Return of the Silver Tongue: Episode 10-13 “Parenthood.”

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Being a parent is probably the hardest task in one’s lifetime. While the majority chooses to unconditionally love their kids, drama parents aren’t so selfless. Romance for the leads take a backstage in these set of episodes to let sisterhood, brotherhood, and most importantly, motherhood take center stage. Which means our talented supporting cast members got to flex their acting muscle. Verdict? Strong performances.

Episode 10-13 Highlights:

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How long did Kuk know Fan Kang? I know I said they were cute, but constant depressing behavior over their break-up has been going on far too long when compared to the brief, brief time they spent together. Here, she’s drunk, confessing to the whole world that Fan Kang, as well as Hau Mo and Sei Wai, likes Chun Chun. She doesn’t understand why alll the men like Chun Chun.

Being on the recipient end of multiple love lines, our girl smiles bashfully, announcing that she’s a beauty with brains, it’s a no brainer for the guys. You gotta love her confidence in herself. 😀

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Now if only Chun Chun passes some of her high self-worth to Yee Ming because he’s desperately trying to hold onto some scrap of love from his dad. The old man wants to officially adopts Fan Kang. Overhearing this, Yee Ming runs right out to confront his father, expressing his disapproval in sobs, “Why are you doing this to me? I’ve always tried to be an obedient child!” Apparently, obedience is not what Absurd King seeks in his son, he calls Yee Ming incompetent and goes as far as degrading him below a pet’s worth, “The dog I keep barks and watches the house for me. What can you do for me?” Ouch.

It’s more heartbreaking because Yee Ming is deaf and therefore seeks understanding from his maid. But the nice maid doesn’t have the heart to repeat those demeaning lines to him, until Dad orders her to tell him. He cries and dad demands that he stays in his room to cry, and he better not show up to the adoption party with that ugly face. Oof. Jerry Lam is wringing my heart with his performance.

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Chan Mung Kat returns to Ching Sum County because his son has been haunting him. He did have a son named Chit Chit but the poor child died 20 years ago, and Mung Kat believes it’s a form of retribution for wrongly accusing Hau Mo’s father of theft and murder. Speaking of retribution, heaven has also made Yee Ming pay for his dad’s sins by taking away his hearing, as pointed out by Mung Kat. And yet, Absurd King openly says he doesn’t care because he has a son and now an adopted son to bear the punishments for him.

With Mung Kat’s reappearance, two things are set in motion. Hau Mo can finally release his rage and injustice by attempting to seek revenge. It’s another emotional sequence because all of his beloved friends and makeshift family in Lady Heung and Uncle Biu come out to stop him from pursuing a dark path. It’s now that we learn his close relationship with Lady Heung is formed because of pain and sorrow. Her husband was the man his dad was hired to protect and escort. While he died during the raid, she luckily survives.

Trying to quench down her pain, Lady Heung faces the other direction, leaving Hau Mo to carry out the narrative. Then it’s Uncle Biu who has raised Hau Mo and treated him like a son, to do the final bidding. He knocks Hau Mo out with a swift move and ties the enraged man. He tells Hau Mo that he’ll do the killing because he can’t bear to see his son die. Hau Mo begs helplessly, “I see you as a father. I don’t want to lose my father again.” *sniff* The scene is settled with the two promising to live for one another.

The second thing that will happen is another battle between the two former rivals. Absurd King cannot live peacefully knowing that he lost to Mung Kat twenty years ago. To make Mung Kat battle with him in court, he stole Chit Chit’s ashes. With a time frame of a year, they will wait for another big case to occur.

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Is there an end to Yee Ming’s suffering? Having heard of his dad’s conversation about taking on another court matter using dirty tricks, Yee Ming heads outside that night in his Black Cotton Rose’s wardrobe to give the gold his dad received to the poor people. Unfortunately for our hero of the night, he’s easily caught and the case is tried the same night, as requested by his dad. While the officer is lenient knowing that Yee Ming is Absurd King’s son, the father himself decides to disown his useless son that night and even demands a harsher punishment.

Watching from the sideline, Yee Ming’s maid, Ah Tuk, cries silently, while Fan Kang surprisingly looks unsettled, his eyes brimming with concern and pity.

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We learn more than Hei Fung (Akina Hong)’s past. Mung Kat has courted her twenty years ago but he lost to Absurd King, who merely showered Hei Fung with affection because she was the object of Mung Kat’s desire. However, after spending dreamy days with Hei Fung, he quickly grew tired, and coupled with Mung Kat’s disappearance, Hei Fung naturally ceased to exist in his mind. With Mung Kat’s return, he feigns interest in Hei Fung once again. But this time, she’s no fool, because covertly, she has someone to wait and live for.

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The big confession scene. I feel like something is wrong with this scene. Rather than feeling their heartache, their longing, I wanted it to be over! Fan Kang’s goal of getting closer to Absurd King has a hidden motive. Perhaps a deadly one. He wants to revenge for his dead mother, who was abandoned by Absurd King….twenty years ago. Meeting and falling in love with Kuk wasn’t part of his plan, so he writes a letter to her, explaining that his love is real, but he needs to finish an important mission, and his life might not be intact afterwards.

He asks the mailman to deliver the letter AFTER the big day but the man makes a mistake and sends the letter to Kuk on the same day. Armed with the truth in her hand, she rushes over to his place and forces him to clarify the whole story. He does and she pleads in tears, begging him to let go. Not like he can choose because someone has locked them inside the room and the ancient, paper windows are so sturdy for a scholar like him to break down. heh.

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And that someone is Hei Fung. She stabs Absurd King in the back while singing a beautiful tune to distract his attention. Too bad the wound isn’t deep and he’s able to get away, not forgetting to push his butler in harm’s way. The loyal butler dies on the spot and Hei Fung is detained for further investigation.

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The big day where everything is revealed to the public. Hei Fung is Fan Kang’s mother, who didn’t die after drowning herself twenty years ago. She lives each day with a heavy heart, her eyes always lingering to the town’s gates, waiting for someone. I’m so glad it isn’t a lame love story, one where she’s waiting for Chan Mung Kat. Here, we have a mother surviving because she believes in her duty to see her son. Sei Wai and Chun Chun perfectly perform the melodrama to the public, seeking their compassionate side, and hopefully, maternal love would trump the dead set laws.


Kap: Episode 13 and 14 are the ones to watch for because our supporting cast members outshone the leads for their heartfelt performances. I never paid much attention to Akina Hong but my mom pointed out today how youthful and alluring the woman looks in her forties. And I feel like I’ve been watching her since forever. She’s fantastic as the miserable woman, living her soulless days and yearning for her son’s return. Evergreen Mak, who has been with TVB for over two decades (mymymy) is also doing well. It’s quite a pity that these two never made it big in TVB.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Return of the Silver Tongue: Episode 10-13 “Parenthood.”

    akina looks very pretty, sometimes even prettier than Kristal Tin and Priscilla. The supporting cast has more interesting characters than the main leads! lol

    pricilla is very weak in the emoting department. That confession scene looks like she was smiling wit bright shiny teeth while tears roll down happily! hahaha

  2. 3 thoughts on “Return of the Silver Tongue: Episode 10-13 “Parenthood.”

    Akina looks “youthful and alluring” ’cause she chose not to have kids. It may be a different story if she decided to have a few the first year of her marriage. Can you image what kids do to the female beauty and body? LOL~ I see my beautiful and handsome cousins drastically change in looks after the first one or two babies.

    Is she in this show for a few episodes only?

    Inside story: Akina’s efficient in front of a camera, but incompetent behind the lens. Haha~ I have yet to find one good photo taken by her photography skills. *snickering*

  3. 3 thoughts on “Return of the Silver Tongue: Episode 10-13 “Parenthood.”

    hahha Kids do take a huge toll on the mother! Seen it all but it also depends on how the woman tends to herself as well. My mom is still being categorized in her twenties when the woman has four kids. She’s only a year younger than Akina.

    She’s a recurrent character, was involved in the previous episodes. Her story arc is in full blast in 13 & 14.

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