Han Dong to play titular role in The Duke of Mount Deer 2014

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Finally, a photo with his head full of hair.

Hmmm. Someone tell me, there are many, many other novels in China right? Then why does it feel like every few months, one of Jin Yong’s works is made into a television drama? Here’s another odd casting choice for the upcoming adaptation of his novel, The Deer and the Cauldron, also known as The Duke of Mount Deer. I believe this will be Han Dong’s first leading role in a series, as he has played countless smaller roles in the past two years. I say odd because Wei Xiao Bao in my head is someone of average built and depends entirely on his cunning wits, charms, and a cauldron full of luck to get away in the most perilous situations at the frickin‘ right time. Maybe I should be hopeful since he was entertaining in The Swordsman as the perverted bandit. A lot of convincing needs to be done though. To this day, I think Tony Leung still holds the torch as he outdid everyone as the colorful Wei Xiao Bao. Dicky Cheung comes second but he did have the most beautiful wives – no competition there (I remember having a hard time focusing on one girl when all 7 women were shown in one frame.) Lucky brat!

Now let’s see his wives.

Zhang Meng as Shuang’er. Wei’s bodyguard and someone who understands him very well.

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Lou Yi Xiao as Princess Jianning. Spoiled and pompous. She was the girl on WGM with Suju’s Kyuhyun.

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Jia Qing as A’ke. Said to be the most beautiful one. She portrays A ‘Zhu in the latest Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. Less make-up photo.

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Janice Wu as Mu Jian Ping. Innocent and youngest wife of the bunch. A former member of the Dragon Cult. She is adorable! Approved! And so young. Pic 2. Pic 3.

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Zhao Ke as Fang Yi. Intelligent and adamant about her feelings.

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Viann Zhang as Su Quan. Someone’s else wife but due to her own conspiracy, she lands in Wei’s grasp.

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Kan Qing Zi as Zeng Rou. An assassin who is cultured and polite? Doomed in the hands of Wei Xiao Bao. But the actress is also cute.

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And finally, guess who is RUMORED to play the Kang Xi? Yang Yang! This is not right. He and Han Dong should totally switch role. I can see him pulling off the charms to serenade the ladies – both old and young!

Say it with me guys –  he will S.L.A.Y them all!!

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This drama will be directed by Samson Lai, whose works you might recall in Legend of Wing Chun 2012, The Magic Blade 2012, as well as the upcoming The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013. Huace Film & Tv is the production company, and they have many series under their belt, such as A Terracotta Warrior, The Four Brothers of Peking, and Meteor Butterfly Sword. Filming begins this September and the drama is slated for 50 whopping episodes. burrrr….burrr…

They plan to air it next year ’cause Chinese Production companies work at the speed of light. 😛

So what do you guys think of the choices? Yay or Nay?

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Han Dong to play titular role in The Duke of Mount Deer 2014

    A total Miscast. I thought this was Yu Zheng’s production. LOL

    With only the exception of a few, the ladies look a like. Han Dong is too big (body structure) to play this role. He needs the smoothness in movement of Wei Xiao Bao!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Han Dong to play titular role in The Duke of Mount Deer 2014

    Yay for the casting Nay for the roles ! SWITCH please !

    PS: Qing dynasty…Han Dong will go half bald again 😡 It makes him look older.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Han Dong to play titular role in The Duke of Mount Deer 2014

    lol….i have never watched the tony leung version before. it’s tooooooo old for me. (totally bragging about my youth. 😀 )

    but yesh, dicky’s version has the most beauitful females and the themesong was catchy as heck.

    can’t see Han Dong in this role, unfortunately. im not as positive but I do agree with you kappy, that Yang yang should totally be WEI XIAO BAO!! he needs a breakout role to rise as first leading men!!

  4. 4 thoughts on “Han Dong to play titular role in The Duke of Mount Deer 2014

    Just finished watching this version. Han Dong did a lot better than most expected – the humour was just right. Although I think they changed the actor for Kang Xi.

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