Running Man Episode 168: “The Golden Lamb Couple!”

Great episode, showcasing the members’ competitive streak, HaMyungKook’s amusing reunion, and Monday Couple’s sweet moments. If we add Kang Ho Dong into the mix, this would have been epic! Is it possible? Say it is!

Our guest this week is X-man’s regular screaming ajusshi: Park Myung Soo, along with singer IU. Game is to correctly guess the ratio of Lamb vs Wolf, chosen by all 9 people. First place team gets to change their cards, after knowing the current ratio. It’s a big advantage to win the games.

Right off the bat, they’re already dancing to the old steps. Old habits never die. Comparison? Now: Less hair, more wrinkles. 😉

 photo RM168-79.jpg

The battle between the elders, Myung Soo asks what Suk Jin has to offer RM. hehe. I love their signature air kick.

 photo RM168-78.jpg

 photo RM168-77.jpg

The trusting team of Dad Suk Jin, Daughter Ji Hyo, and Future Son-in-law Gary. They’re the total opposite of the deceptive game Red team is playing with each other. Even IU is wary of revealing her choice. Who shall be the ultimate victor?

 photo RM168-76.jpg

During the car ride, Sparta laughs to Myung Soo’s creative mantra for Running Man. Why does he and Haha cover their mouths like proper saguek ladies?

 photo RM168-75.jpg

Blue Team is late, so Myung Soo wonders, “Why do you keep such people around? Just get rid of them.” Having learned their lessons about Impala’s unpredictable actions, Haha and Sparta warn him not to provoke his bad side. Myung Soo declares, “It’s the lion’s nature to go for the weakest!” The rest dies in laughter.

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When Blue Team does arrive, some icy remarks are passed back and forth between the elders, and Sparta whispers, “This sounds like Dangyunhaji!” Cue Grasshopper gets into position. But the battle finishes pretty quickly because our Impala might just be a little hurt from Myung Soo’s attack: “The lion will hunt down the lamb. You have weakness written all over your face!”

 photo RM168-71.jpg

The members feel bad and rush to Impala’s side. Aw.

 photo RM168-70.jpg

 photo RM168-69.jpg

First game is to find weird things in the museum. Gary’s epic fail, mistaking a zebra for a pony. Seriously, I am dying! xD A grown man using the word pony is just too funny!

 photo RM168-68.jpg

Gary is the last member on the Blue Team that has yet to finish. He gives his bag over to Ji Hyo and the PD asks, “Song Ji Hyo might look at your card.” He replies, “It’s okay. When it comes her, I have nothing to hide.”

EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Good lord, this man. He makes me blush.

 photo RM168-67.jpg

 photo RM168-64.jpg

The second game consists of being a waiter. One member howls while the chair descends into a container of water. The other two members have to gather all the chairs in the restaurant before the howling stops.

 photo RM168-62.jpg

Third game is my favorite cause it’s exciting and everyone has a chance to shine. But of course, name-tag ripping in an enclosed ring is Sparta’s favorite game.

 photo RM168-61.jpg

First round. Competitors entering the ring without knowing who they are facing from the other two teams.

Gary teams up with Myung Soo against Giraffe:

 photo RM168-58.jpg

Myung Soo getting thrown around. haha! He loses.

 photo RM168-57.jpg

Gary clinches the win for the Blue team. Whew. He makes a pretty risky move by sliding down. If Giraffe had a tight grasp on his name tag, he would’ve lost!

 photo RM168-55.jpg

What kind of pose is this gentlemen? XD

 photo RM168-54.jpg

Elated Ji Hyo screams, “We want you, Kang Gary!” Omiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

 photo RM168-53.jpg

She mutters that he was awesome. Smugly, Gary confirms: “That’s just how I usually am.” Yesh, you dark horse!

 photo RM168-51.jpg

2nd Round with the ladies against HaHa. Ji Hyo is always so nice to the females. I am still upset how she purposely allowed her back exposed to Min Jung last week. It was so obvious.

 photo RM168-44.jpg

 photo RM168-43.jpg

Myung Soo tries to interrupt the game but Suk Jin hilariously flies out and the two is involved in a childish brawl.

 photo RM168-40.jpg

 photo RM168-41.jpg

After eliminating Haha, the ladies play it fair. The fastest person to rip off the name tag wins. Of course, Ji Hyo’s experience and tight grip leaves IU without a second to blink before it’s over.

 photo RM168-39.jpg

Third round. Impala joins Sparta to take down Grasshopper. That’s not how this should be!

 photo RM168-49.jpg

Sparta busies himself with a form of art. Tying the victim’s sleeves neatly into a knot. So mean! 😛

 photo RM168-47.jpg

Fourth round. IU joins Myung Soo against Impala but our elder is not a joke. He quickly gets rid of Myung Soo while IU beats him because of Kwang Soo’s interference. GOSH! LEE KWANG SOO! I want to see what tricks Impala has up his sleeves!

 photo RM168-38.jpg

 photo RM168-37.jpg

Fifth Round. Ji Hyo and the two kids. She allies with Haha. Wow. She’s really fierce in this round, even the way she protects Haha’s back is defensive. Look at the gang face she has on.

 photo RM168-36.jpg

 photo RM168-34.jpg

Still Kwang Soo eliminates Haha, leaving Ji Hyo to attack him nonstop.

 photo RM168-32.jpg

On top….

 photo RM168-31.jpg

Dishing out a leg….

 photo RM168-30.jpg

The funny thing about this sequence is the shot of Gary’s VJ. He’s in awe of Ji Hyo!

 photo RM168-29.jpg

Still on top!

 photo RM168-28.jpg

*Step step some more*

 photo RM168-27.jpg

 photo RM168-24.jpg

For a brief 2 seconds, Kwang Soo is able to roll away…but Ji Hyo crawls like she’s in a horror movie to corner him and rip off that stubborn name tag. Our girl really wants her gold today, okay?

 photo RM168-22.jpg

 photo RM168-20.jpg

Kwang Soo assuring his noona that he’s okay with a hug. Aw.

 photo RM168-18.jpg

Last match. Sparta roars to scare Grasshopper.

 photo RM168-17.jpg


 photo RM168-16.jpg

Really intense battle. The desire to win is visually arresting.

 photo RM168-15.jpg

The finals. Everyone stands on a board in front of a pool. Those with the correct ratio of lamb vs wolf remains dry, while the rest goes for another round of swimming.

 photo RM168-14.jpg

Funny how Impala is the decision-maker because in this world, he’s Ji Hyo’s dad. Of course, he’s going to help…

 photo RM168-13.jpg

 photo RM168-12.jpg

 photo RM168-11.jpg

Despite being in different tents, Monday Couple manages to choose the same ratio. I love when they hug! And how cute are they picking lamb? Don’t be fooled by the lamb’s furry coat! Once that layer is off, you’ll face muscles and brains!

 photo RM168-9.jpg

And this is how our Golden Lamb Couple is born, well, I like to call them that! It is also a nice touch how they got the ratio right the first round and get it right the last round.

 photo RM168-1.jpg

  1. 2 thoughts on “Running Man Episode 168: “The Golden Lamb Couple!”

    lol… when pms went in and kicked sukjin, i laughed so hard. then later sukjin flew in to stop him. the nametag was so competitive this week. i was holding my breath because our family all wanted to win!! intense!!!

    and mother couple is jangg! love love loveeeeeeeeeeee them. i like that they chose lamb too. they are nice and quiet and then boom! into these dark horses.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Running Man Episode 168: “The Golden Lamb Couple!”

    The person who created this video is a genius. Guess the theme song for each member!

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