Ady An poses as a beautiful bride for OURS

With continuous news of hookups and marriages in Mainland China entertainment, I guess many stars would feel lonely when they’re in their mid thirties. But of course, happiness does not mean one needs to have a significant other. Here, Ady An is invited to be a bride for OURS this past April. She looks strange in some frontal poses….almost unrecognizable as another actress… But side profile and that smile – she’s the same Ady An I knew from The Outsiders. Speaking of which, why hasn’t any directors reunite her with my Dylan Kuo yet??!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

Doesn’t she resemble another actress here? Her nose and face shape look oddly puffy.

 photo AA13.jpg

 photo AA13.jpg

 photo AA13.jpg

Love this angle.

 photo AA13.jpg

 photo AA13.jpg

 photo AA13.jpg

She also recently met up with Tian Liang and our lady of the wind, Cindy. Awww.

 photo AA110.jpg

 photo AA19.jpg photo AA111.jpg

 photo AA111.jpg photo AA111.jpg

And as you know, fans have been waiting for her comeback idol drama with Mike HeGo, Single Lady. I didn’t post about this project because it has been pretty secretive so far, plus, Mike isn’t on my fancy list for some reason. If you haven’t seen the long trailer yet, it’s embedded below.

20-minute trailer

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Ady An poses as a beautiful bride for OURS

    Ady was awesome in The Outsiders 1 (perfect in every way) + 2 (story was lacking something to keep her badass character in check), plus no one can forget her in Autumn’s Concerto.

    She gained little weight while on hiatus. Looks good on her. Healthier.

    I have to say her photoshoot bombed. How can a bride-to-be wear such elegant clothes yet have bedhead hair? That disturbs me. The hair and makeup team needs retraining courses. Yeah, but I see some puffiness too. It’s like this makeup artist put all efforts to highlight Ady’s look but forgot the shading part. lol~

    Cindy’s baba is crackin’ me up right now. Baba = MR. EMPTY? lol~

    Batman, get a good long rest this long weekend. You still sound tired.^ ^ v

  2. 3 thoughts on “Ady An poses as a beautiful bride for OURS

    omg. the first three pictures do NOT look like her!!! did she inject botox or something? it’s awfully puffy…

    and the hair is just ughhhhhh…… ady!!!! what did you let them do to your pretty face?

    cindy…loll. and papa’s shirt. LOL

  3. 3 thoughts on “Ady An poses as a beautiful bride for OURS

    Yea, not the best photoshoot but I really can’t say that in the post title now! 😆

    Maybe they took the pictures at 4am when her face was extra puffy? Bed hair. haha XD I didn’t even notice the hair because I was so disturbed by the face.

    It’s a long weekend, I’m so glad! You too Keane! Have a good break!

    Frea, I don’t know about botox unless there’s a before and after picture. Errr does it work that way?

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