Wallace Chung promotes 3D game for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

 photo DGS111.jpg

Is it weird that I find him looking good for the game promotional stills instead of his character as Xiao Feng in the drama? The hair is changed very minimally… Does anyone here play these Wuxia games? How are they? Are they available in English? They look awesome and emotionally charged.

The game hits the store on October 25th but no confirmation on the drama release date yet… Tskk. I don’t mind you coming out late, just don’t premiere at the same as other dramas, like The Four, okay?

hehe, this photo reminds me of Xie Xun. Just dye his hair. ROFL!

 photo DGS18.jpg

 photo DGS11.jpg

 photo DGS12.jpg

 photo DGS13.jpg

 photo DGS14.jpg

 photo DGS15.jpg

 photo DGS19.jpg

 photo DGS110.jpg

Fanmade version: COOL! The dragon is very appropriate.

 photo DGS16.jpg photo DGS17.jpg

Source: 01 // baidu

To quench your wuxia thirst, check out a fanmade mv for Xiao Feng below:

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