughts on “Eddie Peng and Ni Ni attend press conference for Back In Time

      Not sure since the number of Japanese movies I have watched doesn’t amount to anything significant.

      Here’s the short trailer:

      Isn’t it beautiful? Ahhhh ~~

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