Parental issues surround The Cage of Love with Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang

Oh Hawick….Hawick. Firstly, congratulate on the birth of your daughter (her Grandpa, Lau Dan, couldn’t close his big smile, so sweeet). Secondly, you and wifey announced a break from filming dramas so I’m happy. Lol. Nothing against you, really, I just wanted to see other actors getting the lead roles in your absence. 😀

Here’s another new cdrama in the making. Filming began in May.

The story revolves around a factory that provides colored silk. Hawick falls in love with Zheng Shuang the first time they met. She’s described as a kind girl, with both looks and smarts. However, he later finds out that she is the daughter of his enemy. At the same time, her parents go missing and some hints pointed to him as the suspect. Cute, isn’t it? Your dad killed my mom!! Noo! Your mom strangled my dad!!

Because of the constant suspicions thrown at each other, they decide to terminate their relationship. The Cage of Love is directed by Wu Jin Yuan (Chinese Paladin, The Legend of Mermaids, Bu Bu Jing Xin) and produced by Tong Hua (wow!) and Yu Yi (Secrets hidden by Time, Perfect Couple).

Hawick, this design looks silly on you.

 photo COL116.jpg

Zheng Shuang looks strange without the bangs.

 photo COL116.jpg

This is Li Dong Xue. English name is Ethan…and I’m having a crush on him. ♥♥♥ He looks so handsome in what-do-you-call-those gowns? Changshan? Like a true gentleman yet not so weak and helpless. Scroll down for more.

 photo COL116.jpg

Aww. This is Kathy Chow, if anyone remember her. I’ll always remember her as the beautiful ghost who searches for her love. It was one of TVB’s popular dramas in the late 1990s, Time Before Time. Oh time has passed and she has aged.

 photo COL116.jpg

 photo COL112.jpg

This actress looks quite scary with her hair parted like this…

 photo COL116.jpg


 photo COL13.jpg

More pictures of Li Dong Xue. So HANDSOME! This man!

 photo COL14.jpg

 photo COL15.jpg

 photo COL18.jpg

He even rocks the color purple! Hawick got nuthing on him.

 photo COL19.jpg

 photo COL16.jpg

I love the colors and I have a theory that the stylists do too, hence he has gorgeous hues to wear while Hawick is given silly designs. 😛

 photo COL17.jpg

It’s as if he was born to wear these gowns…

 photo COL11.jpg

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