Terror reigns in Cruel Romance’s second trailer

I appreciate Shanghai TV Festival. All the upcoming dramas upping the anticipation and roping in sponsors and broadcast stations with lavish stills and unseen footage. It’s been awhile since I last talked about Cruel Romance, the period drama starring Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen Qiao En, Kimi Liang, and Qi Ji. A lot of torturing scenes and forceful kisses in this one. Everyone is trying to terrorize another person. But no one is allowed to put fear in the female lead because her man runs a gang and owns more than one gun. And he’s not afraid to use them. Maybe even two at a time. 😛


 photo CruelRo108.jpg

 photo CruelRo103.jpg

 photo CruelRo105.jpg

Poor puppy. Always bullied by the bigger stars. heh.

 photo CruelRo107.jpg

 photo CruelRo106.jpg

 photo CruelRo101.jpg

 photo CruelRo100.jpg

 photo CruelRo104.jpg

 photo CruelRo102.jpg


  • I love loveeeeeeeee the fact that they’re using their real voices.
  • In that one scene, Jin Xiu (Joe) is dead serious when she speaks to Zuo Zhen (HXM). Luff it!!
  • Puppy force-kissing Lu Jia Rong?
  • Puppy proposing to Jin Xiu in front of Shanghai’s club?
  • Anyone wants to attempt listing my anticipated dramas of 2014? No. Don’t do it. 😎

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Terror reigns in Cruel Romance’s second trailer

    LOL! Thank you for bringing us all these interesting tidbits about upcoming cdramas! And yes I’ve been dying to hear more news about this particular drama! Do you know if they’ve changed the air date for it? If I recall it right, it was supposed to premiere this september… hopefully it hasn’t gotten delayed due to the recent SARFT thingie that only allows certain type of dramas to be aired during the summer period aka july to october :S

    • 2 thoughts on “Terror reigns in Cruel Romance’s second trailer

      I read about that as well but don’t really think it would affect CR. However, I haven’t read of anything related to the broadcast date, yet. =(

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