Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 16 – 20 “Not meant to be.”

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You see the blue sign? How fitting, isn’t it?

This set of episodes are uneven in emotions. Most intense scenes take place in the first three episodes and the last two flake out, adding more irrelevant characters to a cast that is already too big. I do not care about Bee, Flowers, Apple, and Pink Pink, OKAY? Can we just skip their sob stories and insert some flight emergency/action? We haven’t had any major accidents in the sequel! If last week’s theme was reunion, this week is breakups. These are mature breakups, not noble idiocy that we see so many times in Kdramas. They break up for the same reasons they got together. Isn’t that an interesting concept to mull over?

Episode 16 Highlights:

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PPP is over. Sam checks in on Holiday, meaning to take her out to fly since she didn’t get to because of the storm from yesterday. The triangel doll catches his eyes and he smells the doll fiercely, immediately recognizing Zoe’s scent.

He scans the plane area to ask her about the doll and stumbles upon her smooching Jayden. The kiss happens after Holiday realizes that maybe Daniel plans for her to meet Jayden after all. Because this explains why he always shows up at the right time, buying Dan’s sweater and keeping the key to open her locked bracelet. Judging from Jayden’s puzzled face, he has no idea what she’s rambling about, but in his dictionary, a kiss is one thing he welcomes without resistance.

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They leave the PPP guys and go on a vacation, taking their relationship status to the next level. After trespassing into a mansion, the two share a drink and end the night intimately. [Unedited Version] So awkward to watch. Not sexy at all.

I thought this whole sequence is rather rushed. And it’s rushed intentionally by the writer to show that these two are motivated by lust and passion. When you rush something like feelings, it could only end adversely because when passion declines with time, nothing is left to fill in that void.

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Sam’s return to Hong Kong and it’s cute that Isaac and Coco march into his room and demand for souvenir in the same manner and pose, hands widespread. He passes out their presents and Isaac notices the Triangel doll. He narrows it down: “If you believe in the supernatural, Zoe wanted us to meet Holiday, so that she could bring Triangel back to you.”

Coco shows off her ring and the two hilariously push Isaac back on the bed to make room for their hug. Aww.

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Once he’s alone, Sam recalls another scene with Zoe. Frustrated that he can’t do anything but watches her deteriorating health, Sam focuses his attention on recreating the souffle taste that she enjoyed eating. To his dismay, she tells him to stop wasting time, “I don’t want you to wait here for me to die! Go home!” Sam gets emotional: “What do you want me to do? You are turning more frail every day. There’s nothing I can do. What can I do? I don’t want to let you go!” He hugs her tightly and tears fall from their eyes. Zoe: “As much as you don’t want to. I will have to go.”

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Coco’s family (only Sam & Isaac since her parents are in Australia) dining with Nick’s parents. Uh oh. Looks like we have a typical mother-in-law here too. They’re discussing about the wedding and she wants everything Coco doesn’t like. A grand wedding and invitations to all of their village friends. Plus, Coco must move in to live with them. At every demand, Coco waves them off bluntly, tugging at Nick to speak up about their prior arrangement but he sits still, powerless against his mother. The Tong brothers crack me up with their expression, as if saying, Coco, you’re so getting it from this lady in the future.

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After the parents leave and Coco washes the dishes, the Tong Brothers approach and chide her for being snappy and unyielding to her future in-laws. Sam: “Not everyone knows you and can appreciate your honesty. With the elderly, in particular, try to speak softly.” Nancy retorts: “I’m afraid I can’t hold my temper, so I don’t want to live with them.” Sam reminds her that she must think of Nick’s stance. He’s caught in between his wife and mother. She glances at them sideways, wondering why they’re not on her side. She turns the table around by asking them about their future girlfriends.

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The celebratory party that Heather and Tony use to publicly announce their divorce. Have you seen a happier divorced couple in your drama-watching history? They’re truly happy about the split, wishing each other’s happiness along the road. And it’s totally bad luck having them congratulate Nick and Coco’s engagement. DUN!

Episode 17 Highlights:

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Summer and her maintenance team are biking when she stumbles upon Isaac with a loose chain on his bike, and gets down to fix it. He observes and comments that she’s gentle with machines and she replies that she prefers non-living things. He smiles and says, “You are not gentle with me because I am a living being!” She asks in a timid voice, “Am I very mean?” Isaac: “No, just a bit cool.” She looks down and seriously asks, “Should I try to change?” He answers without thinking, “No, I like you this way.” Aww. Looking down so that the twinkle in her eyes can’t be seen, a small smile tugs at her lips.

Afterwards, he sees a stain on her lips and moves to brush it off. The close contact makes her uncomfortable and after a few seconds, she hurriedly stops him and says she can do it herself. heh. Someone’s harboring a crush on our Robin! But the dude can’t feel his own beating heart yet! He sees her as family and has yet to separate the affinity he feels with her as different from Zoe.

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You know, I like the English names in this drama, minus the few fruity ones. In this scene, we meet the perverted Captain Bass. And after he slides his hand down Summer’s back, he shall be remember as Captain Bastard. Roll right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

Summer locks herself in her room after the sexual harassment and refuses to meet anyone. Next morning, news spreads and Isaac brings logic into the discussion, snapping Summer out of her passive way of handling the issue. “I know you don’t want to drag your brothers into it, but what about your sisters? You know you won’t be the last victim. If you stand up, you are helping other female colleagues!” Bravo, Isaac. Is it possible to love you more than I already do?

But of course the reaction we’re waiting for is from our charmer, Jayden. He hears of the news from Roy and this is his serious look:

 photo Flyy17-10.jpg

Loving the curled lips?

 photo Flyy17-11.jpg

Take a look at his death glare:

 photo Flyy17-13.jpg

Go Jayden! Go Jayden! Punch that bass! He gives the instrument a bad name!

 photo Flyy17-14.jpg

YES! That’s right! Kick him in the groin! Flatten his member!

 photo Flyy17-15.jpg

And of course, he’s called in to meet the general manager about his behavior.

Captain Bass: “See you in court!” Jayden coolly replies, “Well! Make sure you sue!” hehe. I love that his sass and class is forever intact. 😛

Still, he’s a captain and throwing fits around another captain without evidence is deemed an assault. He must be disciplined and the punishment is prohibition from flying until further notice. Sam relays this messasge to Summer and she rushes off to meet Jayden on the rooftop.

 photo Flyy17-17.jpg

With his back facing her, he speaks calmly:

“It’s OK, I know you won’t thank me. You may even blame me for being so nosy. You may say your affairs are not my concern. I get it! But I couldn’t help it! Some things just can’t be changed.”

 photo Flyy17-22.jpg photo Flyy17-20.jpg

He turns around, pinpoints his gaze on her, and continues:

“Like I am Koo Ha Yeung, your brother. You are Koo Ha Sun, my sister. I keep telling myself to let go! She won’t reunite with me, fine! Why keep begging her? I thought I had let go! But when I heard you’d been bullied and hurt, I turned mad! I wanted to kill at that moment! My mind was filled with one scene. It’s that time we went to play in the park when we were kids. There were not just you and me, but Mom and Pa as well. That happened only once, but it’s good enough to let me know, what a complete family means to one! Others see Koo Ha Yeung as a womaniser who has it all. But if I could choose, I’d trade all I have for our family to be back together again! If you won’t forgive me, OK, I understand. But please hear me say this: Sorry, I have failed you!”

And at this point, both siblings are drenched in tears. He walks away and she screams, “Brother!” and cries that she decided to study plane maintenance because of him. She wants every family member to be able to return safely to their family. More importantly, she doesn’t want to lose her last family member. Aww.

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She yells at the top of her lungs, “You are the worst elder brother in the world! But I forgive you!”

He lights up like a little boy and they hug each other. Finally together again. Julian really nails the little boy’s expression.

Episode 18 Highlights:

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Victor’s condition gets worse. Colby suggests that Coco and Nick continue their wedding as planned. She prefers having a small celebration with just the two of them. When Colby is away to shop for daily necessities, Victor confesses honestly to Coco and Nick that his condition has been diagnosed as terminal. He can’t bear to cancel the wedding so he told Colby to postpone it instead (So why proposed in the first place dude???!!) Although she’s all smiley in front of them, he knows that Colby is desperate and fearful of the future. She loves him too much and he believes she won’t be able to live on if he passes away. They consider having a baby but the doctor has confirmed that they can’t have a child.

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While shopping with Roy and Isaac, Colby appears more interested in buying baby clothes and claims that she’s buying them for Coco’s baby. Roy seems outright worried about her mentality but Isaac puts on a comforting smile. At home, he discusses Colby’s behavior with Sam and Coco. Sam advises Coco to look after Colby more often. “When someone can’t even cry when she’s heart-broken, that means she’s in enormous pain.”

Coco tries her best to comfort Colby but the latter breaks down. She regards Victor’s illness as God punishing her for her willfulness while they were dating. Moreover, she thinks that having a baby is her last hope in surviving his death. But she’s hopeless now because the doctor said she can’t carry a baby. I wish the drama tells me WHY.

We don’t hear the rest of their conversation but that night Coco touches her belly reassuringly. I’m worried now. You see where this is heading?

 photo Flyy18-11.jpg photo Flyy18-10.jpg

Having made up her mind, Coco announces her decision to Nick who’s so distraught that he’s speechless. She wants to be a surrogate mother for her best friend. He’s rightfully angry. “No man would agree to let his fiancee be a surrogate mother!” She’s a weee bit surprised as she thought he’d understand. Well, girl. Boy has his limits, okay?

Coco: “Colby is my best friend. Her fiance is dying. I can’t pretend it’s not happening, and carry on with my wedding.” Yes, Nick knows all this and he fiercely lists out the things he would comply and do for Coco in this period. He could postpone the wedding, and even wait for her to be in the right mood to get married; he could do it all but he won’t accept her carrying another man’s child.

He reasons: “There are other ways to help people. Call me selfish or conservative, but you should only be carrying our baby. I’m really pissed and I’m hurt! I admire your loyalty. You can bend over backwards for a friend. I don’t mind if you care more about her or if I remain of second importance and give way to her. For when you love someone, you love everything about her.” *sobbing* —> Me.

She begs him to bear with her one last time and he refuses, “Why can’t you understand? Not everything can be tolerated! I have my bottom line! You’re always like that, insisting on your ways!” He walks away.

 photo Flyy18-16.jpg photo Flyy18-13.jpg

Coco comes home after the argument and there are three men waiting to pounce on her if she can’t give them a sane answer. Maybe not Sam because while he doesn’t support her decision (atm), he respects her wishes. But Isaac and Roy are livid about her choice – abandoning Nick and helping her friend do a irrational thing. “I know Victor is very sick, and I don’t blame Colby for crazy ideas. But you should know how to say ‘no’!” says a very furious Isaac. He offers to call Colby and cancels the idea and Coco holds him back, “It was my own decision!”

Isaac stares at her. “Are you crazy? You give up your own wedding to have someone else’s baby?”

Coco: “Nick means the world to me, but Colby is my best friend.”

PAUSE. Gurl, you cannot lie like this. He does not mean the world to you. From your treatment of his poor little heart, he is only a speck of dust!

Isaac tries to put some sense into her head. If she can save Colby, why can’t she save Nick instead? “You’re sacrificing your own happiness and at Nick’s expense as well! It wasn’t easy for you to come this far. I don’t want you to make another mistake.” Yesh, Robin. You’re my hero tonight!

Seeing enough of their argument, Sam steps in and tells Robin Isaac that there should be a limit to his concerns and he can’t tell Coco what to do.

 photo Flyy18-17.jpg photo Flyy18-18.jpg

Later that night, Sam has a heart-to-heart talk with Coco and solemnly asks if she has thought about it through. Coco holds his hands and explains to him how important Colby is to her. During her darkest days, after her brother (Vincent) died and her family was devastated, she had to stay tough and keep the family intact. It was only at night that she cried and Colby was there for her at every phone call. At the end of the night, Sam figures his speech for her wedding can’t be used anymore and when she asks about it, he recites the lines. She hugs him tightly and apologizes for wasting his time. He calls her silly, a speech is nothing but what’s happening between her and Nick is a real shame. *nods*

OMG. Stop hugging each other. I’m crying.

 photo Flyy18-22.jpg photo Flyy18-23.jpg

Next day, Sam and Coco are at the airport, as she’s going to the US for artificial insemination. I’m so glad Colby is not present in this scene or else I can’t guarantee what I would do to her.

Isaac shows up, all huffy and indignant. “I’m here to scold you!…You made up your mind without consulting us. At least give me notice in advance so that I can take time off and go with you.” Oh you big teddy bear. They hug. I swear I gotta stop crying each time one of them hugs each other. Stop hugging!

 photo Flyy18-26.jpg photo Flyy18-27.jpg

A little bit later, Nick shows up and the guys leave them alone for their possibly last talk as a couple.

Nick confesses that it wasn’t easy for him to come here today. He struggles against it, he concludes, “I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t see you again.” She calls him silly, they still work at the same airline. He knows that’s correct. Nick: “But our relationship won’t be the same, because we have chosen different paths.”

Biting down his bottom lip in sadness, he attests, “I love you for your courage and determination. But it’s also the reason why we had to part.” 🙁

Tears begin to attack Coco. “I’m sorry I have hurt you. I thank you for your love and indulgence. It was my good fortune to have met you.”

He holds back his own tears and ends the conversation with an honest confession: “You know I won’t wait for you.”

She nods slightly and pulls him into a good-bye hug. AGAIN? Oy, my tear duct. Overworking tonight.

Episode 19 Highlights:

To be honest, after the emotional roller coaster that is episode 18, the following two episodes are rather dull and boring. They weren’t compelling so I’ll be brief.

 photo Flyy19-1.jpg photo Flyy19-2.jpg

More scenes with Isaac and Summer as he fills in the place for her member on the next bike race. Since he’s new to the team, Isaac needs more personal training time with Summer to build rapport. The method to achieve rapport is an interesting one because it can be measured and fixed. Employing the use of heartbeat watches, Summer wants Isaac to pay attention to the rate of her heartbeat and adjust his speed accordingly, “Feel my weight, speed and habit with your heart!”

Isaac is enlightened that rapport can be measured and Summer adds, “Actually rapport means…you are just as fast as the slowest in the team.”

They sit down for a drink and Isaac mindlessly drinks her bottle of vitamin water. She brushes it off, affirming that it’s no big deal because she and the guys drink each other’s water anyway. He urges her to drink his bottle and while she’s sipping his, he mutters, “Now that you have tasted my saliva, We’ll have even better rapport.” Taken aback, she spits out the drink. Heh. They’re quite cute together.

 photo Flyy19-3.jpg

Another thing to know, Sam has become the next Pilot Training Captain, in charge of inspecting the skills of all Captains at Skylette Airline. This shall be interesting because of Jayden and his pride. Hoho.

Episode 20 Highlights:

 photo Flyy20-1.jpg photo Flyy20-2.jpg

This part feels forced because out of nowhere, Ah Bee wants to become a pilot. He doesn’t want to fly and merely applies to show the other guys that he can do it. Really? The guys and Summer feel betrayed that he didn’t tell them before applying but secretly, she wishes him success.

 photo Flyy20-3.jpg

We catch up to Jayden and Holiday. The two have been living together and enjoying life before he returns to work.

 photo Flyy20-4.jpg photo Flyy20-5.jpg
 photo Flyy20-6.jpg photo Flyy20-7.jpg

Troubled by the boys’ problem, Summer pays a visit to Jayden. He orders take-out foods and she knows right away it’s not his cooking. He smiles, “No wonder you’re my sister!” And although he didn’t make any dishes, he does bake their favorite desert, apple crumble.

Holiday comes back home and nonchalantly says she’s not jealous if he’s brought another girl home since it’s his place. Pulling her inside the apartment, Holiday is surprised to find it’s Summer. They chat for a while and we learn that Jayden and Summer’s mother was a mistress to a rich man and she died loving him in the same way.

 photo Flyy20-8.jpg

The last scene is a bit unprofessional for a pilot, no? Roy ends his two-timer period by having his two girlfriends sit in same row with him sandwiched in between. He breaks up with them at the same time, citing the reason that he’s been comparing them. Which makes him realize that love shouldn’t be measured and compared. Doing that means he doesn’t love either girls enough to put his foot down in one ship. Each girl slaps him before they exit the plane. Good for you ladies.

— End —

Kappy A: The only thing I want to talk about is Coco’s controversial choice. I have no issues with her being a surrogate mother but I totally despise how she reached her resolution. She did not consult Nick’s opinion and feelings at all. You’re getting married to the dude, lady. The least you can do is inquire his thoughts on the matter. For her to completely disregard him in the decision-making process and merely informed him only magnified her disrespect for him as a person (not to forget he’s her fiance!) We have seen on multiple occasions how she ignores his feelings but in this matter, she’s out of line and deserves no sympathy from me. She has wronged Nick and took him for granted every step of the way.

My second issue with this storyline is Colby’s twisted idea of having a child. She wants a child for all the wrong reasons. She does not think of the child as a seed of love but instead a lifeline for her sanity. I can only imagine how emotionally unstable she is as a mother. And if something happens to that child, she would only break down in unmanageable ways. Coco shouldn’t have given in, rather she should talk sense and if that doesn’t work, provide emotional support like how Colby helped her during her family’s tragedy.

And the villain of the year award goes to ….Colby. Even if her friend suggested the idea, she should have the heart to reject it if her friend were going to abandon her partner! How selfish of her to go on with the deal knowing that Coco gave up her own happiness.

 photo Flyy18-21.jpg

I need a hug. After I have calmed down somewhat, I think it’s a good thing they break up before getting married because Nick deserves someone better, someone who appreciates his kindness and thoughtfulness without exploiting those sweet traits. And Coco needs someone who is able to challenge her decision at every corner and makes her hesitate whether it’s worthwhile to ditch him for another.

  1. 5 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 16 – 20 “Not meant to be.”

    Woohoo~ I can’t agree more. *pats self on the back* Robin’s got all the right words and good sense these 5 eps. Only thing is, I have a premonition Isaac is gonna make me angry the next 5 eps. Is that fair, I ask?

    I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to see Isaac out of those ridiculous harem jogging pants when he rides with Summer. Then, when I finally see him in tight biker pants I regret the thought of asking our dramagods to give him normal biking attire. LMAO~ My fashion sense is all screwed up for Robin. XD

    Mmm, it’s been a while since I last shared amylase with someone? Haha~

    Ah, XYZ tipped us to hold onto a box of Kleenex by ep.18. Ack, I was crying a lot during ep.17-18. More for the men, Jayden and Nick. Ahh, femme power to make men drown in their own pool of tears. I, too, am guilty of misusing thus so called power. Who knew I had this trait? It doesn’t matter if the guy made me cry more than I done onto him. The feeling must be mutual, you only feel wretched in the aftermath of someone’s crying river.

    Sooooo… I’ll borrow Anita Yuen response to her hubby Chilam’s onscreen sex scene: “That’s it!?!” HK viewers made a big fuss over Chilam’s hands stroking Fala’s face and love handles?? Really? I don’t care for it at all whether it was edited or not. It was an uncomfortable scene to begin with, since Chilam didn’t really want to touch Fala’s nekkid body. His hands’ behavior gave away so many discomforting movements. It sickens me how the tabloids want a scandal out of this ordeal. *rolls eyes*

    I liked the confrontation Sam has with Holiday about Triangel’s whereabouts before it arrived safely in Sam’s destined possession. We can see Sam wants to know the truth how Holiday met Zoey but he can’t bear to expose his one fat white lie. I feel tortured not seeing this guy move on.

    I’m eager to find out what Pinkie (Pink Pink) means to GM Adrian King Ka Chun. The daughter of his past lover? A biological connection? I need to know.

    Oh, I like seeing the matchmaker agency owner with Sam again. It’s therapeutic, somehow. ROFL @pic below:

    cr: tagged as is

    Is this wrong? I was clapping my hands when Roy got slapped end of ep.20. I feel no pity whatsoever. =P

  2. 5 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 16 – 20 “Not meant to be.”

    “YES! That’s right! Kick him in the groin! Flatten his member!”

    LOL this line cracks me up.

    episode 19 & 20 seems like a disjointed segment. there are just WAY TOO MANY sideline stories!! pink pink? seriously? with her dad? OMG. everywhere i look i see love triangles EVERYWHERE. maybe not with coco and jim him but who knows! the baby might be a factor!

    lol sam’s picture with the comedian!! 😛

    poorrrrr nick. coco deserves to be sent to the cold palace for a while. heartless girl.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 16 – 20 “Not meant to be.”

    hehe Sam’s serious face and the comedian’s smitten expression. Such jokers, these two.

    The so-called sexy scene was just awkward for me to watch because Fala appeared too hyper/eager and Julian wasn’t required to do anything. He sat there like a block!

    Sam was so harsh on Holiday, advising her to move on from Dan but when it comes to his heart matters, he’s so stubborn about the biggest letdown he’s made to Zoe.

    Keane must be happy since Isaac is the heartthrob of these episodes. At least I got to kick a pervert’s precious friend! HAR-HAR! Premonition. Nooooo! Isaac must remain awesome. I don’t want to send him to the states with Coco. I’m still upset and not very forgiving! :O

    Frea, your Josie needs to step up. But poor her, Robin doesn’t feel a thing for her. He even promises not to date until he becomes a pilot. What to do? But somehow I feel like that idea is gonna change soon. =0

    Our Robin 10 years ago.

    Nick was in the prequel too. They looked uber cute back then.

    Images found at baidu & as tagged.

    And I love this song: Sam-Zoe’s theme. I get emotional whenever it plays. (The youtube user, Erica900310 has kindly listed out the songs in TITS2.) 😉

    “Forever” by Mark Britten

    I’m getting impatient with the multiple story threads. Writing summaries was hard this week (except for 17 & 18.) Maybe for next week, I’ll just post pretty pictures and we can start a discussion from there, good?

    • 5 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 16 – 20 “Not meant to be.”

      Hardcore fan!!! Mii likey.

      Batman saves the day again… effortlessly. Thanks.

      Keane goes off collecting all the insert songs. 🙂

      Oh, is it true that Summer is dating Ah Bee in real life? Just look at their lovey dovey eye contact onscreen.

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