Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

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It’s been a long time since I did a Movie Date for my fellow drifters! Keane should be crowned the Queen of Movies around here. So I shall temporarily sit in her seat while she’s away. 😛 I bring you the monstrous breakout Thai movie this spring! Pee Mak Phra Khanong! A remake of the classic ghost story, but this time, we have amusing twists to keep the story fresh. The road to the truth is paved with friendship and love, what’s not to like? Although this movie is labeled as a horror-comedy, trust me that it’s not scary at all. Prepare to be tickled. And maybe drop a few tears.

“I’m sorry. You can’t get to die before me. Please promise me. When I’m gone, you’ll have to carry on.”

Thai Title: พี่มาก..พระโขนง
Cast: Mario Maurer, Mai Davika Hoorne, Pongsathorn Jongwilas, Nattapong Chartpong, Auttarut Kongrasri, Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasook
Date Released: March 28, 2013 (Thailand)
Download Links: 540p ZASK (ENG SUB IS EMBEDDED)

— Brief Recap + Thoughts —

The movie opens with a bleeding pregnant woman, Nak (Mai Davika Hoorne), gripping her belly in pain. She doubles over and falls to the ground, calling for help to deaf ears in the small village of Phra Khanong in Bangkok.

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Meet Nak’s husband, Mak (Mario Maurer), a simpleton who is dragged to war, where he befriends four equally weak soldiers. The battle doesn’t look optimistic with injured bodies and painful groans erupting everywhere in the medical camp. One lad with the whale-tailed hair, Puak (Pongsathorn Jongwilak), raises his voice, meaning to calm the masses by retelling stories of brave heroes in wars. Unfortunately, bespectacled soldier, Ter (Nuttapong Chartpong) timidly voices, “But they all died right?” Everyone looks on in horror. Next to him is bun-knotted hair Shin (Wiwat Kongrasri), and the one with a thick mustache is Aey (Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk).

The following scenes show the boys getting shot by the enemies. I think this is an interesting sequence, adding a psychological twist to the story. What if the boys were the dead ones after all?

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War is coming to an end and Mak returns home, along with his war buddies. But the warm village that he once knew has changed, while villagers take turn to shun him and his friends, creepy crawlers march across the ground to get away from Mak’s house. Nak and the baby, Dang, greet him in tears as the guys are smitten with Nak’s beauty, especially Puak.

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Gradually, the four guys begin to notice that something is amiss with Mak’s wife and try to clue him in without upsetting the supposedly vengeful Nak. On several occasions, their silly tactics lead to laughter for the audience. Such as the part above when the boys decide to play charade late at night and to form one of the word, Ter points to Nak, to which Shin lights up in happiness and calls out “Ghost!” He continues to brag about his brilliance to the chagrin of his comrades until Puak places his dirty foot over his mouth to shut it. ROFL. And EWWW! 😀

A beautiful cover of “I want to stop time” by Palmy that plays during the scene below. I ripped it in HQ here.

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Carnival day in Phra Khanong and here you have to suspend your belief because our couple rides on the Ferris wheel, which was not invented at the time, complete with colorful lights and decorations.

It’s a romantic sequence for Mak and Nak as the two make up for the time he spent in war. A touching exchange where Mak assures Nak that he isn’t afraid of ghosts.

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Nak wonders, “Baby. If one day I die, can you live without me?”

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Mak looks upset. “If anyone’s going to die, then I want to die first. If I don’t have you. I can’t go on. But if I die first, you’d be able to find a new husband easily with that big ass of yours!”

LOL. Way to kill the romantic speech with a dose of racy innuendo. The statement cracks a rueful smile on Nak’s face. The two descends from the Ferris wheel and Mak urges her to visit the haunted house with him. Little does he know, his friends are determined to kidnap him, if it’s necessary to save the fool from the iron grip of Nak.

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When they have kidnapped and intended to haul him out of there, Nak closes in, forcing them to disguise as the ghosts populated in Thai folklore. I can’t stop laughing at Puak’s hideous cross-dressed getup. And poor Mario on the ground with a stinky foot on his face to shush him. heh.

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Soon enough, the four guys come to another conclusion that Mak is the ghost. Hurrying home, they lie and bring Nak and Dang to escape this haunted town. But the weight of 4 men, 1 women, and a baby, are too heavy for the small raft, forcing them to abandon more belongings into the waters. Still, the boat tips over, and in a frantic moment, Puak turns to Nak, “Hey, is Dang necessary?” LOL

Having no other choice, the smart group decides to toss the paddles away, leaving them in a speechless stupor 3 seconds later.

“Nice, the episode ended well…. BUT how do we paddle now, stupid!”

“Should we swim to the other side?”

 photo PM2013-383.jpg

“I can’t swim!” says Shin. And then at one point, he’s pushed into the water and begins hopping across in big, quick strides, which totally kills me when the other guys drop their jaws. Puak: “Didn’t you say you can’t swim? Your stroke is like Michael Phelps!” 😛

Final Words:

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Having seen a few of Mario’s works before, I must say he excels in this role as the sweet and dimwitted Mak to perfection. He was in character even when he had to cry his heart out. I felt honesty and sincerity in his manner and expression. Well done, boy!! This is my first time seeing female lead, Mai Davika, and she was also well cast by the producer. Her pale, milky complexion, and a pair of big, expressive eyes, accentuated by the sharp drawn eyebrows, nicely brings out the ghastly being.

The four hilarious actors must also be credited for their natural chemistry and deft comic timing. I figure that people might come because of big names like Mario and Mai, but they stay because of the humor (although it gets redundant) that these guys dish out throughout the two hours. And of course, the enjoyment of this film is further cemented with Mak and Nak’s unmatched devotion to each other, as well as the hilarious inserts of pop culture references. (Michael Phelps? Acting Lessons? heehee!) 😎

Finishing this post with a cute video of the cast doing Harlem Shake. Adorable!

Hope you all will like this movie. Happy Labor day!

  1. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    welcome back to movies world Kappy! just finished this movie a few minutes ago and it’s funny as hell. you’re right about the humor getting a bit draggy, using the same method over and over. i almost wanted to push all of the guys into the water in that boat scene. LOL

    gotta say, i was skeptical about Mario going all out for the stupid role but he did a great job at being dumb and kinda perverted with the beautiful Mai as his wife. (PS. im still sad that he broke up with GG…a few months of this movie.)

    the four comedians definitely brought the fun into this movie. without them, i might not enjoy the movie as much. they were HILARIOUS TO THE TEE.

    the last confession scene was very touching. mario was like a river of tears. when she wiped his tears…i was tearing up a bit….

    i wonder why their teeth were blackened out though? for sure it’s not for comic reason? for a movie with michael phelps and ferris wheel, they don’t have toothepaste involved yet? LOL

  2. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    frea – The old days, Thailand’s black teeth because chewed Betel nut ,believing only ghosts and animals have white teeth.

  3. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    OMG-sh, the second guy from L-to-R (top pic, Aey) looks like one my close friends but without a mohawk. I saw Mario’s name in it and my heart skipped a beat. This will be the first movie I’ve ever seen Mario play a roll as a husband; he usually takes boyfriend roles. I really wonder at times why heartthrobs take husband roles and/or wedding themed movies… hmm… a trial run to an ultimatum?

    Love the song. I have a few Palmy songs since my first visit to Thailand so this will add to my tiny collection. Will be back to spazz later.

    Thanks B. I’ll watch this after I finish Kick A$$ 2.


  4. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    This movie was a big hit in Thailand and in many other countries, so I wonder why it’s so quiet in here. Did everyone watch it? Or maybe readers of this blog do not enjoy a GOOD horror comedy?

    If you want to see a more aggressive Mario, watch XXX Jan Dara where he’s seen kissing a voluptuous actress NEKKID!! Let me tell you, I was utterly shocked and can never look at him the same way. He’s so young for such a disabled role.

    As for this comedy, I have seen it twice with my friends during our Thailand trip because it’s better when you watch it with others. You laugh more often. The four guys are the producer’s favorite picks. They’re the C4, comedians 4 in another movie.

    Mai is pretty but she’s not a natural. I was shocked to find out. She’s cute though so it’s doesn’t matter much.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    Frea, don’t welcome me back, girl! I’m not here to stay since I rarely watch movies! 😛 Me too, let me give you a hand, who shall we get rid of first?

    Thanks peony for the tidbit! I heard that some other asian countries did the same thing (ate different roots) to clean their teeth back in the days. Not sure if it’s practiced nowadays.

    heh, Keane. Mario is a child-husband in here! This might be my favorite role of his. 🙂 I like Palmy’s cover of this song. The original lacks a bit of emotions. Maybe because it doesn’t have a movie where we can sense the characters’ loss and despair.

    Tina, I guess AVV have many mellow and quiet supporters? Or maybe my taste in movie isn’t aligned with the majority (90% of the time). 😀

    Definitely, people easily laugh in groups and tolerate silly antics better. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    Umm lol look at those teeth that is horrible if eveybodys teeth looked like that back then I would have stayed in the future ( referring to Dr. Jin and Faith) 😛

  7. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    I just finished this movie. It had me jumping out of my swivel chair! Kappy, what are you doing to me? I’m sleeping alone tonight. It is scary!

    I liked that the story had a twist within another twist, and somewhere around discovering Thailand’s Michael Phelps I forgot who’s the ghost to begin with. At that point, I really wished Nak was still alive and would be fine settling for the gambling addict Aey as dead. LOL~ That’s just my romantic side being a loud cheerleader here.

    Gawd, I felt so sorry for Shin. He was bullied a lot throughout the entire movie. He’s the bravest of them all. Haha~ Are there any other films packing the same C4 ammo to target me down w/ laughter?

    I also liked the bonus footage at the very end how P’Mak and his buddies co-exist with the ghostly Nak. Nak turned out to be like “Casper, the Friendly Ghost” repairing the temple and all. Sorta ridiculous and silly at the same time. I chuckled a bit there. Men patronizing their wives to do all the work. *snort*

    • 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

      “Is Dang still necessary?”

      This line always cracks me up. Puak is a bully, a scardy cat, and oh so hilarious. Shin does get the short end of the stick. He’s adorable. 🙂

      The four comedians were in two other Thai Horror Movies – Phobia 1 & 2. But I haven’t watched either parts to validate the entertainment meter.

      Casper. Aw. Devon Sawa was an innocent boy turned sizzling hot man. ❤❤❤

      Me loves horror movies! ^_^

  8. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    Does anyone know what the guitar song on the Ferris wheel called?

  9. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (25): Pee Mak Phra Khanong 2013

    does anyone know what was the title of the musical/ instrumental soundtrack/ music in the ferris wheel scene of mak and nak in the movie pee mak? if anyone knows it, please let me know. thanks

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