Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back




Why does it have to be cute? =[


The story speaks about three couples and their noncommittal responses towards the idea of marriage and happily ever after. The first couple is Stephy Qi and Michael Chen. She is an independent woman, the founder of G&K, an advertising company. And he is a flirtatious man, who also works at the same company. They are enemies turned lovers.

 photo LIB1.jpg

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Gorgeous and chic wedding dress! Her heels!!

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Second couple: Rachel Mao & Eric Wang. She is a spoiled girl with a princess syndrome and finds herself hopelessly in love with an uptight Veterinarian. She actively pursues him and accidentally gets pregnant. His parents force them to get married and the string of hijinks begins.

 photo LIB7.jpg

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OMG. She’s so cute!!

 photo LIB6.jpg

Her fashion!!

 photo LIB20.jpg

I’m IN LOVE WITH HER whole simple wardrobe. And the hair color suits her very well.

 photo LIB19.jpg

He looks like Kimi.

 photo LIB17.jpg

I’m not sure whether this picture is pun for their relationship. He’s Tang San Zang and she’s the White Bone Spirit from Journey to the West. If it is, it’s a GENIUS idea! So is the person who figured that out. >>>>me<<<< 😀

 photo LIB18.jpg

 photo LIB8.jpg

How could anyone reject that face? HOW? She’s gonna be my next girl crush, after Zhao Li Ying, Gui Gui…

 photo LIB10.jpg

She’s gonna be a riot to watch.

 photo LIB2.jpg

Third Couple: Kimi Qiao & Jiang Yan. He is a talented musician, who is also broke. For that reason, his girlfriend (Jiang Yan) doesn’t want to marry him and looks elsewhere in the pool of rich men to find an ideal mate. However, before she does, he becomes famous (YESS!! IN YO FACE GIRL!) and now they must struggle in the mud puddle of betrayal and mistrust.

 photo LIB15.jpg

Kimi and the guitar. *pinches*

 photo LIB14.jpg

 photo LIB11.jpg

 photo LIB5.jpg

She’s gonna break his heart.

 photo LIB1-1.png

Themesong: Love is Back by Cao Xuan Bin


  • Directed by Jeffrey Chiang (The War of Beauties, My Sassy Girl) Love is Back and written by a woman whose name is translated to Caffeine (O.O).
  • Is non-dubbed voices the new trend? Cause I’m hoping it stays!
  • The 41-episode rom-com will begin airing…..on July 21st. You gotta be kidding me!

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

    There are times when I think I shouldn’t have subscribed to ur twitter & then I wouldn’t get to know about all these dramas Y_Y which all seem too cute & DOESN’T have any English subs

    I LOVED that death glare =)) hahaha

    Anyway, Thanks for making me strangely addicted to C-dramas <3 their industry should thank you 🙂

    • 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

      Me and you both Vampire. 😀 I hate myself for constantly tumbling HEART first into cute things.

      This one looks so squishhhhhhablllleeee. It hurts!

      I now reserve that death glare for cute things with english subs. hehe.

      They should! I do such a good job!

  2. 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

    Homgggggggg, I need to watch this, for the love of all things awesome – I hope someone please translates!

  3. 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

    HOLY COW! how many more cdramas are gonna premiere Kappy?? we only have 10 days left in July! this is ridiculous!!

    but geezz, i concur with everyone above, this looks deliciously cute cute CUTE!! how i wish rachel is paired up with kimi!! they are gonna kill me!!! the michael chen man looks pervy with stache but very cute without!!

    lol@the death glare. its your fault for telling us all these cute dramas!!

  4. 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

    I wish it’s over Frea! I dunno anything anymore!

    Look at this freakin gif!! Trying to kill me FLAT!

  5. 6 thoughts on “Winning Couples Chemistry in Rom-Com Love is Back

    I’m looking forward to this! I actually saw the trailer a few days back and I’m most excited to see the second couple you mentioned above there. The guy in the first couple does look a bit pervy haha… and I’m not sure I really like the story of the last couple, makes the girl seem like a b…. Anyhow, I’m so glad there is another drama for me to watch after Boss & Me. Yay!

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