Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

Our dear spazzer Frea requested this soundtrack. Like you guys already know, I don’t know much about lakorns so I’m clueless on who’s portraying who. But Frea fills me in, explaining that it’s a 5-part series, each part featuring a brother from the “gentleman” family. I just have to snicker at that subtlety. 😛 Which also means each boy does get a girl, no brother is involved in a messy love triangle with his bro. Well, that’s always good news.

The Brothers: Grumpy, Arrogant, Smiley Twins, Cool. heehee.

A closer look at the ladies: They’re so pretty! Looks-wise, I like the last two most.


01. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา – ป๊อบ ปองกูล
02. ลมหายใจเท่านั้นที่รู้ – บี พีระพัฒน์
03. เก็บรัก – แนน วาทิยา
04. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา – โดม จารุวัฒน์ ★
05. ยอม – หนึ่ง ณรงค์วิทย์
06. ฉันรักเธอที่เป็นแบบนี้ – น้ำชา ชีรณัฐ
07. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา – ที Jetset’er Feat. โรส ศิรินทิพย์
08. เธอจะรักฉันหรือเปล่าไม่รู้ – แหนม รณเดช
09. โปรดถามสักคำ – แพรว คณิตกุล
10. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา – กัน นภัทร ★
11. เอื้อมไม่ถึง – หมู Muzu
12. เผลอใจ – ลุลา Feat. พิจิกา
13. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา – Crescendo ★
14. อย่าบอกฉันว่าให้ไป – ชิน ชินวุฒ
15. ยอม [Light Version] – หนึ่ง ณรงค์วิทย์
16. รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา [Acoustic] – Crescendo ★

DL FULL OST Here // Mirror

Please help translate the track names!

Kappy: The style of the songs are pretty old-schooled, slow and blues, to match with the period of this series. My favorite tracks are listed with a star! You can hear two below:

Song 4
Song 13

If you’re watching this series, let me know if it’s good. Not you Frea, you’re biased! 😛 Kidding!

  1. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    thanks kappy!!!!! im loving this series.

    1st part with the older brother grate was boring. the girl was pretty but she’s pretty new to the acting world so they’re pretty stiff together.

    the second part with POPEEEEEEEEEEEE is purrrrrrrfect. i love him so much. his pain, burden, and suppression were well-displayed. people need to stop underestimating this man!!

    the third part which is airing now, will be over soon, is the one with the guy in glasses. he plays a gentle but very naughty doctor who falls in love with the poor n’ek who’s involved in the dirty business of miss thailand or something. the main guy name is James J and his part is getting a lot of buzz in thailand. people love him, saying that he resembles mark prin, but i do think he looks like song joong ki too!

    the line up of the ladies in your photo is the order of the series. lols.

    • 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

      Hey frea where are you watching it? Send me the links – i was interested in the last brothers but i might watch the 3rd brother.
      Grate is a very good looking man with a great smile but his acting is trash – if you can even call it acting -that’s why i was never interested in his story

      • 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

        Ask and you shall receive! 😀

        hehe, how can you skipped pope’s part annette!! it’s so goooooood! let me know what you think of the 3rd part, the third brother is coined as nadech’s downfall. the media is so mean to na. ARG!!

        yep, if only grate’s acting is half as good as his looks and smile. LOL

        • 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

          Thank you!!! The third brother – the one with the glasses – is Nadech’s downfall? Really? If based on looks alone Nadech has nothing to worry about. is he better actor? Never seen him in anything/

          Which part are you watching?

        • 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

          i scanned throu the 1st part, finished the 2nd part, now onto the 3rd part. the other parts haven’t aired yet!

          he’s new annette and this is his first lakorn so you can pretty much guess his acting. it’s the character thats wooing the fangirls and the cheesiness of his words, since he’s a doctor and all, they didn’t expect ccheesiness from his character. lol.

          the thai media is exaggerating of course and it gets annoying because they ask na about it and he’s all smiley and laid back, saying he’s happy for James and that the cycle of popularity moves in circle so he isn’t serious about it. which is a good reply!

        • 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

          i read about it too… i like Nadech.. he has something that people would love him easily.. james is cute and very friendly too.. they both are good actors even james is a new comer.. agree with Frea, thai media is exaggerating.. i’ll wait for james’ new lakorn, but i’m glad he didn’t really attend many events hehe..

          ps : nadech just got best actor for his lakorn TNKK (if im not mistaken), even his character was super boring but i’m glad, he got it not just becuz he has so many fans but becuz he’s getting better in acting 🙂

  2. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    i watched it, khun chai taratorn… oh my God.. james is super cuteeeeee *fangirling* he’s totally not my type, but his character is pretty good and makes me falling for him.. james and bella are great couple.. ah they would be on my fave couple list.. LOLs

    p’pope is pretty great too…


    love it love it love it 😀

  3. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    Thank!! Been looking for a new Lakhorn. Going to check this out immediately.

  4. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    hi… anyway i came across your blog after i’ve had finished watching all the series… well i love all the series but my fav would definitely be chai yai (khunchai tharatorn) and chai pat (khun chai puttipat). however the naughty roles of khunchai ronnapee and khunchai rachanon definitely tickles u up… they’re funny and mischievous…

    for the heroin… i love maprang (in khunchai tharathorn) and krongkaew (in khunchai puttipat)… nonetheless the others are still funny..

    last but not least, i think that in khunchai rachanon part is the most boring series among the five… because it seem that they tried to speed up the whole story so it doesnt really suit me… however all five are really gud stories… hehehe

  5. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    thank you for share the OST all the songs are amazing, and the all versions of principal song too , I must watch the 5 histories about the 5 brothers. XD

  6. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    Watching the third series now,
    I can see why thais love Jame Jirayu, he does have the looks and some talent to back up. Im swooned too.
    Happily jumping on the bandwagon now 😀

  7. 12 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

    I really don’t know how to use this but um does anyone know a sort of short track in the second brother serie. It was the part where the second brother talks to the assistant ( the one that weras a grey suit for women. She also wears glasses and has curly hair) The second brother askes if the person that the other man wanted to talk was the princess or something? The the assiatant says something about how the other man is a player and cheater. Oh yeah and the track starts at the end of the scene before the talking scene where the two women talks and then goes on to the second brother and the asitant part. Help?? XD

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