Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

Yep, I gave in to peer pressure (am so easy, it’s sad.) Apparently, the cbox crew is a persuasive bunch, making squealing noises even in my head! I watched 3 episodes yesterday and spent my day’s off to catch up to episode 7. For curious mind, Kang Gary recently visited the set of Cable drama, Emergency Couple, and extended his Monday Boyfriend status to Saturday’s substitute driver, and even spouted out some witty lines to hint of his variety romance line with Song Ji Hyo.

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EDIT// Emergency Couple is available for DL on our twitter, if you’re interested.

  • You know if they can get Kang Gary onto the show for a 1-minute appearance, I would love to see the other Running Man members as well. Imagine our Yoo Hyuk screaming, “Appa! Appa! (It hurts! It hurts).” while being strolled into the ER where Chang Min and Jin Hee work. He’s basically known for using that phrase. 😛
  • What do I feel about this drama so far? I think Frea covered it well in the cbox, the uneven tone makes for a jarring experience. The fight in episode 1 threw me off. It’s a serious situation folks and could easily descend into abuse. We can laugh at it on tv, because it’s not real, but it has happened before and heavens have mercy on me for witnessing it. So I wasn’t really laughing at the jolly tunes in the background.
  • I like Ji Hyo’s performance so far because she seems much more alive in here. Tired, but alive. Still, I could see Song Ji Hyo in her Oh Jin Hee. First off, it’s the casual, bed hair, then it’s the exaggerated expressions, which are all quirks that Ji Hyo has displayed before on RM. Oh Jin Hee is not hard to root for, as a matter of fact, it would be unnatural if we’re not rooting for her to succeed, seeing how many people repeatedly trample on her background and effort. And those moments when she cries, Ji Hyo moves you along with her wave of indignant emotions. She does her best when the director is not requiring deliberate hand movements and unpleasant faces. She’s an adult, director, stop making her look like a crazy teenager.
  • Oh Chang Min, portrayed by Choi Jin Hyuk. He and I started on the wrong foot. Their past and how it led to the divorce is still a mystery. But what kind of husband doesn’t show concern when his wife has a quarter-sized bald spot on her head? But he slowly grows on you and episode 7 made me want to forgive what a big jerk he’s been to Jin Hee. Those stolen glances and unintentional acts of worrying about the wounds on her hand and wrist. And then ultimately begging his haughty uncle to save Jin Hee from being dismissed wrongly. We’re getting there. I’m glad that their wedding photo is broken in episode 1 because through working together, they might mend the broken pieces. And this time, it’s not built on haste and pressure of getting hitched early, but understanding and communication.
  • Kook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo) is the normal one, he makes the most logical sense and doesn’t need to scrunch up his face to make his points. I like Sim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin) A LOT. She’s like my favorite for being impartial and fair. Please don’t break her heart Chun Soo.
  • The dangerous one is the fellow who keeps getting rained by Chun Soo for big and small mistakes. Watch, he’ll blow up sooner or later, causing another chaotic event, maybe even shedding some blood… But of course, count on the music director to add happy instrumentals.
  • Emergency Couple is an easy watch, not addictive for me, but it might be for you. So enjoy and do share your thoughts. 😉
  • Cutest baby EVER!
  1. 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

    That would be a blast if some (all of them would just melt me) of the RM crew makes a cameo too. You forgot to add the mother-in-law, I’m really hooked on that story line. It’s quite funny especially her love-hate-longing relationship with her husband.

    When that baby turned when Jin Hee screamed was sooooooooooooo cute. hehehe

    A total stress-reliever for me. Reminds me of the early Grey’s Anatomy season where there’s a right balance of comedy, drama, and medical stuff.

  2. 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

    Awww now that you mentioned it, i really want to see jae suk’S painful face when hecomes. Ahim and haha can make a ruckus fir ji hyo. Lol.

    maybe its just me, but i dont feel chemistry yet for our otp. Its strange. No tension or sparks!!!

  3. 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

    Runaway, ahh, the good old days of Grey’s Anatomy! I like the first 3 seasons the most. I haven’t watched the latest season yet but heard that Sandra Oh is leaving after this one. Without her, I won’t continue!

    Hongling, I agree. The chemistry is not on FIRRRRRR-UH. Hopefully, soon?

    • 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

      IKR, I’ve persisted through Season 5 (coz that was the magic number, a lot of series just declines after 5the season) Grey’s Anatomy and kinda watched until (spoiler xD) Lexie and Mark’s death, after that, I’ve given up. hehe re-watching the older seasons is 10x more satisfying hehehe I guess intern/resident years is the most entertaining to watch.

      I agree with the chemistry, I seriously like Chief more lol if only that happens. But we have to remember, they divorced because of that, they just don’t click before. xD

      • 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

        Runaway, I read what Christina did this season, they ruined her character! Mark’s death took me by surprise. I thought he would make it.

        And check out this behind the scene clip of the cameo. So cute. Ji Hyo making fun of Gary’s lack of camera awareness, always facing his back to the camera. 😛

        And then of course, we get the Gary’s insert of happy smile when he holds Ji Hyo’s hand@1:15.

        • 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

          I’ll check out what’s been happening to Yang… I’ll never be able to get back to Greys then if Yang is gone… T.T She’s always been my fave. Lexie’s and Mark’s death were handled okay, it was heartbreaking. But Lexie’s character had so much potential and they just let her be crazed with guys. Is Derek even in Greys anymore? Last I heard Patrick Dempsey also wants to leave the show?

          Awww… they just want to kill the Monday Couple believers. I’ve always wondered what their reading was in that episode of RM. Why didn’t they show it? T.T

        • 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

          Yep, I was upset too when they turned Lexie all needy and indecisive. I heard the same thing about Patrick but not too sure now. Everyone loves steady income. 😉

          I know! They didn’t show it….which was weird since they push for couple moments, like all the times!

    • 8 thoughts on “Kang Gary’s amusing cameo in Emergency Couple

      they clicked but they just don’t know how to click it right…how to communicate. im surprised at how little chemistry they have compared to with the chief! i love the chief!! esp when he wiggled his toes without knowing it’s ripped. LOL

      and the baby turning his head cracked me up!! 😀

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