Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

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A festival packed with stars in many Asian countries. But it’s the couples + a few favorites that I’m interested in. Some are reel, while some are REAL. Are you past the guessing stage? Wedding bells soon for any?

This year’s hottest onscreen couple is definitely them, hot off their drama Female Prime Minister.

Chen Xiao looks great but I just want to send our adorable Zhao Li Ying home in her matronly, unfit, banana-colored gown. She looks twice his age. O.O

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Dude, are you ever going to smile?

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Cheeky fans made their picture into a wedding photo. (See they hate the yellow too!)

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He finally smiles during the interview:

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Next up is real life married couple: Christopher Lee & Fann Wong. Aww. If I remember correctly, they got to play the Singaporean versions of most wuxia series.

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She’s real classy.

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Another real couple. Feng Shao Feng sweetly smiles and holds his girlfriend, Ni Ni‘s hand, through the walk. At some point, he pulls her close for a tease. 😛 I’m happy for you man!

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They’re so cute.

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PDA’s over! Time to move on. 😎

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His former co-star, Yang Mi, appears without her boyfriend, Hawick Lau. He’s there but they didn’t go together.

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Uhhhh, Errrrrrrrrr, what happens to Queen of Fashion Ady An? She’s dressed for a picnic below. Her make-up is washed out.

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Ady’s good friend, Joe Chen Qiao En in a flat dress. Seriously ladies. WHUT HAPPENED?

(Even the girl next to her with the fan design on her chest is getting attention from me.)

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And somehow Peter Ho trades spot with the fan lady.

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Liu Shi Shi in gorgeous green teal: Approved!

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Her tail is a bit long….

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LSS: “Ah! I step on my tail!”

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She’s flanked by her co-stars from Bu Bu Jing Qin, Sun Yi Zhou & Jiang Jing Fu.

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She isn’t a big fan of teeth-showing. heh.

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Zhang Han waving like a business man. ROFL.

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And for nostalgia’s sake:

Donnie Yen, Chow Yun Fat (!!), Aaron Kwok (he looks like an old man now, the cartoon character who’s always puffing cigarettes? remember?) Andy Lau is also there (as an MC?) and he looks good for his age.

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  1. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    LMAO~ @Andy’s tip of the night… he really didn’t say those things that night, did he? It would be classic. Well, his one finger could mean so many things though. Like, if you want to lose one of your favorite limbs for cheating on your wife then… go ahead. LOL! =P

    I dislike the banana peel also. No wonder her co-star was Mr Grumpy Pants. The banana peel stole his thunder. Haha~

    OMG-sh, seeing Fann Wong made me flashback to Shanghai Knights when she debuted in a Hollywood film w/ Jackie Chan. Wow, she aged drastically in her 40’s. )=

    Well, looks like Ady An got a tan and is eating very well lately. I almost couldn’t recognize her. At least other gals try to dress up, it’s more like Ady pulled out something from her closet and put it together herself. She has no stylist BFF? Aw, we lass.

    Joe Chen looks like she just arrived the red carpet from attending a funeral service. )=

    LSS is the next ZZY. Wow! I adore her couture dress, but she couldn’t be the only one w/ the prettier dress that evening??

    FSF looks like he won the lottery. Awww~ sweethearts.

    Le sighs. Aaron Kwok’s fashion distress signal is screaming he’s still a bachelor. HK’s George Clooney.

    Was Peter Ho dateless? Call me. Haha~

    P.S. As long Lau 大哥 is NOT one of those weirdo uber rich people who seek youth by eating (human/fetus) dumplings. Gawd, my mother showed me a recent newspaper exploiting that black market trading. I’ve told her it’s been around for decades. GROSS. The things people do to seek prolong beauty.

  2. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    LOL! Keane, it’s Kappy’s cheeky addition!! my aunt watches it and he wasn’t saying anything that funny. haha!!

    but daaaaaannnnggg look at the horrible fashion from the ladies!! i think the men did well. HAHA@Zhang Han. All he needs is a phone in the other hand and he’ll be shooting his next drama as a rich kid. AGAIN. someone needs to put him in a poor role already. 😛

    what was ZHAO LI YING THINKING? OMGGGGGG!! a cute girl becomes Chen Xiao’s aunt. lol. C;mon! who allowed her out of the house and into that limosine? baffling.

    Ady and joe. these two best friends need to look at each other and maybe say this doesn’t look RIGHT?

    LSS BEST OF THE NIGHT since i know only her, the other lady singaporean actress looks nice too but black and white!

  3. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    haha Keane, he didn’t say that. I did. The picture was perfect for my one-liner. 😎

    Oh yesh! I remember Fann Wong playing as JC’s sister and she did a pretty impressive kick when meeting Owen Wilson!

    Human fetus dumpling? -__________________- People, wake up!

    Frea, Fann Wong oozes confidence in her black-and-white dress while LSS still lacks the charisma that she has. LSS’s still very “green” in strutting at the red carpet. (Pun intended!) 😉

  4. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    Another thing I notice, black fans lady has a lot of confidence next to Joe. Her fans were suppose to connect (with the notch and elastic band at her cleaves) to boost her bosom however she probably done a better job than the designer wanting her twins to hang loose. Haha~

    That’s like the stupidest design ever for a dress. This designer needs to go back to school to relearn things. You want to give an elegant lady the slimmest silhouette, not have things sticking out of her body. That giant notch, even though it’s black, is distracting and tasteless.

    On a sweeter note, I really like Chow Yun Fat’s mega smile. He looks 20 yrs younger there from his actual age.

  5. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    Chow Yun Fat’s hair. REALLY?!

    Fann Wong and Chris Lee were onscreen couples countless times before they finally got together and married. Their onscreen PDA and banter is the cutest during local award shows.

  6. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    LOL. 90% of the ladies should be sent home with their gowns. What was Joe and Ady thinking?!!!

    Zhao Li Ying wanted to become a grandma beside Chen Xiao. She usually dresses very cute, appropriate for her age. Dunno what happened here.

    CYF’s hair. hahahha gone are the days of slick back HAIR HUH???? My parents still have his shanghai drama/movies. Very charismatic actor! 😛

  7. 7 thoughts on “Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

    Ooh!! LSS’s dress is probably the best looking out of the bunch lol. I think it’d be really cute for some like formal dress if it’s shorter ahem, cut them tails! Lol.
    I also like Yang Mi’s dress. Looks good for the red carpet (:

    Duude, Fann Wong. I remember seeing her back in the days but she looks a bit aged… maybe it’s the lighting and/or make up/photos here but she’s not “glowing,” like before… if that makes any senseee. Hahah, but I have to say, she looks really good for her age though!! ^^

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