Tdrama: The Pursuit of Happiness OST

Didn’t expect this drama to have its own official soundtrack. I’ll say here that not all Taiwanese series has their own OST like Korean and Japanese dramas. Hence, we sometimes compile the songs personally, which is a lot of work and not as fun.

Tracklist: Translation is welcome!

01. By Your Side – William Wei *themesong
02. 我在哪裡 – Wu Wen Fang (吳汶芳)
03. 反正我是愛了 – Aggie Hsieh
04. Lightning – Frandé
05. 命中要愛 – 楊蒨時
06. 孤獨的總和 – Wu Wen Fang (吳汶芳)
07. Empty – Tony Yang
08. Obstinate – Aggie Hsieh *ending themesong

DL soundtrack // Mirror

Kappy: I stopped watching after episode 3, yunno, after Lei Lei thinks it’s a good idea to break up Ting Wei & Hai Lun with Yi Kang’s help. I hope she drops that idea as soon as possible because there’s no way a woman as successful as her is trying to switch career and be a self-employed home wrecker. Please assure me that she doesn’t go down that road.

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    Thank for this OST.

    @Kappy: She does choose that road but it won’t last. I won’t spoil you but Lei Lei and Yi Kang are getting closer, they fight, they discuss a lot, they disagree and they begin to care for each other. It’s getting better and better. Episode 7 was really good.

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    Possible translations? [2] Where am I [3] Anyway, I love (you) [5] Hit by love

    Gah, it was so frustrating when she came up with that plan. Out of her mind, she was. But I am enjoying all the Lei Lei – Yi Kang scenes in the more recent episodes!!

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    thanks for the OST! i like most of the songs used in this drama. 🙂

    i know!!! that was just a stupid stupid plan for two grown adults to plan. MY GOD. and her friend was encouraging her. at which point does it get better people? i mean if i have to watch allllll the scenes just to get to episode 7 for the good parts, i might die!!!

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    Thanks for the OST 😀

    Yeah she supposedly tried to break them up but never really did it in a way that was ‘crazy or evil’?? Just watch from end of ep 6 onwards or something lol 😛

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    Oy, you guys are so funny. It’s hilarious that we fans know exactly when the good stuff takes place. hehe.

    Episode 6 and onwards. Got it! hahaha XD

    Thanks scircus for the translation!

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    Wow! Thank you so much for the OST! I love the songs in this drama 😀 Just the other day I was thinking that I should try to hunt them down, what perfect timing XD

    You should really give the drama another try. She does “try” to break them up under the firm belief that she’s being true to her feelings and giving herself a chance, but she’s also conflicted about the whole thing because that’s not who she is. And in the end she didn’t really DO anything, definitely nothing underhanded like the third wheel usually do in dramas. And I love the candid dialogues that Lei Lei shares with Yi Kang, they’re so insightful and honest. I’m loving this drama, even more than In Time With You because I’m liking the female lead character better here (less thorny if I may say so). I can’t wait for the next episode to arrive!

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    thank you for the ost! I agree with everyone else – give it another try! I didn’t like her plan of wanting to break them up but she’s definitely gotten to the point where she realizes that it’s not going to work. And I think everyone has that little part in them that thinks maybe that one ex is the ONE and they just don’t know it. Lei Lei just had to go through trying to making it work to get over the relationship.

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    Some fans agree…

    01. 在你身邊 Right Beside You (片頭曲) – 韋禮安 (William Wei)
    02. 我在哪裡 Where Am I? – 吳汶芳 (Wu Wen Fang)
    03. 反正我是愛了 Anyway, I Love – 謝沛恩 (Aggie Hsieh)
    04. 閃電 Lightning – 法蘭黛樂團 (Frandé)
    05. 命中要愛 Hit By Love – 楊蒨時 (Hawawa Yang)
    06. 孤獨的總和 Medley of Loneliness – 吳汶芳 (Wu Wen Fang)
    07. 空蕩 Empty – 楊祐寧 (Tony Yang)
    08. 死心眼 Stubborn (片尾曲) – 謝沛恩 (Aggie Hsieh)

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    Thanks for posting this!

    I depend on AVV for my OST fix of tdramas~! 🙂

    And the others are correct, Lei Lei and YK are getting cuter and cuter. Second chance is worth it! This is the only Tdrama that I’m watching. Tdramas this season and the past hasn’t been that good. Sadly.

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    Like everyone here, i dropped this one because of the silly plot to break up Ting Wei & Hai Lun! Lol! I think i’ll wait for the verdict when it ends to see if i should continue or not

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      did the turkey blur your eyes annette? lol.

      everyone here is telling you to watch it again! she only thinks about that decision and doesn’t really carry out any shamlless action. 😀

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        I’m being cautious and waiting to see what the end is going to be like. Even though they said to watch it again, i’m still going to wait. This drama is not pulling me in that much, i really like the lead actress but i was considering dropping it and just needed a reason. I’m also not too fond of the lead actor, i think to be honest with myself i’m reluctantly watching the show – only staying for the actress. Saying i’ll wait till the end is a like an excuse to stop watching it for now

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    Thankies for this!! I really like this soundtrack, perfect lullaby playlist~ Also: William Wei’s voice~ And I really love all the instrumentals for that song as well, especially the one that plays for the drunk-beside-the-statues scene in episode 7. And yeah, if I wasn’t following it on a live-airing basis, I would say watch the first minute’s recaps for the episodes from 4-6 and then watch episode 7~~ Because episode 7 was adorable and sort of slightly heartbreaking because Sonia Sui is such a good actress for this and she really comes through.

    In other news, besides being swamped by college, I have been having a low-maintenance commitment with lakorns thanks to all of you >.<;; Right now it's Ton Ruk Rim Rua and Supapburooth Jutathep, although I had a bad experience a lakorn that I shall not name. But yeah, Mark and Kim are so cute~ And Kim is only like… 8 months older than me… what the hell? How?

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      lol@lakorns. you starting them NOW? i finished them months ago! hahahaha

      yea, kim looks WAYYYYYYYYY older that she looks. i thought she was in her thirties before knowing her real age.

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      I hear lakorn and i am there – so what you got for me ladies? I just watched the one with Margie and Chit. Decided to skip the other two stories.

      So ladies what’s good in lakorn land?

      Nutty how is Ton Ruk Rim Rua? I liked their previous lakorn – i enjoyed it more than the one Kim did with Nadech.
      Supapburooth Jutathep – which story are you watching right now?

      frea what have you watched so far – and recommendations? BTW weren’t you watching the Supapburooth Jutathep series? Did you manage to watch all of them or no? I remember saying i’ll watch the youngest one’s story

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        Wahh Annette, so we have to just mention lakorns and you’ll awaken from your slumber eh? Madame lakorn sleeping beauty xP

        TRRR was good, Kim and Prin are adorable together (especially Prin, like omg, he’s so adorable, you want to squish him and his cheeks the whole time squeeeeee), except for the fact that after episode 8 the writer decided that they were actually too cute and separated them with angst until the last episode, so after episode 8 I just skipped and went straight to episode 11 (the last episode xP)

        Supapburooth Jutathep I really like because it’s one of the set-in-the-1950s-ish lakorns, so they’re all somehow connected to royalty and have the most beautiful houses and clothes. I’m still on the first story, since I had put it on hold till for TRRR, so I can’t say much. Although I must say that the oldest bro is kind of boring.. like.. I like the mischievous ones or the bad boys, the goody-goody ones seem too good to be true. And there’s some girl-pretending-to-be-guy storyline in the first one, and I’ve watched so many of those that I’m having a hard time getting through it. But I want to watch the stories of all of them in order for continuity~

        @Frea yeah, Kim seems really mature, like late 20s at least… Hmm.. I haven’t watched anything with Nadech yet… next target maybe? Does he have any really good ones that I should go for first? Btw, is it just me or are like 50% of the thai actors& actresses half and half? Kim, Yaya, Nadech… it goes on and on… Oh, and I’m thinking of watching Dao Kiao Duen next, I’ll see how it goes… I like how, even when we say “Oh, I’m not really watching any dramas right now” it usually means “Oh, I’m only watching like one currently airing drama, following the rest through recaps/tumblr/blogs, and catching up to some completed dramas that were on my watch list, all at a very slow pace.” xP

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          Nutty, i think the bit about the actors being mixed we touched on it somewhere in discussion corner/A Thousand Kisses thread

          I’m pleased to hear TRRR’s good – i luv those two together, they are one of my fav pairing. Like you i don’t particularly enjoy the angst and in lakorns it is dragged out/not done well, i’d rather skip it all together
          Did you see the previous one they did just before this one? Punya Chon Kon Krua 2012 – it’s cute too, you’ll like it. I liked the songs in this one, and it does have a bit of angst

          Ditto about the watching of the dramas! I do go watch older dramas that were on my to watch list, if i don’t have time to invest my limited time in another drama i usually follow through recaps etc

          For Nadech’s drama try Duang Jai Akkanee (Akkanee’s Heart) with Urassaya Sperbund – i heard it was good ( I didn’t watch it cos i had my fill of Yadech in Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk) It is part of the series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao, Nadech’s is the second. I watched Thara Himalai (Thara’s Himalaya) – my first lakorn with Kim – and i liked it. Nadech’s in it, he’s Kim’s brother.

          My first Nadech lakorn was Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk with Urassaya Sperbund. The beginning was really funny and cute but then things took a turn and Mr. R (aka he who shall not be named) made an appearance, so if you’re willing to watch the Mr. R scenes then go ahead. The earlier parts were great but afterwards the drama went downhill for me

          Supapburooth Jutathep – i’ve remembered that i wanted to watch the second brother’s story, i did start watching it but i stopped because i think the subber stopped subbing cos pple were bugging her with silly questions. I think that was on Youtube and Viki didn’t have the subs – unless i am confusing this with another lakorn in which the subber stopped subbing. If so then i don’t know why i stopped watching this one
          The oldest brother is good looking but, alas a terrible actor – that’s why i skipped straight onto the second brother

          I was waiting for Dao Kiao Duen cos i kinda like both leads, so since its completed on Viki this is on my to watch list after i’m done with finals

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          Yeah, I really like the Mark+Kim pairing… what I found in TRRR that was cool/funny was that most of the roles were genderflipped.. like, the workaholics/breadwinners of the family were all female, and a lot of the scheming was done by a gold-digger husband etc… nice change ^u^ Definitely watching everything with them in it~

          Oh, I’ll put those Nadech dramas on my to-watch list as well *scribbles* Actually, last night, I started watching Raeng Pratana because my friend STRONGLY recommended it (read: forced me) I watched about 75% of the first episode, seems promising… I’m actually really surprised at Kim’s acting, she is playing a role I would normally hate, but I don’t hate her character… in fact, I really relate with the character the most.

          Haha, I’ll skip Gamerai Gameruk. I seriously hate Mr. R. Actually, hate doesn’t even come close. Yeah, it’s one of the few topics I feel really strongly about. In fact, I started watching Sud Sai Pan because someone recommended it, and then Mr.R appeared, and yeah. God, I really hated that drama. Everything in it was aggravating.

          Suparburooth Jutathep is fully subbed now, so you can watch it ^^ I’m trying to watch only completed+fully subbed lakorns because I don’t want to be left high and dry either. Maybe you’re right, maybe it’s the acting that’s bad, not the character, but yeah, oldest bro is sort of slow…

          Dao Kiao Duen is on the top of my to-watch list, because I saw many cute gifsets on tumblr xP

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          @nuttie, then you must watch thai’s hottest couple – yadech (yaya and nadech) in their first lakorn together, as suggested by annette, duangjai akkanee. they are reunited in Evil Game, Love Game, which went awry…midway….ahum. but chemistry wise. YOU WILL DIE of sugar overdose. they have to be dating, yes yes?? hehe

          regarding the halfies in thai entertainment, it’s the younger batch of kids….i say just embrace it. Thai seems to like and promote halfies as opposed to other asian countries. 🙂

          @Annette, Supapburooth Jutathep, i skipped the first brother too, bad acting from both the girl and the boy (they are pretty to look at though) i watched the second brother (pope), third, fourth, and fifth. it was nice seeing all the period costumes and hte girls are GORGEOUS> the guys kinda fall short in the looks department. lol. the person continued subbing i believe and the series is completed on viki, i think. cause i finished it somewhere.

          i love chakrit right now, his old drama is completed on viki, thanks goodness!! Talad Arom!!

          and kappy just keep hiding from us. she still hasn’t fully finished a lakorn yet. you loserrrrrrrr alice!! LOL

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          Yes yes sunsaengnims, I am taking notes *scribbling intensifies* As I always say, if I must die, it might as well be from drama diabetes~

          Hey hey hey, I was just noticing a very magnificent trend.. It’s just rare, because since I was stalk-er-surfing different profiles, it just caught my eye.. I really like it (says the person who’s halfies herself *snerk*)~

          Yes, yes, the costumes and sets are so gorgeous.. sheer eye candy~

          Hey, no bullying Kappy!! We mustn’t bite the hand that uploads the goodies XD

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          Hah! Yes! Don’t pressure me! Stress from school is already enough. I’m going bald soon if my hair keeps falling smoothly like this. D:

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    Hi everyone..may i ask..what the song title that sonia sui sing..when she go to KTV with her friend..after that she drink a lot n meet he wei ting and huang yi kang pick her to home.thx

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