Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

Wow, remember the news I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, now it’s set in stone. I still can’t believe he actually signed a project that extends for 8 years, without knowing whether it’s going to be a success or not. It’s a risky move, me thinks. Now if they shoot in 3D, the production company must have real faith in it (TBBT joke). The TV series will follow American annual airing schedule, consisting of 8 seasons, each one is about 12 episodes long. When asked why he decided so early on, Li Yi Feng, replies, “The character Wu Xie and the premise of The Lost Tomb is attractive to me. Being able to take on such an interesting role is a lucky opportunity for any actors. Moreover, I think selling myself to Kennedy Xu (the author) is worth it.”

For your sake and for ours, I hope it’s worth the blinding dedication, honey.

Yesterday, the production team released “potential” photos of Li Yi Feng’s wardrobe, and must I say, they better change his clothing STAT. Those are not the definition of badass. They are tomb-raiders, not water boys!

 photo LT1.jpg

 photo LT2.jpg

Netizens have commented that his all-black outfits + mask reminded them of Lee Min Ho‘s outfits in City Hunter. Yea, I can definitely see the resemblance but let’s not go so far yet because I’m not sure Li Yi Feng has the nimble and precise fighting skills that the former possessed and showed.

No news on the leading lady yet, but names have naturally been dropped here and there – the top ones are Yang Mi and Tang Yan. Oh c’mon, we have many other Chinese actresses, let’s rotate! I have nothing against the ladies, but I like new pairings. Yang Mi have collaborated with him in Legend of the Ancient Sword and Tang Yan recently finished filming with him in The Legend of Fragrance. New face please!

 photo LT3.jpg

Sources: 01 // 02 (Those who are more well-versed in Mando can read the sources and glean out more info for me us.)

  1. 4 thoughts on “Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

    8 seasons?!! Is he sure it’s worth it? I mean the story sounds amazing but to sign on so early….

    those outfits are crappy!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

    Aww!! He’s crazy! Right? Not even greys anatomy can secure 8 seasons at one time. Ambitious aren’t they?

    I hope him the best of luck cause I like him in LOTAS!!

  3. 4 thoughts on “Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

    Damn but 8 years is a long time to dedicate yourself to one project, although I suppose if it isn’t successful the production company probably won’t be interested in continuing it. I’m genuinely hoping Tang Yan doesn’t pick up this project; like I said the commitment is huge and I’ve found that she tends to perform better in gudai/wuxia shows like Perfect Couple/Chinese Paladin 3/Xuan Yuan Sword. Plus if she acts in this then I’d simply HAVE to watch it!

    • 4 thoughts on “Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

      I agree with you Sky. She looks breath-taking in wuxia series (without the silly straight bangs, of course.)

      AH~~~ No wonder why Wallace can’t escape coupling with her. 😉

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