Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

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And I pray that they remain blissfully as siblings (cause really, I don’t need the extra competition! 😛 ) The two cute stars are everywhere this past week together to promote for their upcoming film, The Commitment, where TOP takes the role of a reluctant North Korean spy and suffering brother whose failed mission resulted in his sister (Kim Yoo Jung)’s containment in the labor camp. Hmmm, South Korea must really like North Korean spy-themed movies or what? Let’s just hope this one has a better ending than Secretly Greatly.

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Scenes from the movies:

See how close we are? TOP chose my birthday as the film’s release date. 😉 No pressure from you guys!

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Press Conference + Busan Film Festival.

How old is this ladylove again? 14?!!! Breathe Kappy, breathe! She has a good fashion sense.

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Oppa killer right here! Wait, can’t forget nooner killer right beside her. Tsk, the killer gene in this family. 😛

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TOP doing the cute. He looks awkward as always. hehe. Kim Yoo Jung dresses so well.

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TOP doing weird things again.

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Hey hey, ladylove, don’t flash those puppy eyes at my Awkward Robot man okay? You’re illegal! LOL (For once I’m happy to use that word. heh.)

 photo TC20.jpg

hehe, I know I told you to keep your distance but the little girl can get a shoulder pat. She’s adorable. Pat her!

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No passing of secret notes around here. I’m not fuming of curiosity or anything.

 photo TC2.jpg

So I say no touching and you guys resort to shy smiles? HMPHS!

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Happy news: Cause he heard of my disappointment, TOP and his latest sister will be coming to Running Man! Woohoo!

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  1. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    LOLLLLLLLLL!! this post cracks me up from beginning to end. i do love the crazy fangirl talk. do let her talk more. she’s hilarious being jealous. 😀

    but woowww, but Kim Yoo jung is gorgeous or what? and she’s 14!!!! god helps this girl. how could she be almost as tall as TOP already. i rmember he’s not that SHORT!

    has kim yoo jung ever played a villain? i know kim so hyun has played and excelled in those hateful glares. i think it’ll be nice to see KYJ does the jealous eye too, whenever i see her, she’s getting beaten up for being poor. she’s like the child poster for Future Candy. kim so hyun is the child poster for second lead villain girl. LOL

  2. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    hehehe so cute! Happy news indeed TOP alone on a variety show? hahahaha

    @frea, look at her heels, damn it’s high so maybe that’s why she looks so tall.

  3. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    Who’s jealous? I’m notttttt jealous! *whips hair*

    Yea, her heels are not a joke. She’s rocking the legs already. Healthy looking.

    Kim So Hyun is a chameleon. That girl is able to morph herself to look like all of her adult counterparts!

    Runaway, I’m excited for his appearance too! Hopefully it’s good. Sometimes I forget that he can talk. 😛

    Did everyone see Running Man last week? Gary asking for a sneezing break (Too funny! I died.) and then running to hug Ji Hyo, who’s rolling down the hill like a sandwich. So cute.

  4. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    Oooo, I really like TOP’s black studded wool jacket. Very nice touch for it’s better than any solid black one. I really don’t like seeing celebrity males dressed like their about to attend a funeral other than at an actual funeral.

    KYJ is only 14 y.o.!?! My mom forbid me to wear high heels that age, and I’m now grateful because I see some of my friends who started early wearing ’em now have bunions or hammertoes. Sad.

    Hmmm, somehow I sense TOP is shedding unnatural tears compared to his reel sibling. If this movie is as badarse as Iris then I’ll be all over it.

  5. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    LOLs.. Kappy, this post made my day! thank you!

    ah uri TOP, aigooo… saranghae..

    btw how was the ending of Secretly Greatly? havent watched it yet.. 😀

  6. 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

    At 14, I was worried about not being able to watch dramas all day. HEH! Those black heels look very sophisticated!

    Not too sure about TOP’s acting…. I didn’t watch past 2 episodes of Iris.

    Yui, well, if you wanna know – SPOILERS: Everyone dies.

    • 7 thoughts on “Cute siblings: TOP & Kim Yoo Jung promote The Commitment

      what? seriously? why?? oh my God.. i watched the trailer and it was pretty good… oh my.. aaahh.. my KSH 🙁

      thank you Kappy 🙂

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