Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

The poster still looks effortless, doesn’t it? My second favorite OTP in Chinese cinema ’cause no one can top #1 OTP Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen in Lovesick (the prequel to In Time With You).

Vic is well known for his soft-spoken demeanor, so then add an actress like Cecilia with the same criteria, and we get a subtle romance.

So glad there’s no dubbing involved, raw audio. YAY!

Yaqing: “爱不是目标,爱是一段旅程”。”Love is not a goal, love is a journey.”
Nianzu: “一 二 三 四”…… “One, Two, Three, Four……”

Alternative Title: The Season of Love
Chinese Title: 回到爱开始的地方 / Hui Dao Ai Kaishi Di Difang
Cast: Vic Chou, Liu Shi Shi, Zhou Yi Wei, Liu Yun, Mou Xing
Date Released: August 23, 2013 (China)
Download Links: BDwebrip+subs 1.57GB (mkv)
Watch trailer: Here

Plot: Ji Yaqing is a magazine reporter who is engaged to be married yet is given a new assignment right before her wedding date. She is going to Yunnan to investigate a story of long lost love of an elderly Taiwanese man. While in Yunnan she meets the old man’s grandson Xu Nianzu who is also researching the story of his grandparents long lost love. The two of them decide to pool assets and team up to investigate the love story. They start on a seven day journey to follow up some leads and quickly fall in love. With no plans after the journey finishes, the future of their new found love is very uncertain.

Keane: This movie has a real mature romance plot. I liked it a lot, although the intro was a bit slow for me building the characters profile. However, I was heavily invested in it once the fated lovers meet for the first time, travel together, to when they departed to finally reunite, that was such a nice and refreshing story line apart from all those series of bubblegum dramas and rom-coms I’ve been torturing myself on lately. I’m sadistic, I know.

The story evolves from a grandpa who never forgotten about his first and only true love, from writing love letters to his unfortunate soul mate, to somehow having his grandson carryout his dying wish for closure. Utterly heartbreaking. I won’t refrain my feelings. I cried, yes, I did. I’m amazing like that. =p The elders were the true stars in this movie. My heart was ripped out by grandma Ji. You just gotta watch it; makes me miss my po-po so much.

Those of you who’ve seen this movie, were you able to inhale fresh air while viewing the breath taken landscape of Pu’er, Yunnan? The origins of Pu’er tea? Beautiful tea plantations as backdrop. I love the early morning dew misting the tea leaves. Wow, that’s Mother Nature working in her finest hours. Lovely, ohh woooow. I thought it over, I dunno why I made it tough on myself, about inserting more panoramic stills for this section of my post ’cause the scenic views are gorgeous, but then, I… had… a… hard… time… refraining myself. If you’d like, you can view a few more trekking attractions here. So now I’m curious, did any of you pull out Google Map and track Yaqing’s and Nianzu’s adventure? I got all excited, and googled a bit. Kiikii~

Since I have a soft spot for a soft-spoken gentleman now and then, like duh, who wouldn’t? All my Meteor Garden feels jumped up and said ‘hello therrrrrrre, stud muffin’ imagining an older and wiser Hua Ze Lei was in front of me. Vic Chou suits these gentle roles so well, does he not? His voice still gives me goosebumps like back in the days of MG Fever. And his stoic charisma still fogs up my telly. SO HAWT! His character stood out and shined for the “5-seconds true love test,” where it takes only 5-seconds staring into a person’s eyes to verify the status of a male-female relationship. Awesome test, I tell ya. Seems simple, yet complex as all tests should be in subtle details.

The more I watch Liu Shi Shi on the silver screen, the more she looks like the Chinese version of Son Ye Jin. Am I the only one imagining things? Cecilia Liu can pull off the Chinese version of the Classic no doubt about it; I love that Korean movie (in Keane’s top 10 Korean Chick Flicks). I’m really attracted to her character ’cause she’s mellow and soft-spoken most of the time. Such a cool role, until, till Yaqing busts out a cheesy romantic number, “love is not a goal, love is a journey.” You suitors, don’t go judging all females based on Yaqing, okay? Some of us like our future planned out for us, and then there are some who prefer our future to have a bit of mystery in the unknown certainty. So these questions remain, which type of girl is Liu Shi Shi and which kind of suitor is Nicky Wu?? I think I’m ready for Bu Bu Jing Qing. I’ve grown fond of Cecilia’s then awkward bob but now cute hairstyle, fits her really well.

Hope you enjoy a more quiet and mature flick this time of season. Like always, if you like what you saw then please comment below. You know it isn’t necessary, however we here at AVV really appreciate it.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Awww thanks for the christmas gift 🙂 I missed your movie dates! I never heard about that movie before but it seems like a beautiful one!
    Thanks again!
    … and merry christmas 🙂

  2. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Thanks for the subtle Xmas gift Keane! Heading over to relatives’ house to celebrate this warm day. Will be back to watch this baby!

    Merry Christmas! ^_^

  3. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    This was a lovely film to watch; thankyou for sharing it! All those panoramic shots and overall gentle flow of the film was both refreshing and inspiring.

  4. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Thank you for the recommendation! The trailer looks simply gorgeous, so I can’t wait to check it out!

    Merry Christmas <3

  5. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    I woke up at 3am and found myself watching this sweet, romantic and poignant movie without knowing that the sun has arise. This movie is so beautifully made, the story is simply touching, the main cast and locals display great acting [you were right about grandma Ji, I cried a bucket] and the best part is how great is the director and the team in capturing every single breathtaking panoramic shots that I can’t keep my fingers away from pressing the rewind and pause button just to have a closer look.Thank God, you provided the facebook site, I found more awesome photograph stills from the movie.

    What’s interesting is that this is the first time I watch Vic Zhou’s Rom Movie without any kissing scene yet I found it more romantic. About Son Ye Jin resemblance, i couldn’t agree more with you.

    Thank you Keane for this movie date, hope in seeing this more in the next year…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  6. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Is there English subtitle? If not then do you happen to know where I can get the English subs?

    • 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

      It’s English and Chinese hardsubbed, if you had clicked on my shared link first then you may have read the info beforehand. Enjoy.

      • 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

        I saw that you usually note that it’s subbed so I didn’t check the link. Thank you. I will definitely watch it. 🙂

  7. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Plop. I did comment on the wrong topic so here I am at the right place.
    I love this movie. I was also tired of rom-com and bubbly young romance.
    This movie was really a surprise for me. It was so simple and yet so touching. With great acting.
    The sceneries were mesmerizing and captivating and so well integrated in this story.
    About the story, I was awed by the elders love’story. When she did receive the ashes…wow…I couldn’t help but cry with her. What a beautiful and sad love.
    I loved very much the love test in 5 secondes. I did watch this part 4-5 times!
    This movie was like a breeze of fresh air in the moutains.
    Really thank you. I had an amazing movie date ^^

  8. 10 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (27): A Moment of Love

    Such a beautiful movie! Loved the quiet, low-key and yet heartfelt storyline. And it does basically make me want to buy a ticket to Yunnan and take a step back into paradise. Was a fan of Liu Shishi in BBJX and Vic Chou from his Meteor Garden days and this pairing does not disappoint. Thank you for sharing – never would have come across this movie otherwise.

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