Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

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Men are handsome in uniform. Yes, yes?

Great flight guys! It’s a good sign when I sat down and breezed through 5 episodes like they did not take away five hours of my day. Old and new characters meshed in very well, with chemistry exploding from left to right. The conversations were surprisingly very funny and witty. Oddly enough, there were no emergency plane situations in the first five episodes. Considering Tvb’s style, this will change pretty soon. But I guess they have 38 episodes for those incidents. Heh. So far, it’s more character-driven than anything, but I don’t find myself feeling the urge to fast forward any scene. It’s a testament to the writer’s strength in turning mundane dialogues into entertainment. 🙂

Episode 1-5 Summary:

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We begin this series with Isaac Tong (Ron Ng) welcoming his old friend, Roy Ko (Kenneth Ma, taller one) back to Skylette Airlines as a fellow co-pilot. They have been friends since day 1 as cadet pilots in training. Now with 3 stripes on their shoulders, the men beam in satisfaction, not forgetting to jibe at each other’s flying hours. Isaac wins by a small margin.

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They are under the latest pilot star, Jayden Koo (Julian Cheung), who’s sassy, charming, and sharp. To play on his surname and charisma, people resort to calling him Captain Cool. Chances are if you’re not born a woman he wouldn’t waste a minute with you. With his friends warning him left to right about Captain Koo’s demanding attitude, Roy is appropriately fearful throughout the whole flight. But that doesn’t stop him from questioning Koo’s tactics, and then he is silenced with a brief warning, “Shut up,” from Jayden.

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Aside from his skills as a pilot, Jayden is armed with good looks and brain power to appeal to the opposite gender. The ladies swoon in his dimpled smile and mesmerizing eyes. Mind you, our Jayden isn’t a thoughtless and inconsiderate womanizer. He has class and takes time to win his target over. Case in point: A beautiful model catches his undivided attention and he takes a few sips of coffee before flipping out a pen to jot a quick note to her. Turns out the note is a detailed drawing of her side profile, emphasizing on the birthmark below her eye. They have a quick fling in London, but alas, every lady comes with an expiration date for Jayden as he doesn’t fancy long-term relationship.

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After avoiding the model doesn’t work, Jayden whips out his last brilliant plan. She’s about to get engaged to a rich man so she wants to know if Jayden is serious about her. He goes all out, “Fine. We’ll get married the second we land.” The pretty model is taken aback by his sudden proposal. She considers her options, her brain comparing the pros and cons of both men. Little does she know, the decision has been made by Jayden the moment he suggests marriage. He knows her too well, she wouldn’t risk a good catch like the tycoon’s son for a mere pilot like him. And he’s right.

The boys, Isaac and Roy, as well as our lovely flight attendants, are all impressed with Jayden’s problem-solving skills. He basks in the limelight, like the diva that he knows he is.

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Speaking of our pretty cabin girls, the leader or Senior Purser is Heather Fong (Elena Kong), and she’s happily married to pilot Tony Ching (Patrick Dunn). He’s a good-natured man and friends with all the pilots and crew on board.

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Next prominent flight attendant is a familiar face in the prequel. She’s Coco Ling, portrayed by the reliable and competent Nancy Wu. I had to look at the synopsis to double check her relationship with everyone. She’s Vincent (Joe Ma)’s younger sister. After he died in the prequel, she’s taken in by Sam, Vincent’s best friend and our leading man. Since Sam is away from home, she’s living with Sam’s younger brother, Isaac. They’re so freakin’ cute together! I love their natural skinship with each other. And what more? Nostalgia! They were uber cute in Twin of Brothers but were not the OTP!

Cute Scene alert:

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I love Nancy’s role because she gets to interact with all the cast members. Plus, there’s no harm in living with the Tong brothers. There’s a cute scene where Isaac prepares for his upcoming flight test to win a spot in the cockpit with Jayden on Skylette’s new airplane. Dressed in his brother’s uniform, Isaac reassures himself in front of the mirror and Coco watches him reciting from the doorway. She can’t contain her laughter and mimics him teasingly. He warns her that she should knock before entering because he’s a guy after all. She taunts him, “I have lived here for as long as you have and we’ve been here alone all this time. I would have eyed you all over if I had been interested!” He replies: “Then let me just be frank… I like studying in the nude. They say you absorb better when you study in the nude.” He begins to strip and she gazes at him, bemused, “Looks like there’s nothing to see.” HA!

They’re so cute to watch. Next morning, Isaac goes downstairs and sees a note on his breakfast. “Those who skip breakfast get stupid. Good luck with your SIM test!” He smiles at her encouragement. Why can’t they be paired up here? WAH!

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Following their second test results, Isaac and Roy both listen to Sam’s wise words and decide that friendship trumps flying opportunities. They plead with Jayden to pick the other guy.

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Roy: “Please choose Issac! He’s in love with you. He goes to bed with your picture!”
Isaac: “Pick Roy. He badmouths you behind your back. This is your chance to torture him.”

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And then Jayden annoyingly turns around to face the eager boys. “Enough! Shut up! A piece of shit with chocolate flavour and a piece of chocolate with shit flavour. 😛 How can I choose? Each of you is half a bucket of water. Together, you’ll make a full bucket. I’ll let you both in. There are 4 seats in the cockpit anyway.” LOL

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They scream: “Jayden, I love you! So much! Yeah! Yeah!”

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Elsewhere in London, we meet up with our reserved Captain Samuel Tong (Francis Ng), who is busy preparing cake mixes and baking desserts in a restaurant owned by a friend, Manna (Michelle Yim). He’s doing everything but flying. We find out why in episode 2. True to TVB’s style, a prequel means someone’s death and it’s no other than the bright and bubbly Zoe So (Myolie Wu). She married Sam and eventually succumbed to a fight against heart disease. After her death, Sam loses his motivation to fly and instead spends his days quietly in London, lending a hand to help Manna raise an orphaned girl with the same name as his deceased wife.

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Living with Manna, Sam finally meets her emo daughter, our female lead, Holly Ho (Fala Chen). Her name is short for Holiday (ha.) Sam and Holly did not get along at first and often clashes in terms of principles and differences in personality. She claims to be working with NASA on a big project and lies to her mother about her job and nonexistent vacation, hoping that it wouldn’t worry Manna. However, nothing stays a secret and things fall apart, so does her broken heart. Revealing to us why she’s been traveling the world – she wants to find her missing boyfriend, who has proposed the day he went missing. With the accidental discovery by Sam, she finds the ring embedded in her boyfriend’s telescope and crumbles in tears (I didn’t see any though. Fala, I like you girl! Please connect with your character ke?)

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But Holly is appreciative (somewhat) of his words, and thanks to her silly ingredient prank, Sam is able to replicate the taste of the souffle he has been trying to make. It’s a promise to Zoe, “When I can make the most delicious cake in the world for you, I’ll get back into the sky.”

The moment of revelation for Sam is also the beginning of a new pursuit for Holly. She’s been wondering why her missing boyfriend loves to fly so much. Armed with a new goal in life, she decides to apply for the pilot program.

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Sam’s return as a pilot is greeted with enthusiasm from everyone, the most prominent is of course his brother, Isaac, and Coco, who’s like his own sister now. Moreover, Roy is elated to be learning from his idol again. However, our diva, Jayden, is much less enthusiastic about a new competitor and invites himself to snark at Sam’s age. “Nice to meet you, I heard about you when I was a kid. You’re my idol.” LOL@ Isaac’s reaction as his brother swallows down the insult.

That night at Sam’s home, when the power goes out, Coco rushes close to Isaac. She retells the scary story on the plane to him, how the seat next to Sam seemed to be possessed by a ghost. She thinks it’s Zoe, who’s accompanied her husband back to Hong Kong. Isaac calls her superstitious and chases her out of his room with an easy lie, “She’s behind you!” After Coco disappears from the room, Isaac hilariously thinks it’s better to go fix the fuse. He refused earlier but is now spooked by the story. heh.

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In Episode 5, we’re introduced to Zoe’s look alike in Summer Koo (Myolie Wu). And this time around, she’s the capable aircraft maintenance technician of Skylette and has recently returned after serving in Hainan. From her last name, we know that she’s Jayden’s sister and apparently, a family feud is transpiring between them because she thwarts off every effort he makes to reconcile. (BTW, we’re not privy to their bro-sis relationship yet at this point.) Jayden’s insistent though, “I won’t give up! One day you’ll have a change of heart! You’ll forgive me.” Dang boy, what did you do to earn her silent wrath? Did you play with her girlfriend’s heart?

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To mend their family bond, Jayden moves into her flat after some easy manipulation on his part. With the help of his ardent fans (the silly flight attendants), he scores a room. The ladies nod in agreement at his every request, much to Summer’s chagrin.

——————————- END —————————————-

Kappy A: Can we talk about the theme song first? How horribly old-fashioned it sounds! But strangely, I find myself humming to the song by episode 4. It’s actually not that bad now. Though I still prefer Eason Chan’s old theme song.

Themesong: Soar into the Sky – George Lam

Anyway, I really like the transition of scenes and how we are led to believe in one direction until we go ahhh when the writer revealed the truth. It gives the series a teasing tone that I haven’t felt in a long while from a tvb drama without the characters being over the top and silly. Such was the case with Jayden’s prank on poor Roy, who was tense and stoic in his overwhelming presence.

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Not just delivering the scenes humorously, but retaining the emotional connection to our characters as well. Case in point: Angela’s guest appearance as the talkative and noisy sorceress sitting beside Sam on his plane ride back to Hong Kong. She feels a presence in her seat and we initially thought it was just her weirdness. I thought the scene was random. Then the writer discloses the possible explanation that maybe Zoe was sending her husband back home. Aww. It’s sweet.

Character wise, I really like saucy Jayden (obvious pick, ha!) and I can’t wait to learn more about his past wrongdoing to his sister (Summer), making her all lonely and hardcore. I’m also enjoying Ron’s Isaac tremendously. His deadpan face when delivering potentially funny lines just cracks me up. In that area, he must have learned it from his drama brother, Sam. I don’t recall Sam’s characteristics from the past but one thing that I do remember is his feminine way of running and the way he angles his fingers in certain scenes cause my mom always picks on him. hehe.

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I’m so happy he finally fixed the uneven weeds on his head because I swear things were beginning to grow out of it.

  1. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    Nice characters intro for the line-up, Kap. I too am not fond of the main theme song. I think TVB tried too hard to recapture the heroism theme from Wong Fay Hung days. It sounds weird like Mr Lam’s singing about “an engine that could….toot-toot.” In turn, most of the other ending theme songs are amazing! Moi wants!! (=

    Oh gawd, thank goodness pilot Sam returned to us. His trademark hairstyle all throughout the prequel. Lookin’ good Kaptain Sam! If he didn’t tame his mane then I can fly over to London and mow it down myself. Hee! Great transition for Sam though, gotta admit.

    I can’t wait till you see Chilam, oh I mean, Jayden nekkid. Haha! Uhm, so if Jayden is Batman then who is Robin? Hmmmmm………. (I think you’ll crack up when you find the source to the answer, Kap.) Who expected Jayden to say chocolate and shit in the same sentence, eh? ROFL~ Have you noticed some scenes Chilam kept his 3 o’clock shadow? Naughty boy! RAWR~


    Chilam: Have I gotten your attention? *LIGHTS A CIGGY AFTER A TEDIOUS SEXOHOLIC PHOTO SPREAD* I’m exhausted, I wanna go to sleep now.
    Moi: Stop it! Stop showing me your happy trails forest Chilam. *BLUSH, SPREAD 5 FINGERS WIDE OPEN N’ COVERS ROSY FACE… PEEKS THRU HAND BLINDS*

    *le sighs* Chilam/Julian, I see your gray hairs but you’re still a HOTTIE! I still treasure your CDs and YES! cards. Uhh, what did I just say!?!

  2. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    I haven’t watched this (yet), but the pic Keane posted is PS rightttttt~~~ omgosh LOL. Chilam was like the first TVB guy I seriously fangirled. Ten years later he still has ‘it’. Amazing.

    • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

      v v

      Ladies, it’s a legit print. Taken from rottentomatoes

      Oh là là!

      ^ ^

  3. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    Keane, I have the same question as Kat! Is that PHOTO FORREALS? OMGOSH. I never knew that side of Chilam. I shall go rewatch my golden OTP in Point of No Return. ♥♥♥ Charlian ♥♥♥ I hope they reunite! (Coincidentally, it’s been 10 years also!)

  4. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    “Shut up! A piece of shit with chocolate flavour and a piece of chocolate with shit flavour.”

    LOL! OMG! He really said that? I guess that’s a compliment since the guys are happy to be picked despite being called poopie!!

    you gotta stop gifing kappy, i don’t want to watch another drama! too many! my aunt is watching it and at one point she turns to my uncle, “why can you be as cool as Captain Koo!” hahah

  5. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    This is the first TVB drama that I found myself really enjoying this whole year. I really love the dynamics and build up of the character relationships and their storylines. It is really nice to see little hints being dropped here and there. This is something that I have not seen from TVB in ages!

    • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

      Kudos to the writer. The dynamics are entertaining to watch. I love that part. It’s not pointless at all. ^_^

  6. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    I think uniform wise, no one has beat Joe Ma’s tall and well defined tall stature. Kenneth doesnt command attention even with his height!

    But Im enjoying this sequel!!

  7. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    I’m liking this drama too, totally hooked! Does anyone know the song played at the end of ep 4 when we first see Jayden’ sister “Big Boss”? I tried googling it but no luck

    • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

      OH HO! Yay! You’re watching this too! More spazzers!

      The song is:

      Smoking Gun by Rob Bagshaw ft. Tara Chinn.

      • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

        As always you’re the best!!!!!!!!
        This is my first TVB – i actually started watching the very first one by mistake, it was still good and i was going to continue watching it until i found out my fav couple didn’t end up together so i immediately jumped onto this one.
        I’ve just finished watching ep 10 – when and what time does it air?

        I like how all the characters gel really well together, as much as i like them all i think i like Sam a lot more. I like his humble nature, Captain Cool is such cad with a cute dimple smile! Lol! I find it hilarious how all the girls just fall at his feet! It’s been a while when i watched the drama when the whole cast has the right chemistry with everyone

        • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

          hhaha@By mistake. Cracks me up. Everyone looked so young then! hee!

          Which couple were you rooting for? Sam and Belle in the first part? I read that they were supposed to end up together but the writer/director had a change of heart, maybe to extend the series… DUNNNN!

          This series airs 5 days a week at night, Mon-Fri. So you can only go two days without seeing them. 🙂

          The girls are hilarious. I think Captain Cool’s the type that they’d like to date but not marry, so everyone wants a piece of that charm. 😛

  8. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    Just wanted to say that it’s hilarious watching them speak in mandarin. I laughed so hard! Esp in the first episode, when Issac and Roy met again. I’ve always been amused at the way HK dramas have all that english words inserted here and there, but I’ve been told that that’s the way they actually speak RL. But the insertions of mandarin cracks me up way more here.

    Watched the first season before starting on the second. Gotta say, this Francis Ng doesnt seem to age very much, despite it being 10 years already. He still looks more or less the same. THANK GOODNESS THAT HAIR HE HAD IN LONDON IS GONE. What the hell were they thinking?! It’s hideous! That said, I wanna try that cake he was baking!

    And everytime someone speaks English, and it sounds okay, I look that person up. Seriously, so many of them studied/migrated overseas and came back through a seemingly similar route.

    • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

      The Koo siblings have the best English pronunciation. And also Tony with such ease in his speaking. The others are serviceable, plus I have english subtitles. heehee!

      • 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

        Looked up Myolie Wu, she did high school in Ireland. Was pretty surprised at that. Ireland of all places.

        I kinda expected Coco to have better English, since she was in Australia in the first season.

        I’m glad Tony has something going on this season, looking at that mini ‘trailer’ thing during the CM break. (What is it called anyway?) But damn, something going on between Heather and Roy? Wow. I’m interested to see what’s gonna happen.

        I’m watching it with English subtitles myself. Cannot handle Cantonese. Bits and pieces maybe, but not a whole drama. But when I catch the Chinese bits, pml.

  9. 16 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

    My dream retirement would most likely be a few decades in various countries, enjoy and absorbing the earth around me with a loved one particular!

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