Limit: Episode 4 & 5 “Everyone is scared.”

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In your world, what is scary? Turns out it’s not the things you can hear and see but the words you think you’re hearing based on your weak mentality and insecurity. The actress (above) is so good at making me feel for her fears and desperation. No matter what, I still think she looks like Shida Mirai‘s elder sister. I like the realization that some of our girls encounter in these two episodes. For all I know, the first step to stop doing the wrong thing is understanding that you created the monster using the same abusive method as the said monster is now mimicking. If they’re gonna survive this accident, they will have to cooperate and solve the inner conflicts together.

Limit Episode 4 & 5 Quick Thoughts:

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Something I forgot to mention is that each episode begins with monologue from one of our core characters, enabling us another peek at their personality through a short quote of their belief. In episode 4, it is about Chikage’s background story. It’s nothing dark but disabling enough to obstruct her ability to gain confidence and see her worth outside of her parents’ protectiveness. She narrates:

“A teacher once said…Life is about climbing over mountains and battle one’s way through by yourself. However, that’s not necessary in my case. My path is being perfectly flattened by someone for me. That’s something to be happy about. I wanted to convince myself that it is. However, I realized what this really meant. If this goes on, I will…”

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You guess it. She’s the sheltered girl with a weak health, therefore her parents outline the steps and smooth the path she should walk on. By the way, she’s only injured by Crazy Arisa from where we left off in episode 3. I swear this drama dramatizes scenes. It really did look like Arisa attacked and killed her on the spot. Whew.

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The confrontation. This scene is the best example of action speaking louder than words. No matter how beautiful your words are, Mizuki, you would have to back them up wholeheartedly. Chikage has had enough of being left behind in the cave so she grabs the sickle (symbol for power around here) and heads out on her own, limping around with an injured foot. Mizuki gives chase and pleads her to stay with them, promising that she wouldn’t abandon her anymore. The setting is different and Mizuki is aware that they need to stay together as a team. Relieved somewhat, Chikage lowers the sickle but Mizuki sees a figure in a distance and rushes off to catch the person. To Chikage, she murmurs, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

So much for all the talk, girl. You can’t just leave an injured and mentally weak person in the middle of nowhere like that. If something happens to her, the guilt will stay with you for a long time.

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Poor unhinged Arisa. Now that her sickle has a new owner, Haru no longer listens to her orders like a frightened kitty. When Arisa raises her voice at Haru, the latter grips the former’s wrist and spits out, “It must have been fun playing with other people’s feelings, right? You drove Chikage into a corner with your absurd behavior! You’re neither an empress nor somebody we’d call Arisa-sama. You are and will always be the same cowardly and useless Arisa!”

After Arisa runs away, Haru stands back, mortified of her actions and words. “I hate it all… not just Arisa, but also myself for turning Arisa into that.”

I like this scene. A big character improvement in Haru. She finally sees her past wrongdoings and sorta accepts the responsibility of turning Arisa into someone so shaky and insecure. There’s also the fact that she’s beginning to care about other people.

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“Human beings are weak creatures. That’s why they are afraid of being alone. Helping and supporting each other…Friendship and bonds, they are being given beautiful names and praised to the skies. Those empty words…I’m not sure if they will ever disappear. The only thing I place trust in has always only been myself. I’ve always been living like this. However…”

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Thanks to our 6th survivor, Mizuki’s crush, Haruaki, we get a snoop of Chieko’s side story in episode 5, and it’s a pitiful one. Turns out this is not the first time she’s a survivor of an accident. Some years ago, she and her parents got into an accident and she was the only survivor. From then on, she lives for her three siblings, taking care of them and stripping herself of a normal teen’s life. They have a grandpa but he’s frequent visitor to the hospital so Chieko plays the guardian role in the family. She perfects the role so well that the concept of friends often eludes her understanding, even though her grades top other students.

It’s nice to have a male addition to the cast. However, I wish the writer had spent a little more time to explore his side of the story about having another person to speak with. The girls completely take each other for granted while he eats and sleeps by himself for two days. He has experienced the loneliness and dead silence of the night and therefore values the friends that he’s found now.

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A sweet scene. After Mizuki learns about Chieko’s past, she apologizes for running her mouth so carelessly the other day. Puzzled, Chieko asks, “Friends, what does it really mean? Whenever I saw others doing things like getting in groups to chitchat…or going to the toilet together at school, I’ve always only thought about those…as really bothersome and tiring things. Nobody wanted to become close to me…but I didn’t mind that at all.”

You’re right Chieko. Those are mundane, tiresome things. But somehow, they become worthwhile endeavors when you’re doing it as a group. I guess one could say that’s the magic of high school. Together, you’re no longer afraid of doing silly things. You become less embarrassed of other’s judgement and in those unexpected moments, close bonding slowly takes place. For me and my friends, bathroom time was a must from monday to friday. 🙂

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Darn it! Darn it! That stupid parcel needs to grow a mouth and talk to the fidgety teacher, Wateru. It’s the only way the school would figure out that the bus went in the other direction and start the search closer to the crash site.

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This picture does not look good. Only 5 survivors. I’m afraid to watch episode 6! I don’t want anyone to die. Not when they’re broken and scattered like this.