Running Man: Episode 209 “Muddy Sculptures.”

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Wooohoo! Finally, a Running Man episode for me to spazz. This episode killed me. Not sure how many times I peed in my pants. It’s a testament to our Running Man’s charms that despite having 8 guests (!!) in one episode, they shine through and through, until the very end. Even if they become unrecognizable at some point. 😉

3 Teams today. Team 1 consists of our lovely RM members, with the exception of Sparta and HaHa.

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New Idols Team: EXO’s Kai & Se Hun, Shinee’s Tae Min, Sistar’s So You, and HaHa

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Original Idols Team: H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun, GOD’s Danny Ahn, NRG’s Chun Myung Hoon, SechsKies’ Eun Ji Won, and Sparta.

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The first game is honestly a mess. And I got bored after a while. The bickering is fun though. Listen to the seniors give Tae Min some advice.

Eun Ji Won: “Watch out! This will be your future [inflamed joints and painful shoulder] if you keep popping!”

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Moon Hee Jun: “18 years later, you might be round like me.” heh.
Caption: “You’re my past, and I’m your future.”

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The mumbling in the old team cracks me up, since everyone readily agrees to have Jong Kook be their leader (no questions asked), he starts pointing fingers and assigning roles. Hee Jun: “I’m afraid you might poke and take my eye out.”

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Awww Gary says, “Ji Hyo ah, you must not get wet today okay!”
Ji Hyo: “I’m getting wet because of you honey!”
Gary: “Did you just call me ‘honey’?” Ji Hyo quickly covers his mouth. Love how happy Jae Suk is from the side.

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LOL Hee Jun bites HaHa’s butt. Look at Kai’s face (I’m so proud I remember one Exo boy’s name!)

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The second game: Wresting in Mud. Ji Hyo picks the worst wrestling ring. haha but I like it when they play dirty!

First round to determine which group goes straight to the final round. Suk Jin VS Hee Jun VS Kai. Suk Jin rips Hee Jun’s nametag in a swift motion and could’ve finished Kai but the youngin is much faster. Which means….Team Running Man vs Team Original Idol (read: Kim Jong Kook)

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Second round begins with Jae Suk VS Sparta. Yea… this isn’t gonna end well. Tense Massaging!

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PD: “The first person whose back touches the mud loses.”
Gary: “I think our whole body will touch the ground.” LOL

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Are you ready??!

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The whole place erupts into laughter. Like really, who else would have the audacity to plant the Nation MC?

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A second dip….

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Continuing the sculpture with a third dip. EEEEE!! By this time, I kinda feel bad for laughing…

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Witnessing horror for the first time, the idol boys shiver in fear.

Who else is terribly upset that Sparta didn’t get to dip them? I WAS! MAN!!

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Up next for some fun is Gary. He’s stretching his butt for the best position. Lol.

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He gets it easy though. One quick fling to the ground. Eun Ji Won: “Where’s Gary Hyung?”

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He looks like a lizard here. 😛

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More sculpture time with Suk Jin. I think he wants to die or something, provoking Sparta with a few mud slaps before the game begins.

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Sparta literally practices calligraphy with Suk Jin’s head. LOL!

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Our giraffe lines up next. You gotta give it to our Asia Prince for holding in his rage so well. RM team thinks he has a chance?

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Second attempt gives Giraffe a new idea to further enrage Sparta’s temper by….giving him a wedgy. LOL

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Getting thrown around in the mud. It looks pitiful after 2 minutes! It’s definitely hard to be at the short end of all jokes.

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Our Ji Hyo is the last opponent to face Sparta. She swings her cap around and declares, “I shall revenge for the disgrace my members faced!” You go girl!

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Some light punches to warm up the area of interest….. 😀

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NOM NOM NOM!! 😎 Gotta say, you can’t blame Ji Hyo for biting hard at all. If I were her, I would have bitten harder!

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He drops her like a potato sack.

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Shamelessly, the men in Team Running Man excitedly claim, “We can still win this!” Dies laughing.

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But I love how they fuss over getting Ji Hyo cleaned.

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Last game before the final. Correctly guess the total number of stones held by all three members, one from each team. Only 1 stone for each participant. Mind reader Ji Hyo guesses correctly all four rounds. A little hiccup in the last round because of Eun Ji Won’s ninja’s skill. With lightning fast reflexes, he flicks one stone back into his belly. Luckily, our RM members see all cheats.

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Rewinding the video and checking the footage.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 209 “Muddy Sculptures.”

    The last giffy is my favorite, Kappy. All are RM gentlemen in Ji Hyo’s eyes.

    OMG-sh, did someone in Heaven finally answer to Monday couple fans’ one of many wishes? Ace responded “Honey” to Gary? I gotta watch this no matter what coming weekend. I need more giggles.

    It’s no fun when Sparta dominates in everything. Someone shoulda taken out his kryptonite and chant YEH’s name in the westling matches. Kiikii~ Uhmmm, don’t hurt me Tiger Kook.

    • 2 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 209 “Muddy Sculptures.”

      I hope you’re feeling better now Keane! 😉

      Something is fishy. I hope the producer isn’t playing with my heart with all these couple moments that I eat up like cotton candy.

      I really wanted to see Sparta takes down the idol boys. Lord knows he can easily overtake his Running family members. XD SIGH~~

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