Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

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For two people who are still reading, this is probably my last recap for CCM, unless something awesome compels me to rave. It’s a solid show but I find the humor more funny and the scenes more meaningful if you experience it through watching instead of reading.

Episode 5-8 Highlights:

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Episode 5. While the characters are still confused about Fan Fat’s sexuality, the audience is not because we hear his side of the story, as well as Tai Zhi’s past. The woman they were both involved with is Bobo, Landlord’s mother. She met Tai Zhi after Fan Fat abandoned her. He ran to hide out in Jamaica because of some illegal activities he was engaged in. However, while she loves Tai Zhi, she can’t let go of her feeling for Fan Fat, which leads to an ambitious journey across sea in search of Fan Fat, leaving behind her son.

Fan Fat feels guilty and indebted to Bobo for his abrupt disappearance. After endless investigation, he wants a job at Mr.&Mrs. Bean so that he can return the favor that Tai Zhi has done to his beloved woman while she was frightened and distressed. When the cafe lacks customer because of the food poisoning incident, he asks his gangster brothers to dine at the cafe whenever they’re free. Little does he know, the brothers are caught carrying out drug deals there.

With the string of bad press, Ka Ching decides that he needs to lend a hand and helps So Mei by renting a section of the cafe to sell cakes.

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Coming back from her trip to Mainland, Tong Fei Fei (May Chan) makes her sunshine appearance and confirms Ka Ching’s motto of “very, very, very, nice girlfriend” as true to the T. For instance, she helps out two elderly people by using her body as a tool to bulldoze through the people on the bus. After she helps them, she finds herself farther and farther from her destination. Not to worry, because she says, “I’ll take it as a joy ride then,” and smiles sweetly. What a nice person. And sometimes creepy. When she meets a stranger (So Mei) in need of Internet connection, she turns on her Wi-Fi, and follows behind So Mei to make sure that she can still connect to send her files.

It’s nice that Ka Ching knows about her personality to protect her from being used. In the screencap above, So Sick casually calls Fei Fei a fool for buying more than one tile, when he only requests one. Upset, Ka Ching takes a permanent marker and defiantly scribbles on So Sick’s sexy woman poster. heh.

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Episode 6. The shameless friend of So Mei, who refused to work for her after receiving a higher salary elsewhere, comes into Mr.&Mrs.Bean to test out the new roaster that replaced him. Norman asks Fan Fat, “Do you know who I am?” Fan Fat: “Scum.” 😛 I just love his terse responses. And that straight face!

They challenge each other with questions about coffee and flavors but Norman isn’t able to break down Fan Fat’s knowledge so they stop talking and partake in a competition. Within 30 seconds, the person who snatches half a kilogram of bad beans wins.

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Brilliant, brilliant scene. It’s creative and hilarious how they turn the whole sequence into an intense battle of kung fu in the small room, when everyone else has no idea what’s going on inside. They don’t even spare a look. Fan Fat wins for he is able to prevent a cheater from cheating and spot a bean that is not bad in the opponent’s bowl. You gotta love this man.

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After seeing how Norman has bullied her precious daughter, So Mei, Ka Yi gathers her best sisters to a grand event under the bridge to curse the villain of the year through a common practice of hitting a paper figure of the said person. So Mei and So Sick arrive to see Ka Yi announcing to the media how she has to stand up to the rascal. Hearing the response, So Mei approaches Ka Yi with tears welling up in her eyes because her mother has finally forgiven her. They hug and So Sick pats his younger sister.

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Episode 7. I find these two cute but their scenes together are not working for me. They don’t have that romantic spark; she’s like a cute, endearing younger sister, thanks to Eliza’s youthful charms.

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Episode 8. Before his cake shop is opened, Ka Ching needs to create a signature cake. He’s been trying for the past few episodes but none of the cakes make a lasting impression, until Fei Fei sees a Heat Cake in his cake portfolio and pinpoints out its uniqueness. Ka Ching refuses to pick that cake….because a special story exists behind it. Turns out, the said cake is made by him and So Mei during High School when they wanted to participate in Leslie Cheung’s fan meet. Recalling back their playful interactions, Ka Ching giggles like a little girl. Vincent is adorable.

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The next day, Fei Fei brings the heat cake to show So Mei and she marvels at the cake as if it’s the first time she has seen it. Watching her in awe of the cake, Ka Ching’s face falls to a bottomless pit. She doesn’t recall the precious memories. Dejectedly, he has a quiet conversation with So Sick, “I have a very, very, very good girlfriend, but I have lost a very, very good friend.” He lets on that there’s a concert to commemorate the 10th year of Leslie’s death but he’s unsure whether or not to ask So Mei to come along.

Standing outside the room, Fei Fei has inadvertently listens to the whole conversation. She appears worried.

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As if I need more reason to root for Fei Fei, she lines up to get the tickets for her boyfriend and ex-flame. She even sings and dances to Leslie’s songs when the fan girls question her identity, “You’re the vice president of Alan Tam’s club?” She denies vehemently….until her ringtone betrays her. They give chase. Cut to Ka Ching holding Fei Fei by the arm because of her sprained ankle. Worried and confused, he wonders why she’s doing something so risky, knowing that she might get kicked out of Alan’s club. Aww, not only is he supportive of her fangirlism, he’s concerned that she might be stripped of her credentials of becoming the president of Alan’s fan club.

She smiles and says it’s worth it as long as she’s able to mend the broken friendship between him and So Mei. Moreover, she knows that everyone has a past (cheekily hinting that she’s also a popular lady). Overwhelmed by her understanding, Ka Ching places his hands on either side of her face and plants a kiss on her forehead, followed by a warm embrace.


Kap: Omg. I thought I could blindly root for Nancy and Vincent because I adore them way before this series, but I can’t. I just can’t when their characters’ interaction is unbalanced and off-putting here. Plus, Fei Fei is the MOST lovable girlfriend ever. She has no ounce of jealousy when her boyfriend openly and secretly holds a torch for another woman. Though Vincent is living in the past in regards to So Mei, it’s hard to blame him when they have indeed known each other for over two decades, that is greater than the number of years each has lived.

I don’t think So Mei meant to be mean by not recalling the past, but I still find her reaction quite dampening. It’s not a regular cake for a normal person. A cake that can be set on fire for Leslie Cheung!! Who wouldn’t remember that special day?

I don’t know who May Chan is but the actress is a joy to watch. I luff her smile.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

    I adore Vincent and May Chan in this series. Prefer to watch their loving interactions over Bosco and Eliza’s scenes.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

    HAHAH I LOVE THAT COFFEE FIGHT in the room. Epic proportions of awesome. The director who shot that scene did really well. Creative. He should be in charge of all martial arts scenes!!

    Me too. Love love Ka Ching with Fei Fei. They match each other, both being very nice, nice people. lol

    Oh yea, Jonathan Cheung is awesome! You have to see him when he meets Bobo again.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

    Ka Ching and Fei Fei are adorable, their chemistry is stronger than what Bosco and Eliza are displaying or trying to display. Very brotherly atp.

    Will continue to watch to see what’s the fuss and Tvb’s murder of a lovely romance!

  4. 4 thoughts on “Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

    haha i think the fighting scene at the cafe is kinda cute. and funny xD

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