Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

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I wasn’t gonna write about this episode but it’s a historical moment for us Monday Couple fans that I feel the need to document it down somewhere for future spazzing sections. Big Bang visited again but only three members came this time. I was a teeny disappointed because TOP didn’t make it. I wanted to see him all down and dirty ya know, since he’s always squeaky clean, prim and proper (the impression I have of him.) XD

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This week’s theme is stealing Princess Ji Hyo’s heart. Listen again. She’s the gold queen around here, snatching all the gold prizes thus far. So it’s more like stealing Ji Hyo’s gold. heh.

Kwang Soo has a rival today in the idiotic department, Haha claims. So he’s quick to make a constipated face. XD

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And Gary steals the limelight after Sparta swept Ji Hyo off her feet by planting a swift kiss on her cheek. And I blush. And melt. Like I’m in her place or something. But mostly I’m happy he made it this far because we all know he’s 3 years late. Me thinks Song Joong Ki’s tipped him off before he got enlisted. 😛

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BAM! Right there.

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Everyone is shocked. Me included. I had to watch it twice to make sure it did happen. Kay, I lied. Multiple times.

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Okay. Angry puppy wants a smooch too. Does anyone think Giraffe’s lips touch Ji Hyo’s cheek? Or just dangerously close?

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The guys’ love calls before the amusing muddy game. G-Dragon surprises me. Personally, he isn’t anywhere close to the top 3 members I like in Big Bang. But he’s so adorable in this episode. Dae Sung, on the other hand, seems quite low-profile and has less moments. Seung Ri is forever shameless. ha.

Singing “Noona Noona!”

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“You are mine!”

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I should call Haha the cheating witch from now on. 😛 . Poor Kwang Soo eats a mouthful of muddy water just a second after the whistle blows.

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The witch is joined by his minion. haha!

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At one point, G-Dragon puts his hair-styling skills to good use by applying mud. Voila! 😀

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What did I say? It’s a good day to be Ji Hyo. Carried in the muscular arms of Sparta!

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Holding her hair while she eats.

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Cutesy act by G-Dragon. Is he like this on other shows? I don’t follow Big Bang so I’m new to this side of him.

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A hint from Princess Ji Hyo. Gary: “There you go again, telling me how much you love me. Just give me the hints!”

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The new clan of witches. LOL Smiling innocently (except Seung Ri who is cackling) after sabotaging G-Dragon’s team from winning.

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And let the game of cheats begin!

Gwang Soo’s manmade waves.

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Grasshopper’s impossible leap.

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The final game is based on luck. And you know what happens to men who come between a woman and her gold?

Simple. You’re not gonna win. Ji Hyo takes all the gold bars home. AGAIN. hee!

And here’s the 720p KOR DL links for this episode (I got it up for a friend so sharing it here): Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3. No reuploads.

  1. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    TOP as the prim and proper PRINCESS? LOL.

    i think he is. the members did say he’s pretty secretive and mysterious. he doens’t even change in the same room as them. what a body he must be hiding!

    gd is cute in here. i was wondering why daesung didn’t get a lot of scenes. i thought he would steal all the limelight away from the other two but gd held his own. and SR always have his own style.

    i was dying in the water games. love them so much.

    nothing beats Sparta’s line. “Don’t you know why she likes Gary? he’s ugly but cute-looking.” LOL

    DO I SMELL SOMETHING SERIOUS going on here? THE CAST seems to be hinting left to right….

  2. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    Daesung had his shining moment in the luxury car with Princess Ji-hyo, that was like a Family Outing flashback right there, and then at the beginning when his team dance for a win (but that didn’t count because Gary was so jealous). I think Daesung is still on probation by YG to keep him on a down low ever since his startling accident.

    GD is totally all cutesy like that on other shows too and it goes way back. You should watch him in FO S1. I too was a bit disappointed not seeing TOP and Taeyang join in, however I sorta saw GD act as TOP’s mini-me with his fashion sense and charm on the show. Poor Seungri, he’s like a sidekick. He was singing SHINee’s noona song until GD stole his thunder lookin’ all cute. LOL~ I can totally tell Seungri does have the hots for Ji-hyo. He wishes he could’ve successfully kiss her after Kwang-soo’s failed attempt. Did you catch Seungri lick his lips? And to respond to your inquiry, I don’t think Giraffe made contact from what they showed us.

    I’m actually not surprised RM would pull tricks out of Gary’s sleeves since their ratings dipped, stirring scandal after scandal for Monday Couple. It’s just unbelievable they’d take it this far.

    Haroro had a good point believing Ji-hyo was clever enough to think of the muddy bungee flag game, but any DT fan will remind you this game is Dream Team-esque. I’m still stumped how Sparta knew more about Ji-hyo than Gary.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    g-dragon was so freaking cute in this episode…. LOL the hair.

    daesun is very mellow lately….not the same as before. even in his shining moment, it wasn’t enough to keep my attention. seungri has few moments but he was funny enough. 🙂

    the kiss = <3<3 im seriously thinking that they are in…..something…

  4. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    I’ve watched this without subs and I can’t stop laughing at the mud and pool scenes! Everyone’s having a good time!

  5. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    I thought a part of this interview was funny. I only clipped the highlight part. Seems GD likes simple minded girls.

    You can watch his full reaction on YOUTUBE.

    • 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

      GAH! Keane! I can’t be looking at GDragon! My eyes should be on TOP! 😛

  6. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    I want to know the song when Big Bang came???? It’s so cool

  7. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    omg! this is dangerous to read in the library where i’m supposed to be quiet. just seeing the screencaps of the water game just want to make me burst into laughter. i totally missed this side of RM that could make me laugh again and again over the same scenes..

    on a side note, yes GD is very cute and handsome here despite the mud pack.

  8. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

    Hello, do you know a background song when Big Bang and the other members are going to ride the limousine for the first time?

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