An upgrade to Xiao Long Nv’s hairstyle after 16 years

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Oh Yumama, why couldn’t you give Michelle Chen this hairstyle from the beginning? You could’ve saved her from a lot of internet unpleasantries. She’s looking more graceful and mature without the silly horns (that you gave to basically all the female characters!) Filming is almost done, seeing how they are now releasing images from the final battle.

Yang Guo meeting Guo Xiang, Huang Rong’s younger daughter, played by 16-year old Zhang Xue Ying.

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Our Hero after 16 years have found a rubber mask to cover his pretty face as he promotes heroism.

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No more mask! Chen Xiao looking good as the older Yang Guo. Still very youthful though.

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The deep pit where Xiao Long Nv lives for 16 years, while maintaining her perfect milky skin color and sparkly white teeth without falling for marketing scheme of whitening dental products. Amazing.

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The first thing they do is…kiss (of course), since she has honeyed-breath, thanks to her bee friends.

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Yang Rong as Mei Chao Feng. Not sure how she became wolf girl.

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Viann Zhang as Li Mo Chou. Probably the prettiest Li Mo Chou ever.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “An upgrade to Xiao Long Nv’s hairstyle after 16 years

    Aren’t those silly horns ripoffs to the Ghost Story getup? All the actresses are very attractive in this version.

    • 2 thoughts on “An upgrade to Xiao Long Nv’s hairstyle after 16 years

      I have no idea. I just dislike it so much. The girls are definitely beautiful to look at. If only they didn’t receive the horn hair, my breath would’ve been stolen. =)

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