Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

 photo a8c70548-c6e7-4e9d-adb2-9abf95f96551.jpg
Too much photoshop, Joe is barely recognizable.

Can you believe it? They have finished filming a few days ago. O_O Chinese production teams are no joke when it comes to working and getting things done. I saw some photos during New Year on the set and the manpower required for each scene is crazy. Now stop playing coy and release it already! I’m dying to watch this mopey badass onsreen!

Official Stills:

I thought she was eating dirt in this photo.

 photo CruRo38.jpg

 photo CruRo312.jpg

 photo CruRo313.jpg

This photo is kinda funny. Kimi has no idea what’s going on, all smiley in the back. hehe.

 photo CruRo314.jpg

Looking forward to all the suits Huang Xiao Ming is gonna wear.

 photo CruRo315.jpg

 photo CruRo316.jpg

 photo CruRo32.jpg

Kimi, what are you doing?!

 photo CruRo33.jpg

The next vampire role should go to Kimi Qiao. He’s perfect. A vampire in 1930s Shanghai. Sexy!

 photo CruRo34.jpg

Pretty Yang Le.

 photo CruRo35.jpg

Bug-eyed villain Qi Ji.

 photo CruRo36.jpg


Filming is done. Cast rejoice!

 photo CruRo310.jpg

 photo CruRo318.jpg

Practicing for the dancing scene.

 photo CruRo37.jpg

Making faces. I love these kind of moments behind the camera.

 photo CruRo323.jpg

Looking good in uniforms is our OTP.

 photo CruRo39.jpg

HXM standing as if he owns the world.

 photo CruRo330.jpg

Slow down HXM, the female assistant struggles to catch up and reach up!

 photo CruRom336.jpg

Qi Ji and his crazy antics in the drama. It looks like his character is involved in a romance with Joe Chen’s Japanese counterpart. She’s playing two roles.

 photo CruRo329.jpg

 photo CruRo326.jpg

 photo CruRo328.jpg

Tell me that’s not Kimi in the torture chair.

 photo CruRo327.jpg

Seems like our puppy is gonna be a punchbag for everyone. Here he is trapped in a tank of water.

 photo CruRo335.jpg

Qi Ji challenging Huang Xiao Ming to a blade fight. I’m looking forward to all the fight scenes, as the trailer already suggested slick moves!

 photo CruRo322.jpg

Joe and her…bodyguard?

 photo CruRo319.jpg

Ladies, HXM is in need of sock sponsors. Please send in some.

 photo CruRo321.jpg

Joe giving kisses to Qi Ji while Kimi is literally biting his ear. So cute.

 photo CruRo332.jpg

Some moments between the leads. Acting cool while feeding his love food. Ha.

 photo CruRom337.jpg

 photo CruRom339.jpg

Dangling off a cliff is always fun.

 photo CruRom338.jpg

 photo CruRom340.jpg


 photo CruRom341.jpg

Source: Stalking various weibos. My night time job. 😛

  1. 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

    Dayum, all the pretty makes me all of a sudden wanna invest in a better dslr and nicer lens. *sobs* Don’t tempt me. Oooh, so beautiful. I’m pixel challenged and hate learning all the techniques.

    Kappy needs to stop adding more bags to her undereyes… however I appreciate her sacrifices. Thanks Batman.

    • 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills


      I was about to whine about evening classes but my school texted me 5 mins ago saying all night classes are canceled~!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

      Undereyes! Who has them? ME? NAhhhhhhhhh Here’s my most recent photo:

  2. 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

    im beginning to think joe’s role might be the crybaby type!

    but geee….HXM and the cast are just irresistible eye candies. i hope it comes out soon!! and LOL at the socks, he posted it on his weibo? Angelababy, how could let your man out of the house with a hole in his socks!

  3. 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

    Don’t tease me anymore.. Air it sooner lah!

  4. 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

    Looks like everyone talking about Cruel Romance. Hopefully Cruel Romance will be good!

  5. 6 thoughts on “Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

    Or it could be like Heirs, attracting people with the pretty and has no substance whatsoever! LOL

    Don’t brick me. JUST KIDDING!!

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