Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

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It’s finally friday! What a long week, and guess what? I woke up as sick as a turtle. Sluggish movement, running nose, and a fever. Despite all these, I’m smiling at the email I read today. Apparently, The Inheritors is co-produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures & DF! So the alarming news is the red flag that we might see in the upcoming days when DF does drop the bomb on us. This is not why I’m smiling though – the email I received was from a supporter of AVV! It’s so sweet to know that some of our visitors care enough to take 5 minutes out of their day to drop us a warning email. I’m grinning like a sick fool. 😀

To make my grin even bigger: Yan Kuan and his ladylove Sunny Du were recently in a wedding photoshoot for Cosmo Bride. Nothing like a real life couple showing the world how love should look like. Most of the actors/actresses that I grew up watching are either getting married or having kids. Time, thou are sneaky! I haven’t read of a wedding date yet but since Yan Kuan proposed to her earlier this year, it should be soon. This is icing on the cake when they do take real wedding photos. Spread the love ~~

I don’t think Cosmo Bride did a great job in background/scenery choices because the shoot looks very conventional and lacking that emotional rawness. But I guess these two have plenty of time to take more awesome photos. One can do no wrong with Yan Kuan’s animated brows.

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Yep, make the world envious of her, Yan Kuan! 😉

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This is my favorite shot. Nothing fancy, just the trees and their satisfied faces.

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The proposal was really sweet. Yan Kuan apologized for not being able to afford a 21-carat ring but asked her to accept his real, 21-carat self instead. 😉

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Source: Sina

  1. 4 thoughts on “Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

    omg….seriously? DF is already big enough to be a co-producer for The Inheritors??…now we have to watch out for that fatal notice from them? this is terrible news kappy, stop smiling. LOL

    man, everyone is sick around me too! i don’t want to get sick so i have been wearing a mask around them. geez. sneeze THAT WAY! but get better keke

    i agree, i hoped this photoshoot was less posing and more about showing natural affection. lee bo young and ji sung have nice wedding pictures. maybe yan kuan will folk out more money when they do the REAL wedding photos because these are so normal. im sure he will cause based on the interview, sunny is lucky because YK does many creative events for her. awww 🙂

    • 4 thoughts on “Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

      Yep. Watch out when the post goes down — > Twitter.

      Agree. I didn’t like this photoshoot but they look genuinely happy so I posted it. Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young have beautiful photos.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

    Have you looked at Ji Sung’s and Lee Bo young’s wedding pictorials.
    I really like them,they very simple yet so elegant

  3. 4 thoughts on “Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

    OMG-sh, where did they hire this photographer? Terrible. Overuse of the flash. I wonder why. No sense of directing at all. Haha~ Seems like the bride- and groom-to-be are controlling the show, and fail at the task.

    This couple can’t par to Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young in comparison. Looking at JS and LBY photos, you can tell how over a decade of dating naturally looks like. 🙂

    I can’t look at these shots any further, since these will just make me feel sad for the couple. They really need to book another photoshoot elsewhere, like pronto.

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