Feminine and stylish, Zhou Dong Yu poses for Cosmopolitan

Their old photoshoot for Cosmo.

EEEEE!! It’s friday!! I’m returning to school on Monday to finish my summer rotation. Less time to play on my woobie. =/

Flipping through the pictures, the effect of Under the Hawthorn Tree still leaves me feeling sad every time I see the lead characters in other projects. How could they be happy while I’m suffering for their love? That movie deserves to be watched by all. How could you guys not give it a chance? Please give it a chance! It’s not a short movie, I know, but worthwhile for the stunning cinematography and moving performances by the new faces!

I almost didn’t recognize Zhou Dong Yu in her summer photoshoot for Cosmopolitan because she looks radiant with strong make-up and colorful summer dresses. It’s the opposite of her bare-faced, country-pumpkin look in the aforementioned movie, where her translucent skin is highlighted in every close-up scene, emphasizing her youth and restrained energy. In real life, she looks like a baby, which could be a problem down the line if she wanted to play something provocative and serious. Heads up, her latest movie is My Old Classmate with Lin Gen Xin. (No!!! I need closure for you and Shawn Dou!)

Front cover. So pretty! Time to strut your stuff ladies!

 photo ZDY111.jpg

Tanning one side of her face.

 photo ZDY110.jpg

Somehow, she pulled off this emerald green dress.

 photo ZDY19.jpg

It’s summer, so eating flower petals is normal. 😛

 photo ZDY18.jpg

 photo ZDY17.jpg

I hope you’re thinking of that someone joining you…. 😀

 photo ZDY16.jpg

Time to model some bags…and some very short dresses.

 photo ZDY112.jpg

 photo ZDY113.jpg

 photo ZDY114.jpg

 photo ZDY115.jpg

 photo ZDY116.jpg

Back to the Beach House! Yay! So cute.

 photo ZDY117.jpg

Wistfully waiting….

 photo ZDY118.jpg

 photo ZDY119.jpg

Four more from Five Plus.

 photo ZDY11.jpg

I LOVE THIS DRESS (not so much the mouth piece cause I already have a smexy one 😉 )!! Tell me where I can get it?

 photo ZDY12.jpg

And this one. Nice dress too.

 photo ZDY13.jpg

 photo ZDY15.jpg

That’s all. Hope this post cheers you up somewhat since it’s rainy on my side.

Source: 01 // Weibo