The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

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A much better episode, in that we have many genuine character interactions and less teeny-popper Sakura pining after Hiroto. A different topic arises, one that is relatable to many women that age, and we see that love might not be Sakura’s greatest dream. Age catches up to everyone and whether one is ready to transition to the next stage or not depends on their outlook of life and what treasures they have right next to them.

It’s not far, Sakura. Just look past that barbed tongue of his.

Episode 4 Thoughts:

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The pregnancy talk. Ah. I can’t blame for her having these thoughts. The writer has mentioned before that Sakura adores kids, so does Rintaro (*click click*, anyone?) so it’s not surprising the topic is brought up and bogged down our leading girl who is not getting younger by the minute. She discusses it first with Rintaro and he ends up being the person she’s with when she sees the result – thankfully it’s negative (for my sake and hers.) It’s really sweet that while Sakura fixes her eyes on the test result, Rintaro is observing her reaction. As if he wants to gauge her face before generating his own corresponding reply. Sakura’s reaction is telling of her yearns but one has to question the reason behind her disappointment. Because to me it feels like she wants the baby but the father’s identity wouldn’t affect her much if it were not Hiroto’s. How many think they slept together that night?

— Silence —

I thought so.

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Her relationship with Hiroto is still baffling at this point, they’re neither here nor there, not progressing at all. With him, she becomes this passive yes-yes person. I’m still holding it on her for the disturbing proposal from last episode. How she thinks a man who could easily break up with his girl for her is worth her affection? And that braless girl remains braless, even if she has a dress on. Ugh?

Shima is shaping up to become my favorite character. I especially love her sincere confession to the troubled Kohei.

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“For me…I think “marriage” is a miracle. People who meet and mutually fall in love and say they’ll be married until they die are amazing. Especially when they have children, that’s so. You think it only natural that once you have a family that children will be born, but it isn’t true. To be gifted with children…is a miracle. In other words, that means you and Miki as a family have been gifted with a miracle. You should cherish it.”

Nicely said and it divulges how lonely she is as a divorced woman. It’s his loss if he doesn’t take note and change. Her therapy with him unexpectedly cracks me up, but I wish she’d be upfront with Miki the next time they bring up her husband’s (mistaken) infidelity. Hiding stuff from your best friend is only good if it doesn’t relate to her happiness.

Kohei’s response to Shima continues to dismay me. You have a wife, dude, so stop acting like a perky puppy in front of Shima!

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The wine sure dries up fast!

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A revelation: Why Yoko squeezed her shoulder ominously last episode? An accident happened and Hiroto is the one responsible for the huge scar that lines her back. This explains why he feels chained to her and responds out of guilt (love?) to her demands, regardless of how low he’s depicted in the process. Seeing the wine staining her wall, Yoko breaks down, reminding him again why she can’t love. Our beautiful girl thinks men would despise her if they know of her injury, an imperfection leading to her low self-esteem. She feels unworthy for love yet she wants to possess Rintaro. Is this the mentality we call “If I can’t have him, then no one can?”

I like this scene in the sense that we see a flash of intense fear smothered in Hiroto’s eyes when he wraps his arms around Yoko. His desire to make up for his irrevocable mistake was well-acted but too short.

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Rintaro and Sakura’s moments. Too many to name. I love that he cares enough to bring her medications and food but still shies away from showing his caring side in person, hence he leaves the bag hanging outside her door. Although his indifferent response to Sakura’s possible pregnancy is hard to decipher, I still believe he cares for her more than he’d like to admit. It says a lot about his feelings when he hears Sakura’s voice at the outing with the store employees while she’s sick at home.

And he’s not punching her. He’s feeling her fever in a very I-dont-like-you way. 😛

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Another one of those candid moments. Talk of childhood dreams and why those are called “dreams” in retrospect. I appreciate the discussion of timing and how important it is. One’s life is easily changed if timing and the significant other are not in harmony. Rintaro was ready when his girlfriend was pregnant, but she wasn’t prepared to commit to a marriage. Sakura’s desire to have a child of her own but whether Hiroto is the right man or not is still up for debate. Plus, her age makes it harder.

Now, someone needs to tell these two their stars are perfectly aligned!

It’s a nice touch to have Yoko witnessed their honest exchange (even if she probably couldn’t hear a word). The main weapon that cuts her deeply is their body language. The classic scenario of the people inside the box being muddled about their feelings but it’s crystal clear to outsiders.

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Did I say how much I love it when the ladies hang out? I really really love that they always have their moments. It proves how friendship plays a heavy role in their current mentality; how they would tackle life’s curve balls. Three brains is a better than one. I also like the director for finding ways to incorporate these little quotes in different ways throughout each episode. I find myself searching for them every week.

Kappy: The insert song for this drama is “Last Love” by Rihwa. Reading the English translation of the lyrics really helps in understanding the direction the writer is (hopefully) aiming for his characters. In other words, I would call this episode “Wounded Souls.” Evidently, we witness how each of our character is lonely and apprehensive of future prospects. They trudge along in small, hesitant steps, afraid to love and wriggle free. They hope that miracles would land in their path. Miracles in the form of sudden understanding and acceptance. However, life ain’t that easy. Their friends is a source of moral support but it’s ultimate their own journey to move on from this sticky point. It’s only then that they can begin the process of healing.

And meeting each other is the writer’s setup for this development. (I really hope I’m not giving the writer too much credit here. har!)

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English Translation thanks to Languagebymusic.

I just felt that I knew it all
I just tried to put it all away
Everytime I got too much to recall
I’m holding back my tears

Taking plenty of time
We all made it getting here
And we wanted someone to understand
What we believe

Fireworks in water
That’s how I’m burning as a fighter
No matter what will wait for us
Please let me get closer
And let me touch the core of your world
As we are carrying on
Till all pain’s gone

No one knows who is who at all
Someone calls someone to fall apart
Everything I did wrong for our love was
That we had no fears

My world is going around
I can touch the ground
And I’ll be the core of my world
For holding your hand

Fireworks in water
That’s how I’m burning as a fighter
No matter what will wait for us
Please let me get closer
And let me touch the core of your world
As we are carrying on
Till all pain’s gone

Trying to talk about thing that are trivial
Is making my heart beating like a merry-go-around
I had some nights that I shed tears on my pillow
Believing in myself everything will be alright
All I wanna do is walking by your side

Fireworks in water
That’s how I’m burning as a fighter
No matter what will wait for us
Please let me get closer
And let me touch the core of your world
As we are carrying on
Till our love never goes away

And because this cracks me up:

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  1. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    LOL@the last two gifs. i laughed so hard when she she hit his head. LOL! Sakura should never be allowed near hiroto!! i hate her when she’s near him!! she loses all sense of herself and acts like his maid! you see her pouring him drinks and stuff??!!

    hahhaa braless girl. watch that girl bring more drama!

    great insights. i love the insert and themesong. it’s nice to have the english translation. i hope the writer has something deep at the end of the drama like you said. using these four to heal one another. don’t be overly simplistic for an adult drama!

    the kissing back scene was weird if they were siblings. they ARE NOT SIBLINGS OKAY WRITER?!?!! that will gross me out. i already had a stomach full of wrong from that winter the winter blows. i don’t need more creepiness from you!!!

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      frea you too – the Winter that Blows i mean. I don’t care if in the end she found out that they were not related but i thought it was just gross. People were oohing and aahing and i’m thinking this is so wrong.

      In the scene Hiroto kisses her back i was going WHAT THE HECK???!!! *shudders* I know they never said they were siblings but…that scene just rubbed me the wrong way, even if i find out they’re not siblings somehow it does not make it ok.

      Ditto on how Sakura acts around Hiroto, i feel like its sooo exaggerated and ridiculous the supposed power that Hiroto has over her. He is but a boy and she’s a grown ass woman – if it was A MAN it would make sense. A woman any age can go crazy over an enigmatic man – this boy is still in daipers, nothing electrifying about him. Maybe Matsu Jun or Ikuta Toma could have pulled it off? Actually i think Rihoto could have pulled off well – taking his performance in Mei-chan no Shitsuji not Hana Kimi.

      I think Miki should divorce her husband and find someone who sees her worth – one thing i noticed in Jdramas is that husbands couldn’t care less about the wives, she’s just someone to have kids and take care of the house and all his needs.

      I don’t know if i feel anything for Rintaro and Sakura, i just feel they writers are selling us the idea of them being good together.

      • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”


        • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

          Also Mukai Osamu or Yamamoto Yusuke would be better suited for Hiroto’s role

        • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

          Oguri Shun too

  2. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    I’m following this drama as well. So far, it’s progressing well.

  3. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    I love the actors as is. The sibling love thing doesn’t surprise me (not acceptable nonetheless) this is a Japanese drama. As for the Winter the wind blows.. I chocked that up to a terrible script and bad acting. : (

  4. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    Frea, yep, I feel the braless girl is brewing some other stupid plan and if Sakura allows her to step ALL OVER HER PRIDE AGAIN, I won’t be able to forgive her.

    Annette, I think you’re REALLY traumatized from That Winter!! The slight suggestion that they are siblings have you over the edge. 😛

    You can’t feel the sizzling underlying chemistry between the Rintaro and Sakura? How is that possible! They’re so natural together. If the writer is selling the idea about wrong timing of relationship, they deserve another chance down the line.

    Seanshine, really? I haven’t watched that many Jdramas yet so……… O_O

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      I think i have been traumatized, and Seanshine is right about jdramas. I’m watching Ouran High School Host Club and these brothers are twins but supposedly they are in love with each other, they show scenes of them stroking each other – they call it “forbidden love” and i’m thinking what is wrong with these Japanese screen writers!!! And this viewer commented that the twins are making her into a “twin-cest” (???) worshipper and another viewer comments they know the feeling – What kind of world are we living in for this to be ok, i want to get off it. Show or not this is not right, even for fun and games. I’ve also seen male idols rubbing/gyrating on each other, coming too close to comfort – case in point Minho the guy in To The Beautiful You and a member of his band. And of course who could forget the kiss in Full House 2

  5. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    lol Annette, i think the majority of this fauzcest fandom are quite scary. they will accept anything as long as there is skinship between the leads. CREEPPPPPPPY. funny how the writer of that winter is supposed to be this awesome writer and she pulled a abysmal script like that.

    but you know, i notice that some japanese writers have this creeepy fetish for fauxcest love between siblings and parents-child. i forgot which drama it was that the father loves the daughter because the daughter died and now the mother is in her body. omg. they were sleeping on the same bed and he hugged her and all. i ran sooooooooooo far away from that drama.

    in Ouran High School Host Club, i didn’t take it very seriously because the boys put it on as a show for the crazy fangirls they have. they like the main girl. so it was okay. and yea the korean boybands love touching and kissing each other. in full house 2, although I cringed too but they are actors, acting out the script, can’t hold it against them.

    am still hoping they are not siblings. THEY CAN’T BE!!!!

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      I wasn’t watching this, but the words “braless girl” caught my attention. Frea, have you watched Samuel L. Jackson’s movie “Fury” a.k.a. “The Samaritan”? Similar things happen to him that happened to Choi Min-sik in Old boy. Its not really fauxcest love, but its related I think.

      • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

        LOL! give it to yichung for scanning the post and picking up nekkid vocabularies. 😛

        didn’t watch neither movies but i did read the synopsis for Oldboy. too heavy and psychotic for my taste. korean movies in general are not catered to my taste, i haven’t watched one i really loveeeee and will watch a second time around.

        did you watch them? how are they?

        • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

          Yoo Yeon-seok, the Actor that plays the bad guy in both A Werewolf Boy and Architecture 101 made his debut in Oldboy. (He played the young version of Yoo Jitae). It’s a bit disturbing since he plays a middle-school student who is seen doing something with (or to?) his willing sister, the physical part is partially shown. Now there is the remake of oldboy with Samuel L. Jackson, who is also in “the Samaritan”. I find it interesting they remade the film rather than going to the manga which its based on.
          There is also violence and gore along with the nudity and incest, so I’m not sure you want to watch any of these films.

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      frea i’ve just remembered another Jdrama where the lead girl was in love with her uncle and they actually slept together !!!!!! – its called Mitsu no Aji ~A Taste Of Honey~. The niece is played by the actress in Mei-chan No Shitsuji and that’s what i got interested in it. Read the plot i ran away as far as i could

      In Ouran High School Host Club i do not care whether they put on a show or not, just the fact that they are selling that as being ok is not ok

      FH2 they might be acting that’s still a problem for me

      • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

        yuck. EWWWWWWWWWWW annette! don’t speak of fauzcest love anymore. im puking already. lols.

        but why is it a problem in FH2? the boys aren’t related. they don’t love each other. the writer did it for shock value. might i ask, you don’t support gay couples?

  6. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    Frea, no I don’t but I’m not one to pick up a pitch fork and torch ready to attack. I don’t treat/see people who are homo any different from those who are hetero and I don’t see why I should. I don’t get those people who spew hatred towards gay people,there’s absolutely no justification for it. Its funny they think they can treat gays that way, but as long as they are nice to everybody else then its ok.

  7. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    Thanks for the heads-up JC, I think I read something about the Sam Jackson movie but i was not aware of the Korean movies. Will definitely be steering clear if them

  8. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    What I have learnt about the Japanese culture throughout the years (through dramas and entertainment news mostly) is that they are they most extreme culture I know. They have the cutest yet most perverse items/subjects/things. They seem to be the most refined/considerate culture around, but you see many, some extreme, cases of high school bullying around – suicidal rates are high ( I think there are other examples, but these are off the top of my head. Of course, I’m not saying that every single person is a bully. I dont think they’re very accepting of homos, but you have quite a few transsexuals who are actually celebrities. (Search Haruna Ai. She’s real cute though!) In fact, there are also a few guys who are pretty feminine and are also celebrities.

    I love Japan, with the food and culture and everything, but really, I sometimes still cant wrap my head around how extreme the culture can be.

    Back to the drama, I love how the interaction between the three girls in the salon caused the other staff to cringe with wtf faces. Frankly though, the drama’s kinda slowing down for me, but I’ll still continue watching it, just because. xD

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      Japanese extreme culture, reminds me of the film “Cold Fish” by Sion Sono -which is based on real events. Its based on the dog kennel owner who went on a killing spree in the 1980’s, but the movie turned it into a tropical fish store. mentioning Haruna Ai reminded me of the earlier film “Mutant Girls Squad” because of the transvestite samurai leader of the mutant rebellion in the film.

  9. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    ラスト・シンデレラ 五話しはいち言です。すごい!
    Just watched the raw for episode 5 and I must say I think everyone’s gonna like what they see. It appears my boy Hiroto isn’t out for the count just yet. I just about laughed my ass off at the antics between Sakura and kin. And Hiroto’s facial expressions and reactions were priceless. I won’t spoil it for the rest but this show is way better than I ever expected for a Jdrama. I’ve been on hiatus from japanese productions for a while and I’m glad I decided to tune into this one. Well worth it.

    Happy watching everyone!

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      Sounds like a great ep 5! 楽しみ!

  10. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    Oh I almost forgot..

    I think I may be outnumbered here cause I’m really rooting for Hiroto-kun. But honestly I think Rintaro/Buchou needs to go find his wife Hotaru (for those who’ve watched Hotaru no hikari). Really don’t want him to get the girl this time. 😉

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      Buchou is always awesome! :DDD He’s just all sorts of perfection! If not for watching Hotaru no Hikari, I’d not have started liking Naohito so much! I love love love the surprise he had for Hotaru overseas in the movie!

  11. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    You know, I’ve not watched Season two but I did read a little on it long after the show had aired. I loved the first one. I think about the time the second installment came around I was kinda looking for a different kind of storyline. So i didnt bother to watch. However, now since you’ve mentioned the surprise, it’s peaked my interest to watch it finally. I’ll add it to my list. Thanks!

    • 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

      I’m glad to share! The movie’s after season 2 though. Watch that first! Enjoy!

  12. 26 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

    How I wish this drama had gone the other route…. but then again…both routes have been done to death.

    I still don’t see romantic tension from Haruma even in the last episode. Pathetic. It’s kinda creepy sometimes

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