A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

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Look who’s playing catch-up. It took me a while to write this post. Trust me when I say I REALLY want to like this drama, it has an interesting premise but the execution of the story doesn’t raise anticipation or curiosity, since we already know many facts before the characters, which makes everything less suspenseful for us.

If you love this show with the intensity of a thousand suns, please don’t burn down my post. πŸ˜› I encourage discussion as long as people are peaceful!

Episode 3:

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After the unexpected meeting with their stalker, Li Yi, at the end of episode 2, we find out in the beginning of episode 3 that she, along with Yuan Shu, has electromagnetic pulses, whatever that is. The gang of friends gather around An Yi Fei’s place to discuss the whole superpowers ordeal and everyone cracks a smile when Yuan Shu’s attempt to break a wine glass with his supposed power yields no results. However, the painting is indeed real and was done before the meeting.

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We learn more background information about Chao Chen and Li Yi. They were orphans, adopted together by Professor Wu, but the man had always shown favoritism towards Li Yi, which made Chao Chen jealous. That seed of jealousy led him into opening the current bio-pharmaceutical company to prove his worth. When he got his first funding, he allowed his surrogate dad to pick a research project, and Professor Wu took advantage and lied to him, because the drug he worked on wasn’t to enhance the human immune system but a different drug to alter the human genes. However, a mail delivery of a red toy car, signed by Professor Wu, rattles the siblings and they break it down, in hopes of finding his hidden intentions.

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“I will never lie to you and make you cry.” – Yuan Shu

I’m quoting you, magnetic boy. Lol.

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Xiao Qian, after receiving some of Professor Wu’s skin, has suddenly developed the ability to hear people’s thoughts. He proves it to his hyper girlfriend, Xiao Qi, after a fan-meeting with her favorite female star, An An, as she’s amazed by his plastic surgery, leaving no scar from the accident on his face. This kid is hilarious, his expression is spot-on.

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Chao Chen remembers he still has Yu Chen’s work ID and goes out of his way to return it. Yu Chen is doing interviews at a local school regarding the massive buildup of wastes on the curb, and when Chao Chen approaches her, she thinks he’s a teacher and asks for his opinion. Afterwards, he explains that he’s not a teacher and returns the ID. Let me ask, how could she NOT have a new ID handed to her? Considering that the accident was so long ago?

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To thank him, she invites him to have….ice-cream. Okay. I’m not sure how old she is anymore. I know adults eat ice-cream but to offer a stranger… really absurd. Taken aback by the childish offer, Chao Chen shrugs in approval. But today is the day no ice-cream can be eaten because fate keeps flinging them to the ground, one after another. Yu Chen and Chao Chen break into laughter. He hands her his business card and asks to keep in touch.

Mysterious appearance of a lady in black. She’s been stalking Li Yi and might be the person behind the missing lab materials as well. She sneaks into Li Yi’s house, steals the car model, and knocks her out cold.

Jiang Fan visits his good friend, An Yi Fei, but is told to sit tight because he has some more strange visions that needed to be painted immediately.

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Yuan Shu and Yu Chen walk along the beach, marveling at the stunning sea fireflies. He asks her to marry him once more. She nods and he grabs her in for a kiss, which is when some signal triggers the waves containing the beautiful blue sea fireflies to rise up and hover over them. OMG. That’s a long kiss and those mouth actions by Zhang Han! When Yu Chen notices the coming waves, she breaks the kiss, and the waves crash at their feet.

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Like a little girl, Yu Chen runs into the waters and scoops up a handful of fried fireflies. She deduces that it has something to do with his electromagnetic power. On their way back, Yu Chen steps on a seashell and spills blood. Yuan Shu gives her a piggy-back ride and we see how Yu Chen’s blood is washed into the sea, bringing the lights back to the fireflies. That’s it. Everyone in here has superpower!

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In a dark warehouse, a wrinkled, old man marvels at the red model car, stolen by his subordinate, Ninja girl.

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Still hanging on to Yuan Shu’s back, Yu Chen concludes that his power is controlled by his emotions because the pattern of his power outbursts suggested that much. When they reach home, Yuan Shu, out of kindness, tries to turn off Yu Chen’s laptop, but his touch disables the whole thing. Shocked, Yu Chen goes into her little girl’s fanatic mode. He gently reminds her of their computer expert friend, Jiang Fan, who’s still at Yi Fei’s place.

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After completing the painting, Yi Fei and Jiang Fan’s eyes widen at the latest scoop of his prophetic vision: Yuan Shu pointing a sword at Yu Chen’s throat. The boys hide it behind another painting before the pair of lovers head over and dodge a bullet of misunderstanding.

Episode 4:

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After being questioned by Jiang Fan for the duplicate experimental data, Chao Chen discovers another secret: Li Yi and her blue pills. When inquired, she lies that they are just vitamins. He knows better than that and pops a pill in his mouth (crazy dude), which makes her frantic. She explains that she and Professor Wu tested the effects of X-1 on themselves, and she notices her symptoms are exactly the same as Yuan Shu. To counter the electromagnetic effects, Professor Wu developed a type of beta-blocker for Li Yi.

Understandably angry, Chao Chen needs Li Yi to do two things: 1) Finish what Professor Wu started, 2) Lie so that the VC’s representative (Jiang Fan) wouldn’t dig deeper into the already flawed data.

Poor my puppy, Yi Fei. He’s running around like a crazed man, trying to locate the park that the painting might take place. Still, he can’t find it.

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Turns out the location in the painting is being unraveled before our eyes. It’s the construction site that was dumped with wastes, and Yu Chen’s effort has helped raise funding for the clean-up and fast remodeling of it into a park. The statue of a man riding a horse is bought by Yuan Shu. Yi Fei monitors the news at home and drops his drink at the unsettling image on tv. He calls Jiang Fan, and the two hightail over to the park immediately.

They arrive in the right second after Yu Chen trips and falls to the ground and Yuan Shu holds up a metal stick to observe.

Episode 5:

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Oh! I like this confrontational scene! Yi Fei rushes in between the lovers and shields Yu Chen behind him, warning Yuan Shu, “Don’t touch her.” His voice takes on a stern tone, Yuan Shu asks, “An Yi Fei, are you crazy?” Jiang Fan assesses the scene and notes that it’s all a misunderstanding but Yuan Shu’s cold voice prompts him to shut up and let Yi Fei explain himself.

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Yi Fei decides to speak the truth about his painting. Yuan Shu snickers about the possibility of him killing his precious Yu Chen and says, “Even if that boring painting is real, what I see now is different. We’ve been friends for so many years, there are things I didn’t say but that doesn’t mean I don’t know. Since you’ve decided to keep certain things in your heart, then hide it well. A secret is something that when hidden well, it becomes wine, when not hidden well, it becomes a knife.” Ouch. I feel bad for my puppy. He means well. Yuan Shu is too harsh here.

A silent, charged moment passes in the air and we can see Jiang Fan visibly steps backwards by the severity of Yuan Shu’s words. Catching on with the tense air, Yuan Shu breaks into a wry smile but keeps his distance, “Don’t ever joke around like that again, or I won’t consider you my friend.” He walks away holding Yu Chen’s hand.

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Jiang Fan seems confused by the knife metaphor, but Yi Fei understands it as clear as day. Disappointed in Yuan Shu’s trust in him, he mutters, “After so many years of friendship, he still doesn’t know what kind of person I am.” I know! I know!

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Yuan Shu’s birthday party. Xiao Qi comes with Yu Chen to pick up the mug she bought for his birthday. Xiao Qi finds it plain but the boss reminds her not to judge a book by its cover as he pours warm water into the said mug. A couple’s picture of Yuan Shu and Yu Chen taken on the proposal fades into view. But once she turns around, her bag knocks the mug onto the floor.

The boys looking handsome at the party and joking around (Lol@Jiang Fan’s face):

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Since the mug is shattered, Xiao Qi quickly comes up with another present. The mini-sword Xiao Qian bought a few days earlier. You guess it girls and boys. The object at Yu Chen’s murder trial. πŸ˜›

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The second Yu Chen presents the mini sword to Yuan Shu, I feel bad for the pair of confused puppies: Yi Fei and Jiang Fan. Boy, these two are constantly thrown around by the devil. To stop the events in the painting from happening, they decide to steal the sword. Unbeknownst to them, Xiao Qian adamantly wants his sword back and follows Jiang Fan back to his car and retrieves the sword.

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As the party continues, the crowd takes a step back and urges the lovebirds to share a kiss. They do and immediately the knives and forks spin around and aim directly at them, which is also when Li Yi senses that something bad is going to happen and rush out of her lab. It’s freaky that she knows where Yuan Shu lives, no?

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Yuan Shu faints and she crashes the party just in time to direct people what to do to save Yuan Shu. Let’s submerge him in a bathtub of ice-cubes! Yu Chen asks Li Yi how and why she’s always around when something bad happens to Yuan Shu but the latter remains tight-lipped. She escapes further questions when Yuan Shu stirs awake and sneaks out quietly.

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Later that night, Yi Fei pays Yu Chen a visit and advises her to keep a distance whenever Yuan Shu’s power comes out. She finds his words and behavior so weird lately but Yi Fei says he can’t explain himself and just asks her to believe in him and be careful.

Chao Chen chats up Yu Chen and convinces her to treat him to dinner because their history runs very deep. Curious about it, Yu Chen reluctantly agrees.

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Xiao Qi, the obsessive selfie, takes a picture with Xiao Qian’s sword after he’s done filming and posts it online. Yi Fei scans the picture and finds out that Xiao Qian took the sword back and now they’re in trouble again. Moreover, Jiang Fan recognizes the actor in the picture standing beside Xiao Qian as the same person who was hired to act as Professor Wu.

How convenient, a picture solves everything.

Intent on confronting the lie perpetrated by Chao Chen, Jiang Fan drives to his company and sees that he’s heading out, so he follows behind and parks at Yu Chen’s news station. Surprised that Chao Chen is still there, Yu Chen fulfills her promise and agrees to go to dinner. Perplexed about their relationship with each other, Jiang Fan follows.

Episode 6:

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Chao Chen reveals the whole truth behind the transplants and Professor Wu’s story to Yu Chen, including his background as an orphan and how he was supported and raised by Professor Wu until he graduated college. She wonders whether why he is telling her all this and he honestly says it’s because he needs her help. Turns out he wants to be included in their circle of friends because when he sees them living life, he feels better about Professor Wu’s passing. *BARF*

Little do they know, Jiang Fan watches them from his car and reports to Yi Fei about the latest sight seeing. Temporarily unaffected by the news of Yu Chen dining with another man, Yi Fei’s face changes when Jiang Fan utters that Chao Chen has touched Yu Chen’s hand.

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But what comes out of Yi Fei’s mouth cracks me up, “Is he handsome?” LOL! Hon, not as handsome as you. πŸ˜‰

Frankly, Jiang Fan admits, “Whether from a female or male’s point of view, he’s very good-looking.”

Yi Fei mutters, “Then it’s serious.” Apparently, Yuan Shu is a very jealous man. That’s not hard to believe.

The main event of episode 6! Will Yuan Shu fulfills the prophecy and kills Yu Chen?

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All the elements are aligned nicely. Like a mad man, Jiang Fan arrives at the park where Xiao Qi just handed the sword back to Yu Chen so she can return to Yuan Shu. He beelines towards Yu Chen and snatches the sword, declaring unreasonably, “Beside me, no one can safe guard this sword! Because Yuan Shu can’t get a hold of it!”

Yu Chen: “Why?”

Jiang Fan: “Because Yuan Shu will use this and kill you!”

And I can’t believe what Yu Chen does next. She hustles over to Jiang Fan and grabs a hold of the sword. She wrestles back-and-forth with Jiang Fan for the stupid sword. OMG. These people are irritating the heck out of me. Hellooooooo, it’s a fricken knife! You don’t shove it around like that! Someone will get hu——-

 photo ADKOPB6-11.jpg

Oops, Yu Chen *accidentally* stabs Jiang Fan. Chao Chen picks up the unconscious Jiang Fan, followed by Xiao Qi and Xiao Qian, and flies to the hospital. No one cares that Yu Chen is in a state of shock on the ground. Hey, don’t leave the killer unattended! πŸ˜›

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No worries, her beloved boyfriend has just arrived! He gingerly kneels down beside her and asks what’s wrong. Between her sharp sobs, she screams, “I killed Yeh Jiang Fan! I killed Yeh Jiang Fan! I killed Yeh Jiang Fan!”

 photo ADKOPB6-17.jpg

He screams back at her to calm her down and takes the sword away, which is when the last person in our group shows up. Yi Fei freaks out at the vision before him, exactly painted by his own hands. He hurries over and literally picks Yu Chen off of the ground and inquires about the situation. When she repeats the same words to him, realization dawns on him as he finally sees Jiang Fan’s shoe that is left on the ground near his pool of blood. He missed that clue. Of course he did, it’s so tiny in the corner of the painting.

A tear drops from Yuan Shu’s face as he tells Yi Fei to bring Yu Chen home. Approaching Yu Chen, he repeats himself, “Whatever happened to Jiang Fan, I’ll take responsibility.” She shakes her head and they all go to the hospital.

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Jiang Fan needs blood transfusion and coincidentally, both Yuan Shu and Yu Chen are Type O and they take turn to donate blood. When she’s out of earshot, Yuan Shu pleads with his friends to watch over Yu Chen in his place because he will take the blame *IF* anything happens to Jiang Fan. The others look down, unable to speak a word.

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An Yi Fei: “But we also don’t want to see you go to jail.” Awww. I’m so happy you said those words!! Jiang Fan’s revived for a few minutes before the arrival of two policemen makes him flat line on the table. Lol. Cops are bad luck!

Episode 7:

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Faced with the possibility of sending her boyfriend to jail, Yu Chen screams that she is the perpetrator! The policemen don’t have time for lovers’ quarrel and follow the protocol, hauling everyone back to the police station for interrogation. Everyone tries to protect their friends and Xiao Qian follows Yuan Shu’s wishes and replies meekly that he’s the killer. Upon hearing this outside, Yu Chen hits him a few times before being pulled away by Yi Fei. Maybe they will believe you if you didn’t ogle your eyes like a lunatic, girl.

 photo ADKOPB7-11.jpg

The fatal news hit everyone hard, especially Yi Fei because he was the person who talked Jiang Fan into taking the sword. No one is to blame though.

At home, he slices the painting and huddles on the floor in tears.

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Knowing that her friends will side with Yuan Shu, Yu Chen seeks Chao Chen to be her witness. He doesn’t want to see her go to prison either, and she explains about Yuan Shu’s electromagnetic power, which could hurt more innocent people, including himself, if he were trapped in jail. With a heavy heart, he agrees and drives her to the police station, repeating that, “If you have second thoughts, let go my waist.”

 photo ADKOPB7-22.jpg photo ADKOPB7-21.jpg

She’s resolute though, even when confronted by her mother and Yi Fei at the police station. She cries and hugs Mom, “Ever since I was little, you taught me to be righteous, so how I can let Yuan Shu take the blame for me?”

 photo ADKOPB7-34.jpg photo ADKOPB7-35.jpg

Handcuffs are on, Yu Chen turns to Yi Fei, “Please take care of my mother for me.” You irresponsible child! He’s not your boyfriend! Ask Yuan Shu! πŸ˜›

 photo ADKOPB7-36.jpg

Have you been wondering why whenever Yuan Shu has an outburst of electromagnetic power, Li Yi senses his distress too? Well, well, well. Quick on the uptake of the strange connection, Chao Chen addresses his theories to Li Yi and after a little probing, she confesses the truth. When she was hospitalized at six years old, she received a heart transplant. And the heart belonged to Professor Wu’s little sister.

Things become a little creepy as the two dissect the situation and realize that the root of their problem; why Professor Wu didn’t let Li Yi attend Physical Education classes, why she wasn’t allowed to participate in intense activities, etc. It’s because she received his sister’s heart! Meaning the sister had the power 20 years ago!

 photo ADKOPB7-45.jpg

Yuan Shu learns from Yi Fei that Chao Chen was the witness Yu Chen called in to testify for her. Enraged that a stranger indirectly ruins his noble idiocy, Yuan Shu marches over to Chao Chen’s office and grabs him by the neck. Intense emotions? Check! The items around the room begin to rise and dangle in midair. To stop further misunderstanding, Chao Chen drops the bucket of truth about the transplants and Yuan Shu apologizes, even suggesting for them to be friends.

On the elevator down, Yuan Shu bumps into Li Yi and both experience cardiac issues at the same time. She brings him to her lab, hoping to clarify, but Chao Chen arrives and points out that it all had to do with the drug Professor Wu was developing and testing it on himself. Therefore, the recipient genes was mutated, resulting in the odd powers they possess. Of course, this isn’t the truth anymore.

Episode 8:

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Jiang Fan’s funeral. Return of the Zombie. No, I’m seriously, he literally walks out of the morgue, nekkid and cold, scaring the living daylights out of the handlers and they run for their lives. Cause they’ve been following Walking Dead and have no desire to join the zombie population.

Commotion ensures and our glum group of friends races to the scene. Jiang Fan whispers his lover’s name, “Yi Fei! Yi Fei!” before passing out in the said lover’s arms. I do adore them together, yunno?

What’s puzzling the guys is that he came back without the stab wound. Plus, he still has perfect hair, not a single strand out of place!

Anyway, priority people, because someone is still moping in jail, waiting for her sentence to drop. Not anymore. She’s released without charge now that the dead became undead.

 photo ADKOPB8-4.jpg

The gates open and she faces Yuan Shu, who swallows her up in a hug. She cries, “Why am I released without charge? Did you talk to the police again?” He stops her before she escalates into panic mode. “It’s all over. We’re fine.” He wipes the tears from her face and motions her to the side where their friends are waiting. Jiang Fan steps of the car last, cause he’s the star of Walking Dead: China Edition. (Don’t ask me what Xiao Qian is wearing, I have no words.)

 photo ADKOPB8-5.jpg photo ADKOPB8-6.jpg
 photo ADKOPB8-8.jpg photo ADKOPB8-9.jpg

She can’t believe her eyes and tackles skinny Jiang Fan with affection and disbelief. Calm down, girl. He’s been missing many nutritious meals! But it’s a cute reunion. Together, again.

 photo ADKOPB8-11.jpg photo ADKOPB8-10.jpg

Meanwhile, the news of Jiang Fan’s miraculous resurrection reaches Li Yi’s ears and Chao Chen deduces that it’s Yuan Shu’s blood that changed Jiang Fan’s genes, giving rise to self-healing cells. Oh boy. Elated by the unimaginable effects of X-1, he’s thinking of creating a drug that aims for immortality. Li Yi disagrees with his view, as a scientist, she respects the law of nature. Medicine can only help ease people’s pain. With the introduction of immortality pills, wars will break out and may other negative chain of reactions. Anyone surprised at her strong sense of morality?

 photo ADKOPB8-12.jpg photo ADKOPB8-13.jpg

The ninja lady and her boss hear wind of the news. He has seen the same thing happened 30 years ago and orders the Ninja lady to follow Jiang Fan and observe him and his close friends. Maybe they will be able to find the revival secrets.

The boys perform an experiment on our ‘handsome’ actor Xiao Qian after he felt no pain when a piece of glass penetrated his foot.

This is crazy! Jiang Fan stabs a smiling Xiao Qian with a thumbtack to test his threshold for pain. After a doctor’s visit, he’s diagnosed with painless disease. They trace it back to the skin graft he received from Professor Wu, of course.

 photo ADKOPB8-15.jpg photo ADKOPB8-16.jpg

Uh oh. Looks like trouble is brewing for Yu Chen, now that Yuan Shu has valid reasons to keep visiting Li Yi’s laboratory. He needs to bring the guys’ blood samples to her so she can test and do weird things. πŸ˜€ His admiration for a female scientist deepens as he observes her work and intellectual beauty. Oh! Burnnnnnnnnnnn. He questions her again, “If my power keeps getting worse, could I bring harm to the people around me?”

“Yes.” I can hear Noble Idiocy coming guys!

Unable to keep her unsettling thoughts away, Yu Chen has no choice but pays Li Yi a visit to get to the bottom of everything. I think this is the first time I see Yu Chen straightens out and asks Yuan Shu to leave in a stern manner. She wants to talk to Li Yi in private.

 photo ADKOPB8-17.jpg

Anyway, Li Yi’s attitude takes on an aloof turn when dealing with Yu Chen. Until her phone rings, and Yu Chen looks at the text message, from Yuan Shu: “My girlfriend is coming to see you. Please don’t let her know about our conversation on things that haven’t progressed yet.” The mood tenses and the Li Yi refuses to eke a word about the “secret” she and Yuan Shu share.

 photo ADKOPB8-18.jpg photo ADKOPB8-19.jpg

LOL! Xiao Qian breaks his arm during shooting but he feels no pain. Dude, he looks so happy, whereas everyone drops their jaw.

 photo ADKOPB8-20.jpg

I like Yu Chen’s direct confrontational style. It gets the show moving darnnit! She meets with Yuan Shu at his house with a sour face. He tells her not to misunderstand the text message but when he can’t explain the reason behind it, she bursts, “You have never kept any secret from me! But after meeting her, you are starting to do that!”

He holds onto her hand. “You don’t trust me?”

 photo ADKOPB8-23.jpg

She flings his hand and walks out the door.

———————- End —————————

Kappy: OMG. I’m finally done with the summaries!

Let’s talk about this drama and why it doesn’t work for me. It has many characters, but the story is not character-driven, or at least it doesn’t feel character-driven, because they are all manipulated by one major plot (effects of X-1, or so they think), chasing after answers that we, the audience, already know. Not many shows can be smarter than the viewers, so I don’t want to be so harsh on it in this aspect, but I hate when I’m led around repeatedly by one event. This reflects bad on the characters because they become silly in expense of moving the plot along. I was snickering the whole time the boys tried to figure out the “sword prophecy.” They’re grown adults, act like one.

 photo ADKOPB3-13.jpg

Tong Yu Chen. Oh Tong Yu Chen. Your dubbing is horrible and effectively takes me away from connecting with you. She sounds like a little 14-years old girl trying to act adult. Career-focused woman? I don’t think so. The writer tries so hard to sell that idea, it becomes painfully obvious that they fail. If anything, Yu Chen, portrayed by Gui Gui, comes off very childish and dim most of the time. What irks me further is her eager nature to please her boyfriend, Yuan Shu. He says come, and she obeys. When he doesn’t answer her, she would say, “Am I wrong?” You’re a reporter! Ask why! Where’s your confidence, lady?

So the last scene of episode 8 made me really happy because for once she took a stance and didn’t bow down to his superior air.

Starting the drama with them already in a relationship for seven years is a bold move. I know some say their romance is not important as the plot but whenever they are together, the major plot is employed to separate them. So tell me, how am I supposed to unlink the two factors? The writers want me to feel sadness seeing the two lovebirds hurt, but they don’t spend the right amount of time to create the most important chemistry! I feel nothing romantic when they are together. It’s really sad. That instant chemistry is critical for a setup like this and it’s not there.

On the positive side, Gui Gui is an expressive actress so when she cries, you can see the veins popping and her rapid breathing. The tears keep coming too.

 photo ADKOPB6-16.jpg

As for Zhang Han. The boy needs a break from acting. When fans begin to notice THAT his outfit didn’t change going from one drama to next, it’s problematic. The line separating one performance from the next is blurred. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans tell me his character is similar to Feng Teng in Boss & Me. I can see that he’s acting and that’s not good. To give credit where credit is due, he did wonderful in that scene where he warned Yi Fei to keep his feelings hidden well. The coldness in his eyes!

The rest of the boys – inconsistent performances. Sometimes, they’re good, and sometimes, it’s cringe-worthy. Fan Shi Qi (as Xiao Qian) is good with facial expressions during comedic scenes but he’s terrible at squeezing out tears. Leon Zhang, who plays Yi Fei, is good with emotional scenes, but needs to fine-tune his acting in other areas.

  1. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    omg. 6 episodes in one post! crazy! how long did it take?

    i haven’t continued this drama after the first 2 episodes, its very slow and lacking the chemistry really didn’t push me to watch it any more. im busy with lakorns this season. LOL

    zhang han and his kissing! whoaaaaaa!

    LOL@walking dead comment. your mocking is hilarious, as always, especially the cops flatlining JF!! hahah

    if only this drama wasn’t dubbed like the other modern cdramas! i hate the dubbing of guigui’s voice too! shes adorable but no need to give her kid’s voice.

  2. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    likewise…..i hate TongYuchen dubbing….i only root for GuiGui expression….the voice dub are horrible…..

    and i love it when she flung Yuanshu away…. πŸ™‚

  3. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    Frea, 4 days and some more. haha XD Lakorn… I still need to get “in” with that.

    angelangie, I’m staying because Gui Gui looks so adorable and she wears beautiful dresses, impeccable fashion in here!

    Okay, I lied. Another reason is the handsome Leon. πŸ˜€

    Zhang Han is so skinny, GG could probably fling him in the air too. πŸ˜†

    • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

      hahahhaa i know right i’m staying all for GuiGui and Leon hahaha to be honest i kinda felt more chemistry between YiFei n Yuchen than Yuchen with Yuanshu……somehow GuiGui click with Leon more than with ZhangHan hahahaha okie don’t kill me which is definitely why i love sentence from you cause i felt like she trust yifei πŸ™‚ somehow in a silent way he is his rock despite the fact that yuanshu is her boyfriend in actual fact πŸ˜€

      Handcuffs are on, Yu Chen turns to Yi Fei, β€œPlease take care of my mother for me.” You irresponsible child! He’s not your boyfriend! Ask Yuan Shu!

      • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

        Yes! I love Yi Fei and Yu Chen (secretly shipping them)! I can’t believe they would throw in Chao Chen as the third wheel when Yi Fei has believable chemistry….with everyone. Lol!

        haha that line. I honestly wanted to say “He’s not your boyfriend! He’s mine!”

        • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”


          yes he totally nail it down and u know what JiangFan look good with him too hHAHAHAHA

          these two has good bromance chemistry a serious one….. πŸ˜€

  4. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    I wish to love this drama too but it is very hard. The drama is just getting harder to watch. I have completely given up at ep12.
    ZhangHan and GuiGui has no lovers chemistry. I seriously do not think China is ready for once a week drama.

    • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

      I think it’s the story and casting the right people for the role. Because they did film a batch of episodes before releasing.

      Now they if cast George Hu in place of Zhang Han, I’m sure the sparks would be off the roof. =D

      • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

        I fully agree with you. I think Zhang Han is a very suited for “Boss and me”. I love watching the drama with Liying as female lead. They have good chemistry.
        George Hu would be good with GuiGui, He can inject the youth energy in the character that Zhang Han cannot. GuiGui is almost forced to be more serous to fit Zhang Han’s style. They are both awkward to watch as lovers.

  5. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    At first it wasnt really catching my attention but its getting so interesting! Gui Gui is so amazing in here with her expression! I love her and zhang han, I find them cute together but I don’t get that romantic feeling from them. Their chemistry is not so good but I still love them! Lol im loving this drama so far and I really can’t wait for eng subs and next weeks episode.

    • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

      yep. the general consensus is they best suit as siblings since they do see each other as brother and sister in real life, with gg’s high energy and zhang han’s not so high energy.

      i saw the next episodes and i almost spill blood, it’s getting ridiculous with the push and pull of noble idiocy!!!

  6. 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

    Holy crap 6 eps at once! That must’ve taken you ages!

    Totally agree with your comments! Seriously this “plot” get more stupid with each episode. The characters are flat and don’t act anything like the adults they’re supposed to be. Yifei and Chaochen are interesting enough, but the rest are kinda bleh…

    Gui Gui is a good actress but her role here is badly written and so doesn’t let her show her acting skills much.

    • 13 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

      This ends next week. I’m so happy. I want the cast members to do something better than this! Especially Gui Gui and Leon!! They need to be in a drama together! I saw them on a variety show called Laugh out Loud and the skinship. OH BONG! ~~ πŸ˜›

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