Kdrama: Monstar OST

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01. Past Days – BEAST’s Junhyung, BTOB & Ha Yeon Soo
02. After Time Passes – BEAST’s Junhyung & BTOB
03. Atlantic Princess – Ha Yeon Soo, Kang Ha Neul & Kim Cho Eun
04. Snooze (I Will Be Your Love) – J Rabbit
05. Don’t Make Me Cry – BEAST’s Junhyung, Ha Yeon Soo, & Da Hee
06. To You Who Hopes For My Despair – Kang Eui Sik
07. First Love – BEAST’s Junhyung & BTOB
08. To You Who Hopes For My Despair – Color Bar
09. Practice – Ha Yeon Soo
10. Monstar
11. Wandering Star
12. Night Of Seventeen Years
13. Doubting
14. Shake Up
15. Catch The Star
16. Waltz Of Longing
17. 17 One Of The Legendary
18. Pit-A-Pat

DL Soundtrack // Mirror

Kappy A: One of the few Kdramas I managed to finish this year! Yea, I’ve been on a drought for so long. My first impression: Her glorious tiger mane. Girl has small head but her hair, I lub. Second feature: Her unique lip shape. As a newcomer, I think Ha Yeon Soo did a good job. She was better in those silent weeping moments than loud, wailing scenes. Her gasping for air was noticeably distracting. Jun Hyung was great, he was so smooth with his line delivery and I loved his exasperated line, “Ya! I’m a starrr! You can’t turn your back like that! YAHH!” *Se Yi goes bloop before she can hear him* The hook moment for me is when Se Yi joins Kyu Dong (the bullies labeled him as Radio) in that powerful, heart-tugging duet at the end of episode 1. I was bawling and for a long time, felt bitter towards the class president, Sun Woo, for doing nothing.

Story-wise, it started out strong – simple and sweet, like an oddball thanks to our heroine’s curt attitude. But once the love triangle came in full force, she became a predictable cookie-cutter of other Korean heroines. It was tedious to watch as they went nowhere in development, with the writer refusing to divulge the secrets, banking that we’re still interested to know. It didn’t work for me because dragging out the secrets only damaged the effect and I was no longer anticipating the reveal.

However, it’s a short drama so if you’re itching for a high-school romance theme, this might be it.

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    Thank you Kap.
    Been looking for the english title since i know the release date.

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    Sorry this is way late, but what is the song the two guys are singing to her that the teacher showed the class and the whole day the two guys follow her singing and she’s like spaced out?

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    Hello do you upload the full episodes of monstar? I can’t find it..

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      It’s a cable drama so we posted it on our twitter, in our Favorites list.

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