Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

Modern Men. Old Traditions.

Chinese Title: 忠烈杨家将 / Zhong Lie Yang Jia Jiang
Cast: Adam Cheng, Xu Fan, Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, Vic Chou, Jerry Li, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun, Fu Xinbo, Ady An, Shao Bing, Bryan Leung, Chen Zhihui, Li Qian
Date Released: April 4, 2013 (Hong Kong)
Download Links: BDrip 4.37GB (mkv) / English softsubs R/L.131229
Watch trailer: Here

Plot: Inspired by a true story, this is an epical folklore illustrating the noble and valiant Yang Family’s military defense during the Song Dynasty. As seven sons rush out onto a battle field to save their father, General Yang Ye, when a vendetta seals the Yang Clan’s fate. “Seven sons will leave. Six will return.” Who will make it back home?

小淩: HALLELUJAH! This movie… is EPIC! It’ll collect as one of the greatest made from a Hong Kong production team. Everything was beautifully made. Everyone who starred in it was megawatt brilliant in their own form. Yes, even Wu Chun as the sixth Yang Brother. Unbelievable? I know, right!?! His acting was wonderful compared to his prior projects which based on his looks than skills, but don’t take my word for it. Go see for yourself.

Honestly, thanks to TVB, which started it all for me, I know a little part of Chinese history from watching drama series. XD Who here’s on the same boat? Being this is a folktale derived from a true story, the fatality of the Yang Family was one of the greatest losses in recorded history. If you think many mourn for Princess Diana’s demise then imagine billions of us who do the same for the Yang Clan every time some producer wants to retell their tale. Uh, why do most great men have to die so young? As legends reign, not only were the men of the family great warriors, so were the women (mostly widowed wives) whom also were amazing on the scorned battlefield. I suddenly have an urge to sit through a 100+ episodes long series about three legendary younger generations of the Yang Clan Generals, right about now. If only their tale was consolidated into one very long drama series.

Which brother is the father of my virtual offspring? I’m Vic “Zaizai” Chou bias, so I was rooting for our Chinese “Legolas” (from Lord of the Rings) all the way. Zaizai played third Yang Brother, who’s always on stealth mode being Mr. Cool and doesn’t like to speak up unless it’s seriously necessary, as if, air’s too precious to waste. XD So even though I knew third brother’s fate, there I was in disbelief how his murder went down. I was so mad! Like shaking my body mad! And then, I wept at his abrupt death. Ah, back to fantasizing about Tamahome (of Fushigi Yûgi) and my purple haired babies again. You can tell me which brother is your secret virtual lover too, if you want. 😉 I told you mines. Let’s trade secrets.

1ST ROW: Father Yang Ye, Eldest son Yang Yanping, Second son Yang Yanding, Third son Yang Yan-an,
2ND ROW: Fourth son Yang Yanhui, Fifth son Yang Yande, Sixth son Yang Yanzhao, Seventh son Yang Yansi.

Okay, I won’t give away all who dies. Just know this film is a bit gross even though fake blood is splattered all over the place. This movie left me wanting more. If they make a sequel then I soooo want to see it, like yesterday, however it has to be from the same director and same production team to win me over… again. I watched the Cantonese version (you can switch the audio to Mandarin, if you’d like) so only the TVB alums (i.e. Adam, Ekin, and Ramond) carried their own dialog while others were all dubbed over. Funny thing is, I guess no one really cares for Wu Chun’s original voice because he was dubbed in both dialects. Haha~

Please spare my eyes if you’re gonna whine about the file size. I wanted a clean copy other than those tagged clips which were adequately smaller. Actually, there’s so much action in this, that I just have to get my own blu-ray hard copy.

You know the drill. Comments are not required just greatly appreciated. Enjoy Your Summer Solstice Everybody!

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  1. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    hehe —-> “Seven sons will leave. Six will return.

    SIX?! Then that’s easy for me! I’ll pick the guy I don’t really know. 😎

    Since I know he isn’t popular, I’ll pick Yu Bo. I love the dirty hunks poster of them, it’s much better and fitting with the bloody battles. When they first released the clean version, I was appalled. Everything looks squeaky clean! Not acceptable!

    *raises hand dutifully* I grew up with TVB/chinese dramas. Although the quality of TVB series has gone down over the years, it will always be my second home where everything is comfortable and …er, bland. CTI, please challenge their old ways! 😀

    This is gonna be my Sat’s movie date. Thanks Keane!

    If peeps with slower DL speed want a smaller file, around 1.6GB, I can upload that. 🙂

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      Can you upload the 1.6 GB veraion, Kap?
      I love to dl Keane BD version if only my HDD can afford it. Too bad not many space left *sobs*

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        Here ya go WeWe. One link from Hugefiles. Hope it works for you. It’s 1.3GB! 😀

        The softsub above works so no need to worry.

  2. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    Tahehe~ Oooooooooooo…. (click to enlarge – new banner for AVV? haha~)

    I chose that dirty poster ’cause I like their siggies. I’m still looking for inspiration so I can create my own Chinese name signature.

    My late uncle gave me a storage box full of old TVB dvd box sets. My mom and I plan on marathoning “Luk Ding Kee” – all for Tony Leung, Andy Lau and my late uncle. My personal favorite is “Chor Lau Heung.” Do you remember watching Tony Leung in a long series as Genghis Khan? Was it a TVB or ATV production? I can’t find it anywhere. He was brilliant in that show!


    I recognize Yu Bo from “Ip Man 3,” that’s all.

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      I’m gonna be staring at that banner for a while. What a good-looking family. My stepdad loves “Luk Ding Kee!” while I like Two Most Honorable Knights, Hap Hak Hang, on the top of my head. I don’t recall Genghis Khan but google tells me both TVB and ATV made one, a few months from each other. haha. The competition.

      I fell in love with Yu Bo when he starred in a series called “Legend of the Magic Mirrors” opposite Ada Choi. He isn’t the best actor (emotional scenes er, not so well done) but his character in this drama is full of brotherhood and mischief and his innocent love with Ada’s Dou Dou is adorable!

      – Ada had horrible hair in this one.
      – This drama is where she met her current husband. She loves the oldest brother (Yu Bo) but married the youngest one in real life. hehe. 😉
      – Ada and Yu Bo were in a previous drama “Ba Zhen Tu” but I didn’t get a chance to watch it. This time, Yu Bo had ugly hair. *sigh

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        Maybe Ada married the younger brother, in real life, for his straight hair because the older brother looks ambiguous w/ his curls. XD

        • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

          Call me weird but back then I LUFF his curly hair. I thought he looked very handsome! Not many guys can pull of curly hair because they risk looking too girly (read: JGS). But Yu Bo is masculine enough to pull it off. 😀

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      I love this poster.
      Do you perhaps have all brothers in single posters?

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        Yes, I Do.

        I’ll share the goods. (= Be back in a bit…. DONE!

        Yang Brothers solo posters:

        1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

  3. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    Would love to watch this movie this weekend but this old ahjumma with her limited computer knowledge, doesn’t even know what is pastebin and why I get all this codes and not a link to download a movie file? There are a few pastebin stuffs over here that totally gets me (coz I do not know how to use it), hence I just forgo them. I’ll probably have to wait for another year before this gets uploaded in streaming websites. I am old. I have patience. So, don’t need to re-upload or anything for me. Just a note to remind future uploaders that pastebin is not something everyone knows how to use. Please keep to the easy straighforward download options like nekaka etc. Thanks. 🙂

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      I can use soshareit to give you one big file. I don’t really know how long a 4+gb file will take to DL, but it’s worth a shot?

      I severed the big file into smaller files with a splitter program, so you have to use a joiner program to splice it together. We have instructions in our F.A.Q page to do so. Some find this method useful since I think the majority wouldn’t leave their pc on 24/7 to keep DL-ing a huge file. Someone can DL a split file or two per day, and wait how ever long each person takes to join all the parts together to enjoy the HD movie in full.

      I was already starting an upload for a single link to this movie… stay tune~

      Pastebin is like an online memo pad, shorten url creator, and link counter… all-in-one.

      UPDATE: single link DL is up… (expires 30 days)

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        Thanks for taking the time to explain to me, Keane… but what you said is just gibberish to me. >___<

        Nevermind, I have patience to wait. Not critical to re-upload etc for me. Of all of the young men in the picture, I am for Ekin Chen. Been observing his career since he started waaaay back. 🙂

        Thank you for bringing this movie to my attention. 🙂

  4. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    This movie was heartbreaking, even though I already knew the ending from watching the 80s TVB version. There was talk they want to do a modern ‘remake’ / reunion / just getting all the cast together again whatever… which would be to super wonderful if they pull it off!!!! Then I would love to see they get Louis Koo this time, since he was supposed to be in Saving General Yang…

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      lol. Tvb wants to remake and invite Louis Koo? he’s such a big movie star. rarely do movie stars want to go back to TVB these days with the long hours of work and sleepless nights.

      but if i could see him again, why not? 😀

      anyways, this movie didn’t so well in the boxes of hk, did fairly in mainland china. or was it the opposite. i dun remember. the battles are epic though! one thing that i would have loved to see is the development of the brothers’ personality. they seem lacking and underdeveloped.

      the mother is strange too…she only cares about the father’s body without asking about her 6 lovely sons! WTH? LOL

      thanks keane. nice family movie.

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        A lot of beautiful people in this movie, and although I agree with you frea wanting more from the Yang brothers’ profiles however it’s a movie not a drama series so it’s not necessary, since there wasn’t enough time for their characters to develop in more detail. The focus to this entire film is more about their father, even though the press kit emphasis otherwise, so yeah… can we get part 2? (=

        I believe, if the PDs got us wanting more from the first movie then they’ve succeeded to what they’re after, and an uproar would solidify it, that is a sequel.

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        oh I meant the movie producers not TVB who talked about a possible modern sequel, and they didn’t mention Louis Koo – it was only my wish lol. 😉

  5. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    Okay, please don’t kill me but… am I the only one who didn’t love this movie? 🙁 I felt very… empty and incomplete after watching this!! Gahh, maybe I’m just not suited for movies but cus I really think the Yang Clan series is meant for a long drama series =/ I felt like casting such big stars, they shoulda use them more? Lol. Maybe I’m just complaining cus I didn’t get to see lots of Zai Zai and Raymond hmmph.

    & mannn, I really wish the “Seven sons will leave. Six will return,” really did happen… you know, if loyalty, brotherhood, honor, self-sacrifice, weren’t the Yangs middle names lol.

    Btw, can anyone explain to me why their mother got that prophecy? I mean, it’s not even truee T__T

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      The prophecy is TRUE. The answer is at the ending. Think about it a bit longer, I believe you’ll get it. (=

      • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

        Oh… so 6 includes the dead bodies of the sons (4) and dad and there’s one that’s alive right? Cus they couldn’t find the two that jump off the cliff which is pretty saaad 🙁
        There needs to be a spin off or something where they all live… but in secret!! Lol. Everyone thinks they’re dead but in reality they’re just hiding out and live happily after hahah.

        • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

          YES. You got it! True, fourth and fifth Bros jumped off the cliff and reminisce the time when they were little. You kinda get a hint there they will survive the fall, and of course, based on the true story the both of them survived and moved on with their lives… but eventually return to their origins.

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      I got it. haha. XD And here I thought they made a grave mistake!

      I agreed that the director didn’t really use the stars as much as I had hoped. They were more like handsome props, there to pose. I think the PD could’ve used less frames of them posing to show their personality a bit more. My favorite scene is when the 6th brother fought the enemies with his brothers’ and father’s weapons. It was true to the spirit of the movie. 🙂

      ROLF@Frea’s comment about the mother. She was odd indeed.

  6. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    Thanks for sharing. It was supposed to be in cinemas in my country, Thailand, in May…but there might be too many movie competitions that I it wasn’t in. I was so sad and look over many sites.

    Seeing you posting it really made my day. Thank you million times.

  7. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    I am refusing to watch this movie without someone sitting with me because the whole death thing is not a good time for me and all, but I want to watch it SOOO MUCH. Actually, I remember my grammaw telling me Yang Clan exploits as bed time stories. I also grew up on many chinese and TVB dramas, as well as being dragged to those mini-Peking and Beijing Opera shows for Journey to the West and stuff. And since I was made to switch off the tv early, I used to religiously wake up early in the morning to catch the reruns~

    Keanie, how did you choooooossee??? I mean, Zaizai has been a favourite of mine ever since MARS, but this whole cast is extremely stellar, and tbh the only things I would’ve wished in there would be Louis Koo, Feng Shao Feng and Daniel Chan, but I get two of them in Lan Ling Wang, so I’m ok.

    If TVB actually puts in effort (Sawwy, but I think their recent projects are lacking a bit of spark) and comes up with the Yang Clan Saga, I will love them to death. Hell, I’ll be happy even if Taiwan does it. Actually, I have a wishlist prepared if Taiwan *does* do it: Bolin Chen, Baron Chen, Dylan Kuo, Zaizai, Aaron Yan (he is KILLING it in Just You), Calvin Chen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Wang Lee Hom, Mike He, George Hu, Chris Wu, Chris Wang, Vaness Wu… I have no idea how they’re going to fit all of them in, but they better ^u^;;
    And now the interwebs is about to go, so imma run away~~ (I miss ya’ll so much TT_TT)

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      I just want to say….I like how you added Dylan Kuo. Latest hunk transformation material right there. Back off ladies!

      We miss you too! ^_^

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      We need only seven brothers ladies. Who’s in and who’s out of the blood line? Hmm, the rest can be villains. (=

      Too bad the Yang Saga didn’t care to elaborate on the seven brothers’ extended family like their cousins. I wonder how great were they. So the rest of the TW-ese hotties can play cousin roles. 😀

      Is Ethan Ruan out of the Marines yet, ’cause I want him as one of the Yang Brothers?

      Must have my hubby, Takeshi Kaneshiro. (=

      I would take out Calvin and Aaron, and bring in Sunny Wang and Ethan Ruan.

  8. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

    The link to the softsubs is dead. Can you reupload it, please? thank in advance.

    • 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

      DONE! Have a rockin’ New Year.

  9. 28 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (24): Saving General Yang

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