TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

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Another year of TVB dramas. To be honest, I only watched and finished Triumph In the Skies 2 (skimming through the last 20 episodes, ahum), a few episodes of Brother’s Keeper and Reality Check, and 6 episodes of My Bounty Lady. So I’m not a good representative of a TVB fan. heh. But now that fans have calmed down, I’ll tune in for some fun. Hint: A round of fashion terror!

The lame introduction (ha!)

Vincent Wong is looking good. You can see he puts in effort from head to toe. In a frumpy outfit is Most Improved Actress nominee Grace Wong.

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Benz Hui holding hands with Elena Kong. She’s beautiful in deep red, the only color of the night! Shame on the other ladies and men for going with plain white and black.

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Hippocratic Crush 2‘s tragic couple Him Law and Eliza Sam with a senior actress, whose name eludes me atm.

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Brother’s Keeper‘s main ladies, Kristal Tin & Linda Chung, decide to do silly. They’re adorable. More adorable is Ruco Chan in the back, grinning at his co-stars. But what in the world is Kristal wearing? It screams an-accident-is-about-to-happen. The fabric cup size is too small for her lady friends. Linda’s black dress is a step up from what I saw in the previous years.

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And then it’s Ruco’s turn to smile at the camera with brother Edwin Siu, and I’m horrified at their fashion. Where did you find that cow costume, Ruco? Mooo. Pink is hard to pull off but since Edwin looks so cheerful, I can’t fault him. 😛

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Aww. It’s the couple that I rooted for in TITS2, Issac and Coco, played by Ron Ng and Nancy Wu. He’s wearing a red tablecloth from someone’s wedding and she’s showing off a sparkly window curtain from a disco bar. C’mon people, you’re attractive, dress appropriately!

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So cute……. 😀 (Please star in a drama as a couple (Twins of Brothers, anyone?)!

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Not to be outed, Chi Lam pulls his drama sister, Myolie Wu, for a sexy back hug. Another black and white splash. Sighing!

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Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Siu Ming. Aww it’s the most loving grandpa in Seven Sisters. I always remember him in that role. 🙂

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Vincent Wong takes home the award for Most Improved Actor. He looks like a wealthy gangster with the earring and side cuts. I’m so proud of his versatility as an actor, always willing to take on different roles, from righteous cop to sleaze ball rascals. And all the real slaps the seniors have given him? You have a bright future!

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Mandy Wong and Oscar Leung giving out the awards to Most Improved Actress. I hope that’s not Oscar’s hairstyle for SDU. It’s a safe look on Mandy but she gets brownie points for going red!

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Cute. Sharon Chan jokingly raises her hand for Most Improved Award. hehe. Anyway, look at Tvb fadans and their dull, colorless fashion choices in the first row. Kate looks the oldest (that hair!) And I secretly wonder how many mosquito did Niki catch with her net?

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All the big guns in TVB sitting in one area, making it easier for the winner to REMEMBER TO THANK THEM. It’s like a checklist. You there, you to the left, hahaha XD

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I read that many didn’t want Eliza Sam to win Most Improved Actress but I don’t object because she has the likable factor onscreen and appears appreciative of the award. I’m okay with it.

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Benz Hui smiles for his Best Supporting Actor’s title.

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Elena Kong finally wins the Best Supporting Actress Award. So proud of her. Everyone is supportive when her name is announced, standing up and giving hugs. It’s long overdue and they know it!

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Outstanding Actors: Suet Nei, Mary Hon, Anderson Junior, Helen Ma, & Lau Kong. Another awww award category for the senior actors and actresses that have been with TVB for a long time. ^_^

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Best Series: Triumph in the Skies 2. WHATTTTTTTT? It’s nice to see Francis Ng, our strict Captain Tong making his appearance onstage. He’s so awkward. When he sees the camera capturing his face, he immediately moves out of the frame.

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Hiding behind the tablet after his choice of Best Actress is revealed.

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Best Actress: Kristal Tin for Brother’s Keeper. I think everyone expects her to win. Just look at the screencap below where all the ladies are staring at Kristal just a second before the winner is declared. hehe.

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It’s another deserving winner, as the audience claps and cheers loudly. Adorable Fred Cheng in the audience.

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But Kristal is sobbing. She cries all the way through her speech. Aww.

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She thanks Edwin Siu, who’s on the verge of tears in his seat. Man, the friendship moments this year are so touching.

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Best Actor: Dayo Wong for My Bounty Lady. The dark horse winner of the night. I’m surprised. The live phone call with Carol suggests that Dayo is stunned at the result too. But seriously, how accurate are Francis’ picks? He was right for both Best Actor and Best Actress!

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Most Favorite Female and Male Character: Kristal Tin as Ah Ting in Brother’s Keeper (double win TV Queen!) and Julian Cheung as Captain Cool in Triumph In The Skies 2.

Robin hugging Batman.

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Unfortunately, Chi Lam sounds bitter/ungracious in his speech. I didn’t understand what he was saying until my uncle says, “His words are not as biting but his face says it all.” I’m a little upset hearing that… Cause I expected Captain Cool to be charming under all circumstances! I think he wanted to joke but didn’t deliver it with enough humor. Oh well.

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I wish Tvb would have more awards next year. Less intense and more fun. Like Best Themesong and Best Couple (the looming fanwars, hehe.)

  1. 4 thoughts on “TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

    Thanks for the review, Kappy. Le sigh, Hong Kong lacks great fashion designers from what I see. Am I mean to say, I believe these entertainers went to neighboring Mainland provinces to buy cheap accessories and knockoff outfits for this award show ’cause those outfits don’t look like they were made in Shanghai, the mecca of fashion?

    They do try hard to dress fun and very few were ever demure or dashing.

    LOL@ Robin.hugs.Batman 😉

    credit as tagged

    • 4 thoughts on “TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

      I think the artists just don’t pick the right dresses and hairstyles to enhance their beauty. My fashion guru friend told me that many of these brands are from foreign designers that are seen on the runaway. Runway dresses only match a small population….(not me!) 😛

      OMGGGGGGGGGG!! That gif is so cute!! The bright smile on Sheldon makes my day! 😉

      Dayo got his BA award in person!

      • 4 thoughts on “TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

        That’s a cute group pic. Haha, not again. I tried avoiding to comment on the Joker of the event, since we have Batman and Robin, Joker had to fix his hair green and wore purple and gold at the award show. Gees~

        The winners get a year end bonus for this, right?

        Is it partly to blame ’cause these artists don’t normally have management assistants, if any, strong in image consulting. I don’t know why they have to seek for overseas designs when Shanghai has built a reputable list of good designers already? Sponsored clothes? Mo lay yau eh!?! Their fashion network seems so limited. Sad to agree with you how many fashion terrorists were on this award show.

  2. 4 thoughts on “TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

    this is worst than korean drama awards…at least those outfits look nicer than the ones TVB actresses wear. Seriously. wrong wrong. i like elena and eliza and that girl in black…elaine ? she was sexy that night!

    captain tong won the peer voting while dayo only has one vote from francis and still won. i was surprised!!

    chi lam and his controversial speech…sigh. why can’t you channel captain kool’s spirit, chilam? or maybe he’s worried about losing the best with anita (his wife). LOL she was so happy he lost the BA award and had to buy her a diamond bracelet or necklace and was flaunting on weibo. hahahha wicked wife!

    LOL@ruco’s cow jacket. i can’t believe his stylist picked that.

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