Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

Every episode program, these men meet up and share talks about no holds barred topic and off-topic shenanigans.

I initially watched this variety show for โ™ฅSeo In Gukโ™ฅ, the maknae here, then Noh Hong Chul’s happy virus inoculated in my brain now I can’t shake him out of my system. SIG took a hiatus after episode 14 to focus on a movie No Breathing and TV drama Master’s Sun. Then came in Kangta (former H.O.T) to fill the void. SIG returned and missed his hyungs enough to stop in episode 16 for a little while. I still hope for SIG’s full return after PR-ing his mini album. *crosses fingers* Just because the show isn’t the same without Ingukkie!

So, why are you watching this? And for whom? All I have now is Hong Chul to keep me going…. Oh, and I may be SIG bias in commenting, so you’d know.

There are now 20+ episodes (last updated 130918) and I have ’em all up to current, however I’ll be pacing myself on this project. My own time, my own terms. So please don’t rush me. You wouldn’t wanna ruffle my cape. Robin might call on Batman out to get you.

Click on the episode title for link. Each file is in 720p RAW (1.0GB+). No English subtitles. I don’t know why this show isn’t popular!?! ๐Ÿ™ Please let us know if you come across any subbing team taking on this project. You are DA BEST!

EPISODES 012-016

The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Kangta, Seo In Guk
Comments: Longly awaited (I suppose, sorry for the delay), so I’ve uploaded the clips up to when Seo In Guk bid farewell to the show, right before Master’s Sun premiered. It’s a sad reality, I won’t see him back to the show permanently. His future cameos weren’t enough to satisfy my appetite as a fan. So, I dunno if I’ll continue with this project hereafter. I don’t have the motivation without Ingukkie’s quirkiness. See y’all sometime on a new project.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: This episode we meet the parents of Kim Kwang Kyu and Seo In Guk. It’s fun to see if the celebrities behave more like their father or mother. Does the apple fall close to the tree, or not? Too bad, Noh Hong Chul hasn’t warmed up to us yet so we don’t get to meet his parents to make this episode more meaningful. I don’t quite understand why Lee Sung Jae gets a segment here since we already met his parents. He filmed a video for one of his daughters. I would’ve been fine if this show had extended their table talk time to keep one theme for this episode. They exploit some funny stuff.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: Isn’t there a benefit doing things by sets (with someone else) than alone? This episode the lonesome men pair up for activity plans. A duo will exercise and diet together, another pair will go shopping and do pampering together, and the last set of guys will conjure their creative youth at an amusement park. How can one benefit from this arrangement? Watch and find out. Some things are done better in pairs than just one.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: It’s finally here. The first chance to see Noh Hong Chul’s home. A metrosexual’s home always impresses me. How do these lonesome men entertain themselves? There’s an air of sadness here mixed in a good life. I’m bewildered somehow realizing an element has gone missing in a life of a celebrity clocked off work… drama. I think the best segment of this episode was when Kim Kwang Kyu shared a video clip of his then co-star Kim Hye Soo (from Queen of the Office) greeting his eager fellow Home Aloners. If you didn’t know, Kim Hye Soo is Seo In Guk’s fantasy girl so how happy do you think this puppy will show after watching that clip? Later, Seo In Guk spends down time with his old and closest friends. The first time seeing his (best friend) now in-law’s apartment married to InGukkie’s younger sibling over the Summer.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: This episode we meet the parents of Kim Tae Won, Lee Sung Jae, and Defconn. I thought this episode was endearing and precious to those of us who still have parents around and makes me feel a grave sadness for those who lost parents. A classic reminder of no matter how old you are, in the eyes of your parents, you will always be their baby. How much cultural difference do you recognize from this episode to your very own?


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: Seo In Guk was MIA at the meetup where the men all gather and critique one another’s segments, however he did have a segment in this episode. The men learn a new trade. Kim Tae Won learns acting. Kim Kwang Kyu learns English. Lee Sung Jae learns teaching. Defconn learns cooking. Seo In Guk learns judo. And Noh Hong Chul is simply hilarious, when he participates in an acting exercise with Lee Sung Jae using only vowels to show Kim Tae Won the art of acting. He makes me laugh so easily. Just look at him.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: The men continue on their getaway till next day spending a night outside of their homes. Yahhh, I bet the fan who gave Seo In Guk the blue actor’s chair with his name on it is feelin’ pretty excited (like Sung Shi Won from Answer Me 1997 happy) after watching this episode. Haha~ ํ™•์ธ! (Hwag-in!… as Yoon Yoon Jae puts it.) Seo In Guk’s hyungs all had their vacations too. I almost forgot about them. Kiikii~ Someone took the train while others drove. Ohhh, I miss spending time in Europe now, since I had a very pleasant train ride, something like Kim Kwang Kyu had done, in Italy from Rome to Venice and made stops in between on my last visit. Beautiful country but a bit dirty. You might wonder, when does Noh Hong Chul get more involved in this show? When do we get to see what his home looks like? Soon.


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: Another chapter split two parts as the men each go on a getaway, mini-vacation. How do lonely men spend their vacation time? Do these celebrities plan events any different from those average Joe’s? All I know is, Defconn eats a lot! I envy the surface area in his digestive system.  photo emoticon2-smile2_zps5eecdc31.png He makes me wanna taste test every Jeju Island local eateries. Nom-nom. The food looks wonderful and tasty. Hmm, Seo In Guk goes camping all by himself? No sasaeng fans mauling him? Am I suppose to be super happy or not about his popularity level? LOL! Right away, I take it he’s no boy scout. There’s something about this guy, hoping to find a lonely female camper out in the wilderness tells me… his romantic inclinations address the type of woman he likes. She surely must be spontaneous and a vastly independent woman to go camping alone. I like this episode because I learned a new drinking game, looks fun, “mo ji gee”… mo ji gee, mo ji gee, mo ji gee, #07! Play with me.  photo emoticon2-tongue_zps4f880acb.png


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: Part deux. The men hangout and have dinner together. Bromances brew. It comes down to what all fangirls been waiting for, the revealing of their idol’s ideal style of women. Check it out! Some continue to bond outdoors while Defconn and his visitor collaborate indoors. Who knew Defconn had a case of social anxiety? These celebs surprise me at times. After watching this episode, I want to be close friends to Noh Hong Chul. Seem I can never get bored around him, ’cause that’s the kind of vibe reaches out to me. I had a fun time seeing Seo In Guk a bit unease being in a compact tent with his hyung-nim. Am I mean? Two men in a tent, shaking the tent in public overlooking the Han River doesn’t quite give off the right kind of message now does it?.. LOL!


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: This program is part one of two episodes. Three visitors invade Seo In Guk’s, Kim Kwang Kyu’s, and Defconn’s homes. Who will end up with a bromance? And who becomes unwelcome guest? It’s entertaining in a sense you get a feel of how these celebs handle unwanted situations. Here, I have to defend Seo In Guk, he just returned home from working on his Japanese mini album overseas. He left for four days so his house is not up kept for strange guests upon overview. His visitor really gave him a hard time. He looks sickly exhausted and to have to put up with this show’s antics says much how great of a sport he naturally is. Ingukkie, I don’t mind shaving off all the pilled lints from your clean laundry. The invitation is out there if you want help. XD


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: What do men do at their leisure? Some do the laundry, shop, go to the bank, dine out, relight the home, buy groceries, workout, get a pet, or rearrange the rooms. A mouth-full, I know. Makes me ponder, can I do all those things as a woman by myself? Sure, I can. Maybe not all in a day. Can you? (If you’re lucky, paternal instinct kicks in to help a damsel in distress.) This episode viewers were shocked how Seo In Guk (not washed but) rinsed fresh strawberries. It was all over the interweb. Some question Defconnโ€™s sexual preference since he surely had a thing for pink bedding. Hello Kitty? Oh.Em.Gee~ Lee Sung Jae happens to get away with free swags or โ€œservicesโ€ empowering his good looks (visiting any store). Well, I get to do that also from time to time. XD While Kim Kwang Kyu turns to Mr Invisible in the public eye and gets in touch with the fine arts. Surprised? I believe he’s tone deaf. He’s not a professional singer for a reason. LOL! Noh Hong Chul didnโ€™t really participate except assess his fellowmenโ€™s daily activities. That one is a talker. Oush!


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Noh Hong Chul, Seo In Guk
Comments: The men congregate at Noh Hong Chul’s apartment for a meet up. Noh Hong Chul is officially in the Home Alone Club and Han Sang Jin is out. Before the guys meet, they all simultaneously have a SMS rendezvous. It’s kinda silly and unbelievable at the same time when these celebrities mope around the house texting day and night. LOL!


The Men: Kim Tae Won, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sung Jae, Defconn, Han Sang Jin, Seo In Guk
Comments: This is the Lunar New Year’s Special episode. I arranged The Men according to age from eldest to youngest, respectively. Introduction is an order. These men are all celebrities, whether on the A-list or very close to many A-list colleagues. Our first encounter sees the interior of their homes from where they reside. And when Noh Hong Chul was simply a host to this men’s club. C’mon, fess up, you’re just curious how great Seo In Guk’s legs are stripped down to his yellow boxers. ใ…‹ใ…‹~~ Sure. Sure. Not that you care more he’s on a diet, right?

No mirrors nor smaller encodes asked of me. What you see is what you get.
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  1. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Hoo! Is it good? I love Noh Hong Chul ! He is so 4D! It’s the first time I hear of this show. I’ll watch it, seems interesting ^^ I hope that a subbing team will take this project. >_<

  2. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    What a promising show, but it is so sad that it has no Eng subs. Shall we just cry while watching it? Hehehe. I’m checking out now the first episode! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Did y’all check out SIG’s No Breathing movie poster? I’m gasping for air.


    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      \(*O__O*)/ I Will Certainly Watch This !

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      lol but he’s such a derp in the movie <3 ahahha

  4. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Finally home and I see a new running project. There’s no stopping Keane lately!

    Secretly, I’m glad there’s no sub so I don’t have to check out another one. heh. But I do feel sorry for enthusiastic fans waiting for the green light. Surely, fans will come and sub this show! ^^

    HA@Batman with the whip. SIG looks like a mysterious prince in the gif. Very handsome.

  5. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    I heard the other variety show Real Man is entertaining too. Have anyone seen it? It’s up against Running Man & Appa Where are you Going. That show is becoming repetitive….but still cute to watch. Joon <3

    This show has no females….interesting. Well, any female might bring the wrath of Robin b/c a love line is almost definite! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Seo In Guk’s not in it so I wouldn’t be inclined to it. I. AM. TRANSPARENT. Isn’t it obvious by now? I saw an interview of a new variety show, not sure of the title, Dream Sailing(?), which has Shin Hyun Joon and Jung Gyu Woon in there. Ah, the thought of them fishing for fresh sashimi makes my mouth water. Enough of that ’cause I’m hungry now. XD

    Any SIG fan willing to offer more detailed reviews to all of Ingukkie’s segments in English? I’d love you forever. I miss SIG so much, le sigh, I prob won’t see him on this show for a while since he has another film coming out after No Breathing, called Police Family.

  7. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Keane, I watch this show for Ingukkie, too, and kind of stopped for a while after Inguk left temporarily. Personally I love the episode when his mom came to his house and nagging him because it was so messy and he’s like “What else can I clean?” all in gyeongsangdo accent LOL.

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      I love that episode. Didn’t she say, her neighbors threaten to travel up to Seoul to clean his apartment if his mom didn’t go? Haha~

      I was in shock and blushing a lot when Ingukkie’s hyungs shower together with him and helped maknae loofah. LOL!

      Very happy to meet more SIG fans. Stick around and spazz with me Raysie, pretty please. XD

  8. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Yes, lol! I love how he was just a boy-next-door and even reluctantly cleaning his house xDD And his satoori :-*

    Aaaaw yes. He was so cute when his hyungs did it for him. They want to take care of the cute maknae <3. And I still remember when he genuinely cried when had to leave the show ๐Ÿ˜ก

    I'm glad to meet another Inguk's fan too! Dont worry, lets spazz together!

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      Oh, my next favorite episode was when Ingukkie visit his best friend’s apartment. Did you know SIG’s little sister married his BFF? D’aww, those two are the real Yoon Yoon Jae and Sung Shi Won (RE: Answer Me 1997). Haha~

      I cracked up so badd when Ingukkie was on the phone while he threw his sock to a friend to have it boomeranged back to his face. Aigoo~ Too funny! Good thing SIG’s not a baseball player or professional pitcher. XD Such bad aim.

  9. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Ack, I haven’t seen that episode! Which episode was that? >.<

    Agree, Inguk is so funny! Remember that time when he said about waxing his important part matter-of-factly? LMAO.

    Will he back to the show now, though? Master's Sun and No Breathing is finished. He did guesting in I Live Alone, maybe last week, when Kim Yong Geon (JW's father in MS) came to give chuseok presents for the crew, and Kang Candy joined him.

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      Episode 09.

      Oh, that episode. Celebrity female loners too? o , 0″

      I honestly don’t know if SIG will come back to this show. I still hope he can, even if to just cameo as a guest appearance pop in once a while is nice. Kang Candy… I wonder if that was the time when Ingukkie had done his SBS interview as Kang Candy. It was a nice interview. He’s really afraid of ghosts. Haha~ He also spoke of his three favorite scenes on Master’s Sun from the interview.

      Another note, have you watched this No Breathing interview yet? So cute!

      • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

        Finally I’ve watched that episode and LOL. His friends were with their girlfriend and he was alone xD. Especially after his sister married, he seems to be more lonely. You know, a little sister is married before her older brother xD

        Aw, poor me. I want to see him in this show again ๐Ÿ™
        It was interview in SBS Night Entertainment, right? Yes, I’ve watched it. He is as scaredy cat as Kang Woo. Have you seen the video when he was supposed to recording a song, he was soooo scared that he throw his headphone because he thinks he heard a ghost’s voice? LOL. It was a prank, actually. And about Kang Candy in I Live Alone, I mean a recent episode when he and JoongWon’s father gave chuseok presents for the crew.

        That No Breathing interview was so cute! He looks shy when she showed them his pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

        • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

          Well, he’s gone hallyu star after AM1997 so he’s too busy to gain and balance a relationship. This happens to the best, the more famous you get, the lonelier you become. Sad.

          He’s lucky he’s a vocalist not an idol, so he has an easier life than others to date/marry whenever he wants.

          I think you saw it. And no, I haven’t seen the prank clip. Where is it?

          I feel Ingukkie was really bored in that interview, maybe he had too many of those in a day so it seems repetitious, if it wasn’t for Park Cheol Min sunbae with his timeless comedy then this interview wouldn’t be any great.

  10. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Oh and about Answer Me 1997, I think his family has connection to those characters in a way or another lol. Not only his sister, his parents are also similar to Yoonjae and Shiwon. You know, shotgun marriage :D.

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      I saw that Mamma Mia episode. I love his mom’s openness. Is Ingukkie’s dongsaeng’s… a shotgun marriage? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ingukkie followed his parents footsteps on his own marriage one day. ‘Cause Ingukkie looks like the type who likes having a noona around, he said he’d be “grateful” in that kind of relationship.

      Last night, I saw a clip when Ingukkie attend Master’s Sun farewell party and the shocker for me is that he has the biggest entourage with him. Haha~ His company really takes good care of him, don’t they? Spoiled man-boy. Kiikii~

      • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

        If she did, she and her husband is the real Yoonjae and Shiwon~
        Actually, I think so, too. Let’s see… xD

        I’ve seen it too. Aw, of course they do. He is one of his company golden boys, after all <3

        Anyway, have you seen the new trailer of No Breathing? OH MY GOD, THAT ONE. I laughed so hard when I saw that trio of swimmers, when Inguk was sort of dancing half-naked. And when he refuse to go to school, And, and, and, sooo many feels. That boy, really. I can tell Jo Wonil is different from his previous roles. Gahhh, I'm too excited it's painful!

  11. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    One more thing about that trailer, did he speak in saturi? Or not?

  12. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    I just saw it, the new trailer… it’s more better than the first one. I’m now more excited about this movie. Yeah, the waiting is paining me also. XD And yes, HURRAY… we get to hear SIG in saturi dialect, again. I love his accent. He’s so animated. Fun!

    One of my favorites:

    cr. tumblr

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      Awwww, so cute~ I hope for the bromance more than the romance xD

      My favourite part in the trailer is definitely this one

      I’m a bit worried about the box office result, tbh. I mean, there is no well-known veteran actors with selling powers in No Breathing, but I want this movie to be successful for Inguk’s sake. I hope the story is good so it will draw more viewers.

  13. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    You are right about dating life for celebrities. Sometimes I wonder, what if he got picked by JYP when he auditioned years ago? He will be in an idol group I’m sure, and he had to share the spotlight with other members. Perhaps he won’t act as lead role in AM1997, and so on. His private life will be more difficult too. Those possibilities makes me shudder. I’m thankful JYP didn’t pick him, actually.

    This is the prank clip
    LOL he even wants to go home because he was so scared

    I notice it, too. That’s why everytime I rewatch that interview, I skip to Inguk’s part and Park Cheol Min’s part only. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      Hmm, I don’t wonder about JYP auditions. I’m just grateful he is where he is now.

      That prank clip was during Superstar K S1, right? There were other pranks done. He is star quality for a reason during that era… and beyond. Just the way he handle himself speaks volumes. I dunno, Raysie, I was really disappointed knowing Superstar K was scripted most of the time. Ingukkie knew he was the winner, we got to see him rehearse for his winning reaction. That’s all planned out. He was a good actor way back then. Haha~

      PCM sunbae is too funny. The host ask him to pick one of the two actors for Yuri, he said neither they both are TRASH. LMAO~ I wonder why?… =P All I can rebuttal to that saying is someone’s trash is another’s treasure.

      ROFL~~~ I knew you would capture that Speedo dance before I open the link. So funny! You made my day. I’m horrible making gifs or else I would totally make that segment into one. ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s my favorite part too, and my second fav scene is the part where the coaches use food to keep him in training. LOL~

      I’m not worried about the box office. Is there really any upcoming competition in cinema theaters? People just wanna go out and enjoy themselves. The story is based on a webtoon, how bad can it get? Looks inspirational and funny. I think many will support it… especially the town of Ulsan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

        Yeah, I’m also grateful because if JYP picked him, perhaps he wouldn’t be where he is now since he has to share the spotlight with others.

        Yup, it was during his Superstar K days. And about it, I don’t know how scripted that show is. I read that Brad article, and realised that he was from SSK3. Actually in Happy Together Inguk said that there was rumour about the winner. He said even during Super Week, before the TOP 10 was announced, they already choose the winner. But he and other contestants didn’t know whether that rumour was true or not. He didn’t expect to win at that time. So my guess is, I think yes, in SSK3, the contestants already know the winner before they announced it. But in SSK1, Mnet already choose who was the winner before TOP 10 was even announced, but they didn’t tell the contestants, so my guess is, Inguk didn’t know he was going to win. However it was just my speculation, actually, just because Inguk was in SSK1, the first ever audition program in Korea (CMIIW) so I don’t think they would be that far then. But then again, I could be wrong.
        There is also saying that SSK1 contestants doesn’t have much spotlight and success as contestants from SSK2 and beyond. Hmm, in some parts, yes, but, I don’t think so.

        LOL, yeah. I remember when Yuri said that he prefer Inguk’s character rather than Jongsuk’s, and Lee Jongsuk said that he, in fact, wanted to play Inguk’s character, he even envy Inguk. That means, Inguk’s character is awesome as we saw in the trailer xD I read the webtoon and Jo Wonil really likes food. LMAO. Oh and you know the part when there was screaming voice? It was when Inguk hold something to throw (?) A voice said he hates swimming. Do you know whose voice it is? If it was Inguk, I’m so glad they gave him so many emotions to show. From funny, angsty, angry, and perhaps cool ๐Ÿ˜€

        Ah, you are right. I don’t need to worry. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    thanks for the links. i watch this show for SIG. i dont understand a word they are saying but i still enjoy the show very much. I love how they tease him about his house, lol. Cant wait to see more episodes.

  15. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Nice of you to join the spazz-a-thon here, VIB. Please feel free to jump into any spazz memo we got going. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hope to see more of you around here.

    Oh. Em. Gee ~ it’s finally HERE! Ingukkie’s second Japanese single. Lucky fans in Japan. T , T

    Raysie!… Have you listened to the EP yet?

  16. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    I’ve listened to it. I like all the songs, but for some reasons I don’t really like the PV lol.

    Awwww Inguk’s birthday is tomorrow in my place <3

  17. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Thank you admin for uploading this variety show up! Seo In-Guk brings me here <3.<3 After watching Reply 1997 I'm in love with In-Guk! I rarely watch Korean drama but Reply 1997 is tooooooooo niceeeeee! Anyway just wanna appreciate admin's work but so sad there is no eng sub ๐Ÿ™ THANKS AGAIN <3
    p/s sorry for those broken english as im a chinese hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      Thanks for the support. And your English is good. Come hang around often Tess.

      The only dedicated subbing team I stumbled upon is CookiesFromGukkie. Please support and motivate them to complete all the episodes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    Glad I stumbled on this blog. Though I have yet to find a subbing team for this show, sometimes watching certain parts of the show raw is fun, hehehe. Like you, I am surprised there is not more love for this show. I really like the original members, thought they had great chemistry.

    Might you have the a link to download the pilot episode? Have yet to find that episode.

    Gonna favorite this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    First of all I’m so happy that I found this website. Second, thank you for posting this program and I like Hongchul and Seo In Guk too. Third, when are you going to post episode 11 it is one of the most anticipated episodes for me because SIG’s mother will be on the show. =)
    Thank you.

    • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

      You’re happy, I’m happy too. I’ll continue coming weekend. I love the next episode too.

      • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

        Thank you again for uploading the episodes =)

      • 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

        I’m checking my links and something fishy is happening. Lemme know otherwise.

  20. 36 thoughts on “Variety: I Live Alone Episodes

    There was some song, called “You are the greatest”. So I think, it`s about you, Keane ๐Ÿ™‚ You`re realy the greatest, for uploading full episodes of this marvelous show! I`m very greatful and appreciate for that. Of course, It`s sad about non-english subs, but some of general conversations is understandable, more or less.

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