KMovie: No Breathing OST

Track list:

— Part 1 —
01. Yuri [SNSD] & Masyta Band – 블링스타 Bling Star
02. Yuri [SNSD] & Masyta Band – 반짝반짝 Twinkle Twinkle

Download Part 1

Keane: I’m not sure if SNSD fans will stir disappointment, or not, hearing Yuri sing a different genre from the popular SNSD music style. Well, at least it’s a solo project for Yuri. Hur-ray.

I tried to stay fair as possible, yet I couldn’t connect to Yuri, the singer. Is she attempting to crossover into Indie Rock!?! Not enough power in her vocals and not enough of a yearning soul for my muse. You can check out “Bling Star” MV for additional teasers to the film.

Anyways, all that matter more, someone tell me Seo In Guk will lend his awesome R&B voice for this soundtrack. Please.

UPDATE 131125: After finished watching the movie, I was so disappointed Seo In Guk didn’t sing on the OST. So here I’ll share good music.

01. Download: Seo In Guk ~ Deep Inside My Heart (Japanese)
02. Download: Phonelink feat. Seo In Guk ~ Let’s Love (Thai)

Furthermore, I was upset the first half of the movie was bad, story-wise, edited all choppy. I felt the movie didn’t transition well to make the story flow better. The sequence of events were arranged disorderly to confuse me. I didn’t like that at all, even if you keep Seo In Guk nekkid in swimming trunks most of the time. I did find the ending somewhat touching though, I mean, most of my feels from Answer Me 1997 and I Hear Your Voice reincarnated in this movie for the two lead actors, but not great enough to be a box office blockbuster. Keane’s movie rating 2.5/5 stars (my SIG bias gave the film an extra half star)

Aww, 생일 축하해요 Inguk-ssi! Wishing you a great box office success in movie debut and get back on a healthy regiment in life. Again, happy birthday Seo In Guk! And also to my bro sharing the same bday! Ew, I hate that I love ya, bro. =p

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    Hi again, Keane. I guess we meet here now. Regarding the song, I quite like it actually. I don’t really know about Yuri’s role in SNSD, does she one of the main vocals or not?
    I’m more concerned about the teaser in the MV. And yes! There is a scene when her face is so pale! What happened? Is she going to die? NOOOO! Wonil must’ve been sooooo sad. He already lost his dad (I think). I wonder will Inguk lend his voice, too? Hmmm. Oh, and I love his shy face when his company gave him the birthday surprise. Cute 😀

    By the way, my country won’t be showing No Breathing. I don’t know how and when I can watch it with english subtitle. ㅠ.ㅠ Isn’t it hard to watch an engsub of Kmovies unlike Kdramas? I think I have to wait for 6 months or so ㅠ.ㅠ

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    We meet again, Raysie. Muahahaha~

    I’m not sure but most fans suggest Yuri’s at the bottom three SNSD girls in vocal ranking. I don’t really know much about SNSD other than Taeyeon who is my favorite. Maybe the guys can weigh in on that question and elaborate more on it.

    It’s just my hunch. I hope I’m wrong though. That’ll be too sad of a movie for me to watch.

    I saw that bday tweet. Hmm, Ingukkie is a good actor. Shall I stop before I hurt fans feelings? I’m sure he appreciates the gesture however I don’t think he was greatly moved by it. Jaded a bit? I don’t see shyness, like his tweet said he was embarrassed. Only he truly knows his feelings well, and I’m again bad at reading people but that’s how I feel about it.

    D'aw, how cute!?! A lil' boy in a grown man's body.
    You got two balloons!?! I only got the ONE for my bday.

    I think there is a TAXI episode with SIG and PCM promoting No Breathing. Have you seen it yet? When does TAXI air? I’m not sure if SIG record it last Saturday or did it air last Saturday??

    And, I now have high hopes Ingukkie will release a song for No Breathing. He must have been fine tuning his track at the studio. Working on his bday to give a gift to fans. 😉 I can be wrong.

    photo credit: SIG twitter

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