Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

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Oh feelings. Sometimes fragile, sometimes confusing, and rarely are they crystal clear. So I’m glad our heroine is resolute in her decision and actively shows it. Ping An finally draws the line with her former crush on Zi Wen and symbolically places his present bow pin away into her bag. How neat is that? She’s thinking about Ye Chen’s fear of bows when she puts it away. Sweet heavens! I adore PingChen together. Did I tell you that? I love how their relationship is progressing in the story. It’s slow and I like that because their path to mutual attraction is a process built on trust and not those flimsy love-at-first-sight hot messes (I don’t buy that!) And those hugs? Gah. So big, so comfy, so sincere, with each one packed with meaning and flowing emotions. Just look at Ping An’s face above and there’s your answer.

Ye Chen, can you give me just one hug?

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Episode 8 Summary:

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We’re gonna back up a bit to refresh your mind what happened last episode: when Ping An fell, the company’s pearl earrings also went tumbling out onto the grass but because everyone was focused on Zi Wen calling Ping An “Wei Zhen” no one saw that sneaky Li Sa has pocketed the pearl earrings.

Later that night, she purposely asks Ping An to check the company’s expensive items in her holding. Ping An becomes frantic when she can’t find the earrings and Li Sa insists that she finds them before they head back. Xi Le offers to help but Li Sa stops her, citing the MOST RIDICULOUS excuse ever. Ready for it?

She thinks Xi Le has dark skin (elbows, knees) which is affecting the photo-shoot, so she has scheduled a spa for them both.


HAHHAHA!! I don’t think you can find a person with better skin than Xi Le around here. So Ping An heads off to the dark garden, searching for the earrings that will never be found there. Looking for Ping An is Ye Chen and he joins her quest too. Dude, do you have a Ping An GPS installed? Meanwhile, Li Sa tries to brainwash Xi Le by telling her to upgrade herself to the rich’s privileged life and stop hanging around a country pumpkin like Ping An. She needs to start living like the daughter of Chairlady Bai or risk embarrassing her mother at public events. Says the Witch with poor etiquette. But while Li Sa rambles on and on, Xi Le preoccupies her mind with today’s events. Who’s this Wei Zhen girl that Zi Wen keeps referring to?

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Having spent hours looking for the earrings, Ping An returns to the room in vain. To put a further damp on her mood, she finds Xi Le chatting happily with Li Sa. She notes that the two have suddenly become best friends in a few hours. Xi Le appears quiet and only speaks up when she offers to pay back the pearl earrings in Ping An’s place. Ping An doesn’t like the idea but she relents and promises to pay back the money in monthly payments.

Xi Le waves the suggestion away in annoyance. She thinks it’s okay if the problem can be settled with money…but she’s afraid about the future, when issues can’t be resolved with money. Slipping in her insecurity, she says harshly, “I’m afraid you might drag me down with you.” BURN. Xi Le, how could you?

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This is a long night for the pair of best friends. They might be sleeping on the same bed and yet the emotional divider is stationed quite dominantly. Doubt and insecurity boggle Xi Le’s mind.

Next morning, Ping An gets up in a dejected spirit and walks out to the garden, meaning to search for the pearl earrings once again. From a distance, she sees Ye Chen, perched on his knees, still fishing around for her missing pearls. She approaches him, “How long have you been searching?” He tries to play it cool: “Not very long, I couldn’t sleep-” but before he can finish his line, Ping An, who is overwhelmed with appreciation for his effort, throws her arms around him, while he’s in the middle of yawning. It catches Ye Chen off guard as she calls out, “You low IQ idiot, since you already knew you can’t find it, why are you still here?!”

Ye Chen returns the hug and replies in full Ping-An mode, “Because I don’t want to give up so easily.”

She pulls back and stares up into his (handsome) face and confesses that Xi Le’s very angry with her. She has never seen Xi Le like this. A grateful smile then plays on her lips. “I’m very happy you’re here with me… It’s true.” He pats her head with a grin. GAH. YOU TWO!

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Meeting between Zi Wen and Director Ji with both knowing about Chairlady Bai’s malignant brain tumor. Zi Wen visits him because he wants to stop Director Ji from revealing the Chairlady Bai’s derailing health to the shareholders. If he does, Zi Wen will report his embezzlement to the public. Director Ji is stunned that within a few minutes, he has lost control over this game. He questions Zi Wen’s motive and the latter isn’t shy to announce his goal to become the trustful son-in-law in a rich household.

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Xi Le has a dinner date with Zi Wen at his apartment. While he cooks, she wanders into his room and chances upon his treasure box, which contains Ping An’s birthday cake drawing and another photo with Wei Zhen. So during dinner, the knot in Xi Le’s mind continues to tangle her attention as she tries to figure out Wei Zhen’s identity and how she’s related to Ping An. She gives up trying to deduce her own answer and asks him outright. Unsettled, Zi Wen turns around and averts his eyes. She pesters him for answer repeatedly and he finally bursts out at her, shocking her.

Brilliant scene done by Shi Yi Nan who plays Zi Wen. You can see his build up of complex emotions, heightened by the painful memory. So while his acting and words are true, his motive is detestable because he still lied to Xi Le, screaming in tears that Wei Zhen was his deceased sister.

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Right after he demands her departure, he realizes that he can’t treat his ticket to richness/revenge like that and rushes after her. Tears shimmer in her eyes and she makes him a promise, “If fate makes me leave you, then I will have to die. Only then will I leave you.” Oi Xi Le. Is that a speck of guilt in Zi Wen’s eyes?

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At home, Ping An bonds further with her biological mother. These two just gravitate towards each other. To gauge her daughter’s feelings, Chairlady Bai tentatively asks, “Your father, did he mention anything about your mother?” Ping An honestly says she doesn’t remember because she was too young. Her automatic assumption is that her mother’s a superficial woman, she adds, “I’ve decided when I was a kid to not think about her anymore.”

Chairlady Bai feels ashamed of her irresponsibility. “I guess that in this life because she lost you, she must be very regretful. The worst punishment in life is regret.” Ping An peers into Chairlady Bai’s sad eyes, wondering what this powerful woman could possibly be regretting about.

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OHHHHHHHHHH. This part is soooooo KUTE! 😀 After her talk with Chairlady Bai, Ping An returns to her room to study. She looks fondly at her bow pin and smiles, recalling Ye Chen’s fear for bows. Then she does the best thing, similar to declaring her feelings! She gives her blessings to Xi Le and Zi Wen, and PUTS the bow away. Like her crush on Zi Wen.

Next morning, Ye Chen accompanies her to pick up some flowers for the Food Court’s re-opening day. He notices that she isn’t wearing her favorite bow pin anymore and she stammers for a quick second before admitting coolly that she puts it away becauseyoureafraidofit!! His face lights up with an elated expression. She’s thinking about YOU! On her own terms.

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Zi Wen’s plan in action. He has traded Chairlady Bai’s pain killers for some illegal drugs in the black market. Coincidentally, Ye Chen witnessed Blackie, the gangster, buying drugs from other hooligans. He just doesn’t know who is pulling the strings behind this grand scheme.

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Wait. I know the left screen capture looks very….er, naughty? Wrong? But hear my explanation. Our player, Huo Ying, suddenly shows up at Chairlady Bai’s house, intent on taking Ping An to work. I’m confused, when did they become close? Flashback to last episode: After his so-called horse-riding competition with Zi Wen, remember that he split his pants in the process. Turns out Ping An chased after him and hand-stitched the pants back.

And I’m looking like…WHAT? This part is a little off writer. First off, he’s rich. Second, he doesn’t look like the type to wear stitched pants! But I guess the writer wants to play off their cousin’s bickering chemistry.

Today, he’s here to hand Ping An a new smart phone. And I freakin’ love her response to his lavish gift, “Smart people don’t need smart phone!” ROFL!! In the end, she accepts it because a phone with good camera might come in handy in the future. He smiles at her reaction.

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In front of the company’s entrance, Zi Wen helps Ping An park her motorbike and habitually reaches out his hand to pinch her nose but Ping An, with her new resolution and dissipated feelings, retracts her head. That’s my girl. He can’t be going around pinching your nose NO MOAR!

Episode 9 Summary:

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On the excuse of helping his flowers bloom, Ye Chen brings Ping An to his sister’s grave. She breaks down the story that he was visiting Wei Zhen’s grave too when he saved her and Chairlady Bai from the kidnappers in episode one. Ping An: “So in a way, she was our guardian angel.” She clasps her hands together to thank her guardian angel and a small smile emerges on Ye Chen’s face, as if his sister’s spiritual assistance was true and meaningful in bringing him to Ping An.

Casually but with every fiber of sincerity, Ping An suggests that she’ll come here often to look after Wei Zhen’s favorite flower, making sure they bloom beautifully. At her thoughtful offer, Ye Chen can’t keep his bubbling happiness hidden and just scans her face in awe. Growing aware of his sweet eyes, Ping An swallows a gulp of shyness.

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He then grabs her shoulders tenderly and they remain standing as he speaks, “Your smile is so pretty. Ping An, promise me. No matter what happens in the future, you will always keep the smile you have now.” She nods approvingly and in return requests that he promises to stay by her side no matter what. Oi, you don’t need to ask silly, he’s rooted to the ground of where you are.

They embrace and I love that her face glows as she wraps her arms around the giant ball of sweetness that is him and he’s just in heaven, easily sliding his arms around her small, puppy frame.

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Xi Le hanging out with Li Sa. More often than I would like. This time, the witch is armed with a plan. She intentionally bumps into Xi Le and pours out the contents of her purse, along with the missing pearl earrings Ping An is punished for losing. Chasing after Li Sa, Xi le questions why she has to make life difficult for Ping An. In a matter-of-fact tone, Li Sa flicks her hair and rolls her eyes, as if it’s her god-given right to torture Ping An, who is always well-loved by everyone, always the center of attention wherever she goes, and always the leader when they were at the orphanage. Gurl, are you sure those are reasons WHY you hate her? All I’m taking from this rambling is a peek at your low self-esteem and jealousy.

Standing there and taking this all in with a conflicted expression is Xi Le, falling for Li Sa’s mind games of separation and conquer. AGAIN!

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Zi Wen’s little lie is busted. Ping An casually mentions Ye Chen’s sister and Xi Le’s face pales – her beloved boyfriend has lied to her again. Maybe she’s afraid of provoking his temperamental side, maybe she’s afraid of losing him, so instead of interrogating him like the last time, she chooses to forget she’s heard the truth. He discloses the truth to her anyway, admitting that he lied so she wouldn’t harbor strange thoughts about anything else. Then, he diverts her attention with a marriage proposal, a ring box in his palm, he asks for her hand. She lights up and reasons that she still needs her mother’s consent before formally accepting him.

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Elsewhere, in a park, lit up by a million stars overhead, Ping An and Ye Chen exchange another thoughtful conversation where they comment about the penchant around each other’s neck resembling the shape of a star. Sitting rather closely, Ping An takes his penchant in her palm and affirms wistfully, “People said that our loved ones that past away become stars to watch over us. So, your sister and my dad, they should be the twinkling stars in the sky now.” He’s skeptical about her dad’s death though and replies, “You’re not alone. A star near you is already watching over you.” heehee. Oh? OH? And who are we speaking about? *bats eyelashes encouragingly*

Will you two ever KISS? I like hugs and all…but…

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More trouble thrown at Ping An. After hearing about Zi Wen’s proposal to Xi Le, Chairlady Bai wants to use the upcoming bid for the opening of another Food Court as an opportunity to test Zi Wen’s alliance. Unfortunately, her plan is thwarted by Li Sa who has asked Xi Le to give the document to Ping An, citing an excuse of giving her the opportunities to learn. Then while Ping An holds the bidding price document in her hand, she meets Huo Ying. I thought he was her friend but for him to HELP his stinky sister trumped me. He trades her document with a stack of empty sheets.

At the end of the day, Chairlady Bai receives the news that they didn’t win the bid. She thinks it’s Zi Wen who betrayed them until Ye Chen’s stern expression confirms that the person who handed in their bidding document was… Ping An.

Learning the news from Li Sa’s mouth, Xi Le is shocked that she’s innocently participated in the conspiracy. She jumps up from the spa table, meaning to head home and clarify the incident with her mom, but Li Sa chains her with another catch: “No matter who brought in the document, my dad wouldn’t let the bidding come through. So the sacrificial lamb was either Zi Wen or Ping An. You should thank me for being a considerate bad guy.” Arg. I should spank you and send you back to learn some human decency!

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Following the company’s protocol, Ping An is fired on the spot for being a commercial spy. She breaks down trying to find out who traded her document. GAH. It breaks my heart when Amanda cries. She cries believably and her whole face droops into this deep despair.

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While Ye Chen obtains the image of Huo Ying being wary and self-conscious of the surveillance camera when he was placing the document in Ping An’s book bag, Zi Wen is worried and tracks her down outside the company’s entrance, sitting in a daze. He approaches her and calls out her name. She looks up at her him and utters three words before he cuts in with, “I believe you. I believe you. Take this break as a vacation and rest.” She smiles, thankful for his trust.

As he leaves, we hear Zi Wen’s depressing thought: “This building…the sun will no longer shine.” Ouuufff. Why do I feel so bad for this lonely man? He’s cunning and scheming but his concern for Ping An’s well-being is perhaps his last hold on sanity.

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Our wonderful driver, Ye Chen, drives Ping An around and around, knowing full well that she doesn’t want to come home and face Chairlady Bai and Xi Le. Alas, the trip is over and he encourages her to confront Chairlady Bai with her clean conscience.

Inside the mansion, surprisingly, Xi Le stands before her mother, revealing her mistake and conceding that it was negligence on her part, she should’ve given the document to Zi Wen. Next to her, Li Sa chimes in, playing the part of a filial niece, but she puts on a different spin to the story Xi Le confessed. Her story: She has set an appointment with the wedding planner but the date was changed last minute so Xi Le had no choice but sought the help of Ping An so Zi Wen could be there for the wedding plans. Confusion settles on Xi Le’s face but she DOES NOT deny the claim.

Ping An steps meekly into the house and Xi Le rushes to her side, holding her by the shoulders. Having no ounce of courage to lift up her eyes, she apologizes profusely to Chairlady Bai, who is oddly quiet and looking paler. Li Sa snickers, sarcastically calling out Ping An’s fortunes in life, how she became friends with the Chairlady’s daughter, how she lives in this luxurious place, and how she got promoted faster than everyone else in the company. And her verbal abuse continues, “If I were an employee who had been working overtime for a month on this bidding project, I would’ve choked you to death. I really don’t understand how you still have the face to come back here. Anyone with shame wouldn’t dare come back.”

This is when my favorite part happens. A roar comes out from Ye Chen who recently steps foot into the house. “Ji Li Sa. SHUT UP!”


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CR: suju689

After Chairlady Bai returns to her room, Ye Chen’s sauciness takes on a whole new level.

Ye Chen: “Why are you still here? Or do you want me to throw you out?”
Li Sa: “What right do you have? You’re only a chauffeur!” PUHAHA, and you like HIM, remember? Bad taste?
Ye Chen: “Just because I can’t stand you. Get Out!”
Me: 😀
Li Sa: “Why are you being so mean? What did I do to make you dislike me? You’re so nice to Xie Ping An, but so mean to me! What does she have that I don’t?!”
Me: ROFL. Does she seriously don’t know? But whatever, Ye Chen is about to give her a slap of reality. It’s a healthy dose.
Ye Chen: “From head to toe, from inside to outside, you have nothing compared to her. Are you satisfied now? The door is over there.”

Me Screaming:

 photo thesketchymuffin.gif
CR: thesketchymuffin

DING! DING! DING! Ovaries Explosion!! ^_^

 photo BYL_81.gif photo BYL9--53.jpg

Now that the drama is temporarily over, Ye Chen takes Ping An back to his house. And I couldn’t be happier. She’s reluctant though but he’s all cheeky, “It’s not like you’ve never slept in my bed room before.” *grins*

As they settle down, Ping An notices his sketchbook and inside are drafts, containing drawings of a pearl being wrapped up by the ocean waves, like a layer of protection. He basically uses the same analogy like Chairlady Bai, “Just like the process of making a beautiful pearl, we have to go through many extraordinary things before we become someone extraordinary.”

And while he’s delivering this line, he seems to put on an air of sexiness, looking at her intently. Unfortunately, our oblivious girl is unresponsive to his indirect confession, she’s:

 photo BYL9--56.jpg

 photo BYL_82.gif

So he rolls his eyes and slouches his shoulders. X)

 photo BYL9--60.jpg photo BYL9--61.jpg

She takes his words and makes them into a slogan, speaking more and more like a future business woman. Slightly upset by her response, he grabs the sketch book back, “I’m not selling it, it’s a limited edition.” She mulls over his defensive attitude and figures he’s planning on giving it someone. She inches closer to his face, “Who’s it for? Tell me! I won’t be a big mouth.” Uh, we all know your reputation, little girl. heehee. Flickering his eyes nervously, Ye Chen yells out that her favorite food is in the kitchen and that alone has her dashing out of sight.

Alone, he says:

 photo 45b8d486-9174-4811-bf11-44dff655df3e.jpg

Kap: So cute. That last scene is a total tease. Ping An can’t be that dense RIGHT? Tell me she ain’t so.

What I want to say is my growing frustration of Xi Le. She can’t seem to make up her mind. Her kindness is still there but she keeps allowing herself to be used and letting her insecurity and docile nature seep in. She knows Ping An inside out. She knows Ping An will always be the first person to step up for her. When is Xi Le going to take a fierce and grounded stance in her belief? More importantly, when is she going to fight for Ping An?

And while I enjoy the sharpness of Ye Chen, I’m upset at the writer’s juvenile way of having every evil transaction takes place at the same food stall where Ye Chen frequents and happens to see Blackie handling illegal deals. Character-wise, Dylan has the shorter end of the stick because we aren’t informed much about his back story at all while the second male lead gets to portray many facets of his character, from cunning schemes to ounces of guilt and vulnerabilities. Still, who doesn’t like Ye Chen?

  1. 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

    i thought you forgot about this drama! took you long enough to recap it. longer than any other project! 😛

    the latter half of this recap is the fun part. can totally see your spazzing moment! love THOSE HUGS TOO!! He gives the best hug. me want!! me want!!

    LOL@Spoiler warning line!!!

    This drama ended already but it’s sad that it has less talk than other dramas and the ratings weren’t good. =/

    • 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

      Since I like this one so much, I wanted it to be the first Tdrama I finish recapping. Let’s hope I can keep up! It took me 2 weeks to write this baby….it wasn’t boring but I was just too tired to focus, especially when the scene does not have PingChen, my attention goes to the *left left left*.

      I guess we’ll be the last to talk about it. heh.

  2. 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

    I”m happy to see you continue making recaps for this show. Can never get enough of Dylan… I just love to say “Dylan.” (long sigh. flutters retarded eyelashes) (=

    • 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

      Weird how before Dylan was just another actor I know. But after this now, I luff him. 🙂

  3. 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

    Aaaaagggghhh Episode 9 was all sorts of glorious, so much PingChen goodness. That scene in the park was just the perfect setting if they were to do a kiss scene!! Whyyyyyy didnt it happen! And I’m lining up for that cosy hug from Dylan, yes please!!!!

    Before this drama i thought Dylan was good looking, but he was too pretty and wooden as an actor. Boy he totally changed my perception. Would love to see you finish recapping this drama!! its worth it just for Ye Chen lol.

    About the storyline, what I dont understand was why Zi Wen had to lie about Wei Zhen. He could’ve just told Xi Le she was his girlfriend. Wouldnt that make him more admirable since she’s dead but he still thinks of her? gah.

    • 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

      Haiii Kat. The line is quite long! 😛

      For me Dylan was just too tall and lanky. But whoa, his arm muscles have grown and I’m like “whoa” when I see those babies! Goodness, he has meat! Which is a + in my book for guys.

      yea, I thought it was weird he lied too but then I think he might not want to be seen as a pitiful lover boy. *shrugs*

      • 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

        Ohh I’m willing to wait teehee…

        YESSS he seems to hate people to think he’s tall and skinny hence the crazy workout routine. I can’t stop staring at the pics of him and Jiro lifting weights. o_O ARMSSS.

  4. 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

    They need more pingchen and less xi le and that GIRL!! What’s her name?!

    I love when he rolls his eyes at her blank response. LOL!

  5. 9 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

    I can watch the lead guy all day long. Ping An Please dont let all that fineness go to waste.

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