Casting Finalized for TV adaptation of Hua Qian Gu

Don’t listen to Kappy. Pretty things won’t last!

And I’m sad, very, very sad. This is the type of drama that will launch the careers of many unknown faces but the confirmed cast so far leaves a lot to be desired… What can I say, I’m spoiled by pretty things in the past few years. 😉 But surprises are mostly unexpected, so the glass is half full!

NOTE: Will update casting news in this post as we go along.

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Zhao Li Ying as Hua Qian Gu. The last angel/god on Earth and has a scent which attracts otherworldly beings. Many are fond of her but she only has eyes for her mentor, Bai Zi Hua. I like the colors on her outfits.

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Wallace Huo as Bai Zi Hua. Strict and cold, one must wonder why Hua Qian Gu is attracted to him. Shhhhhh, Wallace’s fangirls. He’s everywhere lately, I was hoping he wouldn’t pick up this project!! WAHHHH!!

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Ma Ke as Sha Qian Mo. Leader of the demon world. Described as beautiful, often mistaken as a woman. He’s the baby of the group, born in 1990 (While baidu states 88!?) Not as pretty as Andy Chen. My wish didn’t come true. Yet again.

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Zhang Dan Feng as Dong Fang Yu Qing. The man with one goal: protect Hua Qian Gu. I know nothing about this actor except he was Mardan in My New Fair Princess and married to Catherine Hung in 2009. The manly-looking one of the cast.

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Joe Xu Hai Qiao as Xuan Yuan Lang. Good friends with Hua Qian Gu and he’s also a (human) prince.

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Yue Xi An as Tang Bao. Cute worm that becomes human after drinking Hua Qian Gu’s blood. Wise one.

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Kang Lei as Meng Xuan Cong?? (Chinese character: 孟玄聪).

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Wang Xiu Ze as 旷野天. He looks like Tong Yang!

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Li Chun as Ni Man Tian.

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Bao Tian Qi as Qing Shui. Hua Qian Gu’s good friend. Loves Xuan Yuan Lang. Born in 1992. She looks a lot older than her age.

The Stunning Shooting Locations!

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———– Production Credits ———–
Directors: Lin Yu Fen (Da Mo Yao / Ballad of the Desert, Bu Bu Jing Qing, An Angel’s Happiness), Gao Lin Bao (My Girl Named Zhao Dami), Sheng Quan Liang (Chinese Paladin, In Love With Power)
Screenwriter: Fresh Guo Guo
Episode count: 45
Expected Release: 2015

NOTE: DO NOT TAKE OUT OF AVV WEBSITE. But feel free to add info and correct names as you see fit…since I’m no good. 😀

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Casting Finalized for TV adaptation of Hua Qian Gu

    im slighty disappointed ever since we talked about the potential of a GLORIOUS CAST!! aside from zly and wallace, the rest are unknown actors!!

    danfeng guy is quite handsome but everyone else is quite forgettable! im disappointed. i seriously thought this could be an epic drama like BBJX with all the epic male characters surrounding one female and her powers.

    sigh…….imm not positive like you, my glasss is broken! LOL

  2. 2 thoughts on “Casting Finalized for TV adaptation of Hua Qian Gu

    Sorry but i have to say that fresh cast always make that drama more interesting
    All of these new cast’ll be popular after this drama for sure so I happy that they casted new faces

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