Tdrama: The Queen Episodes

Also Known As: The Birth of the Queen
Chinese Title: 女王的誕生 / Nu Wang De Dan Sheng
Cast: Cheryl Yang, Eric Suen, Janel Tsai, Johnny Lu, Marlenita Lei, Phoebe Huang, Xiao Xia, John Chen, Cao Xi Ping, Wu Min, David Bo
# of Episodes: 22
Airing Days: Sundays (starts Sep. 9th, 2013)
Broadcasting Station: CTV
Synopsis: Tang Mei Bao (Cheryl Yang), better known as Mabel, wasted her twenties modeling for mediocre jobs, now passed her prime, thirty years old self long dreams becoming a supermodel is slim chance to none. The crown of the queen in her industry is not an easy road for Mabel to succeed, however the fate of her home address draws her closer to the queen’s crown and Feng Ming Tai (Eric Suen), an undercover wealthy younger son of a land developing group who has ulterior motives and a hidden romance with a supermodel girlfriend named Judy (Janel Tsai). Can Ming Tai buyout Mabel out of home and love? Or is there a better proposal from Yang Rui (Johnny Lu), Mabel’s old crush, before lucky girl Du Xiao Wei (Nita Lei) an aspiring young model who is next in line for the queen’s crown and Yang Rui’s heart gets stolen. [Credit:]

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***122nd COMPLETED PROJECT!!!!***

BONUS: HD addicts’ 720p folderWell, my source dried out so I won’t continue this batch. Bummer!

Keane: Right, another “queen” drama but this one suits their characters more. At least these actresses’ age suits the title better than those other actresses whom idle princess mode most of the time. You know which drama I’m talking about.

Why I picked up this drama? Probably because the show is Eric Suen’s comeback drama. Somehow I pictured him differently. Maybe picturing his face smaller and… shorter? Hmm, his face looks elongated due to skin elasticity loss, however his smile still looks ageless. I like his smile. He sings the theme song, 愛…不是 (Love… Is Not) composed by singer-songwriter Tank.

Extra: 愛…不是 (“The Queen” theme song)
I totally love the BTS outtakes. Phoebe Huang is a veteran actress and she’s so funny. I can’t hold in her comedic edge. She makes me pee in my pants with laughter. Hope you enjoy watchin’, because I do that’s why I’m sharin’ more in HD. There’s plenty of chemistry in the full cast and loads of cuteness from Cheryl×Johnny.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Queen Episodes

    The title reminded me of My Queen which also stars Cheryl Yang.And it was one of my favorite taiwanese drama with a decent story line and acting.
    It’s been a very long time that I’ve stopped watching Tw dramas because they disappoint you mostly story wise.
    And finding eng subtitles for taiwanese dramas is hard if they don’t have idols
    When I first started Asian drama watching I watched a lot of taiwanese dramas back in 2008 and 2009 like Corner with love,hot shot,the first half of P.s man,hi my sweet heart and My queen,Autumn concerto.They were really good ones.
    But now I don’t know what they are producing,I guess almost all of them have the story line of either annoying female lead or idiotic and rich guy or either very poor.
    Even reading the synopsis of this dramas doesn’t seen refreshing.
    The j doramas of this season look very promising!!

    Which of the three k dramas,tw or j doramas are you watching the most?

    • 5 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Queen Episodes

      I rarely watch TW-ese dramas nowadays. I watched all those dramas you named, and some especially if those are manga adaptations. TW use to lead when it comes to manga remakes but now they’ve become followers.

      I’m a regular K, HK, and VN-ese drama addict. I seldom watch Jdoramas unless those are extremely popular and more on the cute/funny side.

      I lean more towards variety shows for the funny. I’m very much attracted to a lot of funny nowadays.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Queen Episodes

    Robin is on the roll these days. Left and right. BOOMING with new projects.

    Eric Suen reminds me of Jimmy Lin. Both look very young and they have great smiles.

    These girls got legs. Though skinny.

    So many queen dramas. hehe. But yea, the other one is all teeny boppers. 😉

  3. 5 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Queen Episodes

    Funniest finale preview ever…



    cr: AVV

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