Kim So Eun rocks eyeliner for L’Officiel Hommes

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This girl is killing me! You know I don’t have that many young actresses that I like. I love this girl but she’s never in a drama that I could watch. She’s always in dailies with 50 characters and 1,000 episodes or third lead in a saguek. Can’t I watch her in a trendy romcom already? And then I read this news about Kim Hubby’s new potential drama, Man from Another Star, where he would be playing an alien who crashes into the Joseon Era and lives until the modern days to meet a brassy actress, in which love sparks for the alien boy. And my first thought is Me! Me! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! I don’t know how she’ll do in this role, should be refreshing, but I am dying to see her charming presence gracing my screen again. MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOMEONE!!

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This is my favorite photo. Something is eerie about her playing with the butterfly with a not-so-kind expression.

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And then of course, I have to sneak in Kim Hubby’s photos (purely for your sake, 😛 ). His new endorsement for ZIOZIA, China. He looks so cute and fresh. They would make an adorable couple! Right?

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Just cuz’

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Kim So Eun rocks eyeliner for L’Officiel Hommes

    wow.. she looks ‘different’ with eyeliner! i mean in a good way.. she’s pretty!

    and.. i absolutely love ‘Kim Hubby’… oh KIM HUBBY?? LOLs… you’re so funny Kap!

    • 2 thoughts on “Kim So Eun rocks eyeliner for L’Officiel Hommes

      He’s my hubby so of course I have to call him Kim Hubby. 😉 My hubbies all have different titles. HAR HAR. Harem. hee!

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