Newsflash for Wallace Chung’s Best Time and Warriors

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Girl makes it look like a chore to kiss him!

Well, if you’re a Wallace Chung‘s fan, like myself, you’re in a comfy seat. His drama adaptation of Tong Hua’ss novel, Secrets Hidden in Time (now known as Best Time (inept title)), just hits HunanTV station yesterday, November 20th! (Yui must be happy.) His second good news is the newly released trailer for the epic war drama, Warriors of the City, starring alongside Wang Like, Shuo Yang, and Ringo Yu.

More stills from Secrets Hidden in Time. It could be the story in a nutshell.

Girl is always looking at him.

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And Wallace is always looking at YOU.

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Double Dates never end well.

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Girl takes a brief bathroom break from the suffocating dinner to cry in the hall.

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After the dinner, everyone looks grim, except the second lead girl. Cause she has no idea what’s going on. As Always. 😛

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No no, she will not give up and WILL SEDUCE HIM!

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Still, he doesn’t like her. She ends up coocoo. THE END.

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TRAILER for Warriors of the City:

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    • The story begins around the 1940s, when the Battle of Changde broke out against the Japanese army. In chaotic times, heroes are born. One of them is Ha Ping An (Wallce Chung), our leading man. One of the best shooters in his troop, Ping An gives up that honor to live peacefully in a small town to take care of his deceased friend’s wife and child. But of course, peace is not forever and he’ll join the side of his comrades once again.
    • The trailer looks epic but the ending of our heroes aren’t very kind….

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Newsflash for Wallace Chung’s Best Time and Warriors

    Ooooh I’ve been waiting for Best Time to come out – it’s really only so I can enjoy Wallace on my screen, I will watch even thought I unfortunately cannot understand Chinese and will wait (im)patiently for eng subs.

    • 3 thoughts on “Newsflash for Wallace Chung’s Best Time and Warriors

      I really dislike the storyline for Best Time though. It drives me nutty to see the heroine drop everything in her life to pursue one man. Worst of all? Wallace is the other man. Poor boy gonna get his heart crushed.

      You probably don’t have to wait that long. Viki has already started to sub.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Newsflash for Wallace Chung’s Best Time and Warriors

    YESSSSSS IM HAPPYYYYY… thank you so much for this article!!! i just hope that wallace would end up with that girl.. ooohhh i havent prepared my heart yet for a sad ending… cuz i would be on team Wallace!! 🙂

    ah thank you Kap!!!!!

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