Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

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Suzy is mature and sophisticated for Harper’s Bazaar in France while Esquire magazine’s editor saturated Lee Seung Gi‘s photos with too much purple. And for god’s sake, the location is in Hawaii, you could at least show the beautiful scenery with blue oceans and sea life (read: shirtless goodies.) But all you have are face shots. REALLY? Why did I include them together? They’re hot off The Gu Family Book, as we all know.

Also check out Mnet’s award video of Suzy meeting the fake Kang Chi onstage. Cute.

Lee Seung Gi looks great in black. Chaebol heir right there. My favorite shot.

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He’s staring at you ladies. Nope, he ain’t gonna miraculously loses the clothes.

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See? He’s refusing to look at you.

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Still playing hard-to-get.

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Suzy is stunning.

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I know it’s the camera angle (or is it?) but her heels look bigger than her face! GAH!

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No bangs. Beautiful! Stop giving her bangs in dramas, stylists!

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Mnet’s Summer Music Awards – Drama Star Female

  • Presenters are no other than Papa Gu Choi Jin Hyuk & Hwang Jung Eum
  • I love Suzy’s dress. So cute, the bow didn’t make her look like a little girl at all.
  • Her laugh when bad-haired Kang Chi shows up. HAHA!
  • I do wish I had loved Yeo Wool deep down to the core. She’s an awesome female character but strip Kang Chi away, and you’re left with no depth. I despise the writer for making her character ALL ABOUT KANG CHI 24/7. C’mon, give her a life outside of running errands for Kang Chi.
  1. 3 thoughts on “Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

    He went to Hawaii to take those? Mixed business w/ pleasure. Smart. Okay, showin’ off Cartier there. LOL!

    Looks like she was in France for her photoshoot. Palace of Versailles and the Seine River. I like her w/o bangs too. Those boots look like lethal weapons. Did she pass homeland security in those? =P

    • 3 thoughts on “Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

      I’d hate to be on her bad side when she’s rocking those killer heels. *shudders, mostly for the guys, ha!*

      • 3 thoughts on “Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

        OUCH! I cringed whenever I see high heels. She can *coughs*punishJCinthoseheels*coughs*, yeah….

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