Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

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Aw! I missed my PingChen babies so much! So behind in this drama, it’s not even funny. All thanks to Viki New Interface, causing delays in my viewing enjoyment. Now that I’m back, so glad to see Ping An sporting a slightly altered hairstyle. It’s a simple swept of the bangs, making her features softer. She looks less bumbling, though still clumsy in motion. We have a new addition to the cast, and one I wish to see less of. That’s a fair warning, no? 😛

Like always, please do not spoil if you’re ahead. ^^

Episode 6 Summary:

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We left off in episode 5 with Ping An rushing into Ye Chen’s car, both seeking out Zi Wen’s help to locate Huo Ying’s whereabouts. The puppy boy brings Xi Le to a high-class club, introducing her to his three friends. After being rejected by Zi Wen, Xi Le lets Huo Ying drags her along and even down a few glasses, hoping to nurse her wounded heart. Time’s up because Ping An finds them and ushers Xi Le into Ye Chen’s protective arms, while she puts on a show to embarrass Huo Ying by acting as his pregnant wife, earning the sympathetic nods of his equally dim-witted friends. Watching from a distance, Ye Chen chuckles at her antics.

They head out and the moment her eyes spot Zi Wen, Xi Le runs up and hugs him from behind. She tearfully asks him why he cares so much about her status as Bai Ming Li’s daughter. As long she knows he’s true to her, it’s enough. Continuing with his push-and-pull strategy, Zi Wen swivels around and peers at her, replying, “What about your mother? She won’t let any man have you so easily. Since we know of the obstacles ahead, we shouldn’t begin.”

He finishes his grand speech by requesting her to see him as a coward. A coward who doesn’t deserve her wonderful love. She screams after him, yet he walks away like a martyr (rolls eyes) and it’s Ping An, like the best sister that she is, who offers comfort, “Executive Li thinks too much. Since you both love each other, you just have to hang in there. Don’t tell me you’ve become a coward after having a mother! Be stronger, Xie Xi Le!”

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This is cute. They’re basically joined by the hips throughout work. She wonders what she could do to improve the food display at Xi Le’s introductory party. And Ye Chen drops a few ideas, encouraging her to keep things basic, “Just do it simple. There’s nothing you cannot do.” Ping An perks up, and she begins to list out all the ways she can arrange, mix and match, so that the food dishes appear neat and fancy. Smiling, he glances at her sideways, “You’re not stupid,” and quickly suggests her to finish the food first so he could give his opinions. She sees through his gluttony and lifts her chin in pride for catching it. Adorable. These two.

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And here is out new cast member. Meet Ji Li Sa (Huang Ke Jing), Huo Ying’s younger sister. She’s adopted after his sister died but no one knows about this but Huo Ying and his father. She has recently been called back by Director Li so that she can aid Huo Ying in his Pearl business. She will act as his Creative Director. Here, the bratty girl tries to slap Ping An for slandering Huo Ying’s reputation. Keep in mind that Ping An doesn’t know who she is and automatically assumes she’s another girl the player wants to court.

Ye Chen catches her hand in midair, doubling the size of his eyes, he warns, “Hitting people randomly is having no manners.”

Oh Ping An, I know you’re good-hearted, but sometimes the sign “Mind your own business” is written crisp and clear.

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In the following scene, Huo Ying follows his dad’s instruction and reveals Chairlady’s small-printed clause in the contract they signed eons ago. As expected, they’re livid that she would stoop so low to trick them out of their resource and income. Upon hearing the news, Ping An once again storms into Chairlady Bai’s office. However, she keeps her voice low and calm, trying to reason with Chairlady Bai, “But how can you be like this? These people trusted you. They put their family and future in your hands. For a moment there, I thought that in fact, you weren’t so bad as you let it show.”

Chairlady Bai doesn’t take defense for her case. She answers in a matter-of-fact tone that she’s just choosing the best option to benefit the company as well as easing the vendors’ anger temporarily. And she did not trick them into signing anything, the clause is written there, so it’s fair and square. Chairlady Bai then turns the argument around and points out Ping An’s unprofessional ethics, stalking into the CEO’s office at her own will. This action must not go unpunished. She appoints Ping An to hand-write the old contracts in the company’s archive.

Little does Ping An know, her mother has a motive; she hopes that by copying these contracts, Ping An would be able to retain how the company operates and accommodates to each investment.

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Outside the office, Ping An leans her forehead against the wall, murmuring on how useless she is in solving problems. Ye Chen thinks she has improved somewhat because at least she didn’t barge in like a crazy dog this time. He wonders why and Ping An explains that after seeing how difficult life as a CEO is for Chairlady Bai, she can understand that sometimes using treacherous methods is crucial and necessary.

Hopeful, Ye Chen adds, “Or maybe deep down you know that if she is truly against the Food Court, she wouldn’t use their food at the party AND assign you as the person in charge.” Ping An mulls over this for quick beat before beaming up at him. It makes sense! She hurries off to tell the vendors, assuring them that the Chairlady’s decision has changed.

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Classic scenario – heroine being gripped on her arms by two men. You know, my earliest memory of this moment (one where I remember) is from Meteor Garden, where Barbie was on the verge of being torn apart by Jerry and Vic. I recall asking my mother, “What if her arms accidentally fall off?” I got eye rolls from her! Good, old times.

Naturally, Ye Chen wins this round. They take off to the parking lot and he only goes back up to retrieve Ping An’s files. There, he sees the gangster, called Blackie, who stabbed Zi Wen in the previous episode, leaving the premise. He stops in his tracks, calculating the possibilities of why Blackie is here, to meet with whom? To complicate matters, Huo Ying is seen leaving the same apartment as Zi Wen. Two suspects.

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At the celebration party, Li Sa, in her holy narrow-mindedness, pours red wine on Xi Le’s pristine white dress to ruin it because things that she can’t have, no one else can obtain. Ping An gives Xi Le her black dress to wear instead. Oh Bai Ming Li, she picked the same color for her and her real daughter. Tsk Tsk.

Afterwards the wardrobe incident, Chairlady Bai candidly announces to the guests that it’s true Xi Le is not her child with the former president, but she is her child nonetheless. And as everyone knows about her accomplishments and foresight, she has helped Qin Cheng group flourish throughout the years, so it’s justified that her properties are under her Xi Le in the future.

While everyone is busy eating and socialising, Ye Chen stands to the side alone, quietly observing and watching out for Ping An. With a small smile, he thinks, “At this moment, I’m actually hoping that she is really just the girl from the Food Court. And not Bai Ming Li’s daughter.” Aw. Angst-ing already?

Elsewhere, Xi Le stands by herself, viewing the scenery. But her peace is penetrated by the menacing presence of Li Sa, who’s here to cause havoc. The witch asks Xi Le whether she knows how to swim, while guiding her towards the pool. Nervous, Xi Le replies no and the witch cackles. You can hear her brain say: “That’s great, here’s a swimming pool lesson!” She pushes Xi Le into the pool.

Man I just want to slap that witch (*feel free to change w to another letter), carelessly playing with another person’s life! UGHHHH. I have had a bad incident in the pool once and let me just say how frightening it was, and how blessed I was that my friend has long hair. LOL!

Episode 7 Summary:

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hahah This part cracks me up because Ping An’s first reaction is to push Li Sa into the water, “You too! Go drink some water!” 😀 But then she panics and waves her hand, hoping that Xi Le would take it. Thankfully, the prince in a white Zi Wen dives right into the pool from the other side and swims to her rescue.

Li Sa hops out with her dress hanging down, revealing her undergarments and Ye Chen strides across to wrap her in his jacket. Hey boo, your turn to read the sign “Mind your own business!!” The witch deserves some humiliation and not your protection of modesty, okay?

What? I never said I’m nice.

What annoys me more is that Xi Le, armed with her endless kindness, comes to the room and delivers some clothes to Li Sa. There she finds out her identity as an adopted child. Conveniently, she’s the same little girl who was adopted over Xi Le. To make matters worse, Li Sa hasn’t changed throughout the years of expensive education and a loving family. She was a bully back then too and earned a scar on the wrist when Ping An pushed her off little Xi Le.

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Night falls and Ping An timidly approaches Bai Ming Li, believing that she’s called here for her outrageous behavior towards Li Sa this morning. Nope. Mother is proud because the other girl needs to learn things the hard way. Relieved, Ping An laughs nervously, agreeing again that sometimes using harsh methods is essential.

Chairlady Bai then hands her a gift for her hard work. She calls it an inexpensive gift packed with momentous value.

Bai Ming Li: “This is a pearl that hasn’t formed yet. It must go through hardships and trials to become a priceless pearl. But if it fails to go through such tests, it will become a worthless shell. So this pearl pendant is full of hopes and possibilities, better than a refined pearl.”

Aw. I love the meaning behind it. I love it more that she believes Ping An is a pearl which has a long way to go before she truly blossoms into a capable person.

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While Ping An bonds with her mother, Xi Le goes through the binding of bodies with Zi Wen. How creepy is this guy? He knows she’d stop by to thank him for rescuing her, so he sips his wine and waits for her, not forgetting to rehearse his lines. Alas, the person visiting late that night isn’t Xi Le, at least, not yet. It’s Blackie.

Zi Wen takes this opportunity to officially hire Blackie as his task man.

*knock knock* Xi Le shows up and fearful for his criminal guest, Zi Wen wastes no time to swoop in for a kiss as Blackie escapes the house with a wicked grin. Morning arrives and Xi Le is taken aback when Zi Wen whispers “Wei Zhen” in his sleep. More alarming bells ring when she finds Ping An’s tie pin on his clothes.

 photo BYL7-10.jpg photo BYL7-9.jpg

In preparation for Huo Ying’s Pearl Business, Chairlady Bai sends the group of youthful energy out to shoot their advertisements. With Xi Le’s demure image and milky white skin, she’s the model. And Ping An slaves behind Li Sa like a servant, since the witch is the Creative Director. ARGGGGGGG!!

The guys tag along and Xi Le suggests they have a double date dinner later tonight. Since she’s rejected by Ye Chen for dinner, Li Sa is ceremoniously invited by Zi Wen. She comes with a spoonful of childish acts, ordering a plate of crabs for Ping An. She smirks in her head, laughing at Ping An’s dumbfounded expression when she attempts to carry out Western food etiquette.

Using too much strength, Ping An sends the crab flying….and somehow the whole thing ends up on Li Sa’s head, thanks to the waiter’s push. Everyone giggles quietly but it’s Ye Chen’s outburst of raucous laughter that I adore. hehe 😉 Li Sa screams her head off and I think the actress laughs too. But then her anger compels her hand to pick up a glass of juice and splash it in Ping An’s face. Everyone’s eyes go this big O___O.

Ugh. Li Sa really puts a damp on my entertainment.

 photo BYR67_1.gif photo BYR67_2.gif
 photo BYR67_3.gif photo BYR67_4.gif

But it leads to this super sweet scene between our OTP. Knowing that Ping An is troubled and grumpy, Ye Chen lights up the mood by staying by her side that night, offering to help her draw the shoot location. He has skills. Them manly hands. Is it possible to love this guy more?

He draws…and she places her chin in her palm, supporting her head while marveling at the art he’s creating. Is this the first time she’s complimenting him?

“This person looks so cold and lonely but every time when I needed help, he’s always by my side. If I didn’t know that he was faking it, sometimes I’ll mistake it for being real and think he likes me…”

Oh honey. He’s totally faking the oogly eyes and I’m as blind as a bat. hehe.

When he catches her stealing glimpses of his sexy profile, he smiles. GAHHHHH!! SO CUTE!!

 photo BYL7-28.jpg photo BYL7-25.jpg

Deeper into the night, Ye Chen takes Ping An for a stroll on the boat because she wants to see the romantic location for herself. Since they’re alone now, she asks why he was sent to jail and Ye Chen speaks honestly about his situation. He took up the blame for his best friend. Ping An: “Is it worth it?” Ye Chen: “Back then, I thought it was, but now, I don’t know anymore.”

Before he can divulge his heart out to her, she falls asleep. This girl has the worst timing EVER. And guess what he does? He pulls out the sketchbook and draws her sleeping face. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to see them because the wind has blown them off the boat after he shuts his eyes.

 photo BYL7-31.jpg photo BYL7-30.jpg

OMG. These secret stolen glances are going to kill me. They look so sweet doing it, like the whole world matters nothing to them in that moment. She’s attracted to him as a man now. GAHHHHHHHHH!!

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 photo BYL7-35.jpg photo BYL7-36.jpg

After the incident at the pool, Xi Le has developed a fear for being near water. As the model, she’s required to shoot some shots on a boat. She looks around anxiously and finally settles down when Zi Wen and Ye Chen show up. But her face quickly falls when she notices Zi Wen’s spaced out expression. He’s recalling his happy time with Wei Zhen. They were playing with the motor boat in the water too.

All it takes is Ping An’s clumsy fall to further set the dread in place because subconsciously, Zi Wen calls out, “Wei Zhen” and hurries over to help Ping An. The slip doesn’t go unnoticed by Ye Chen. He’s not happy and Xi Le shares the same sentiment. The man she has slept with continues to call out some girl’s name in her presence.

 photo BYL7-37.jpg

I like that Ye Chen is a man of action. He spares no time and plunges straight into the problem with Zi Wen when they’re alone. With his grave tone, Ye Chen admonishes Zi Wen’s weak loyalty for Xi Le. “Ping An is not Wei Zhen’s substitute. I won’t let you have the chance to hurt her.”

Seeing that Xi Le is eavesdropping from a distance, Zi Wen adds cautiously, “On the contrary, I wish that she’s not Bai Ming Li’s daughter. To me then, it’s less of a burden. But love is like that. So I won’t give up on her despite people’s gossips.”

Lo and behold, Huo Ying marches up to the men, having found out just now that he has competition for Xi Le’s heart. He challenges Zi Wen to a horse racing duel. The loser must bow out.

 photo BYL7-39.jpg photo BYL7-38.jpg

And the loser is the one with the ripped pants. I do like that he’s preoccupied with Ping An’s safety, causing his loss.

On the villain side, Director Li has concocted a plan to procure Bai Ming Li’s medical records. He’s using Huo Ying’s girlfriend’s post as nurse to gain access to her files. DUN DUN DUN!!! (Er, patient’s confidentiality?) This is not the only trouble because Blackie, the gangster now working for Zi Wen, has been ordered to follow his every move. He reports the discovery to Zi Wen, who has spun his own scheme to get his hands on the same information.

Kappy: No wonder they say trouble comes in two. I think it would be an interesting angle to explore if Zi Wen were to find out Ping An’s identity because up till now, he’s been treating her kindly, more than his girlfriend. He looks out for her and genuinely cares about her trivial problems. So it would be a conflict of interests in his heart if she were the target to attack. The question is, would he be able to sabotage Ping An? The one person who reminds him of his pure, unselfish love? The love who was killed by Bai Ming Li’s car?

And goodies, PingChen are so adorable. I love that without needing other’s reminders, Ping An is becoming aware of Ye Chen’s contribution to her problems and the indispensable role he plays in her life. While I’m still waiting for Ye Chen’s backstory, his screen time with Ping An will quench my curiosity until then. SO CUTE. How many times have I said this? Oh whatever, they’re sooooooo kuteee!

And I’m not happy with Xi Le at all. Someone needs to give her a course on “Villain Awareness 101.”

  1. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    “What if her arms accidentally fall off?” I got eye rolls from her! Good, old times.

    LOL! OMG-sh, you totally took me back in time w/ Shan Cai.

    Oh my… stop it you! I’m gonna pee in my pants from cracking up this early morning. I too am glad your friend’s hair became your life rope.

    You still ALIVE Kappy!?! Hallelujah!

    BTW, nice caps. Thanks for sharing Kappy.

    • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

      No giffys… shucks.

  2. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    YYAYA!! recaps!! i was wondering whether you were still watching since it’s been a month that you haven’t talked about it!!! i watched it raw because viki unstable subs made me so angry. i got to episode 8.

    this recap is so hilarious. i love these lines:

    1) “Mind your own business” to ping an and ye chen. really, how alike are these two sometimes? i mean, please poke your noses AWAY from the villain’s business!!! it’s not your problem they are humiliated. rightfully, so!!!

    2) ROFLLLLLLLLL @ “how blessed I was that my friend has long hair. LOL!” oh kappy, you killed me there. i understand what keane went through. i do hope she isn’t bald now, or have weak hair follicles. 😀

    3) the meteor garden comment. man, when i watched it, i was afraid her sweater might ripped because her undergarment and bodise is nothing to show. lol………………….. the guys were ready to tear her apart for REAL!

    @Keane, there are gifs!!! did it not load for you? it’s my favorite scene, them stealing looks at each other…OMGGGGGGG so cuteeeeeeeee!!! ye chen, i want to marry you1!!

    i agree, i think it would be intereting for zi wen to find out but then again i don’t want anyone to know BUT ye chen. plus, i have enough of zi wen’s story already, what the heck is the writer doing with ye chen’s story?!!!!! I CAN”T WAIT!!!

    thanks, as always. 😉

    • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

      If you recall me saying something about cutting my loooooooooooooong hair shorter for Summer, then you now can understand why I need it short. I’ve become my nieces and nephews life raft/rope/saver for a while. And not necessarily limited to being a lifeguard in the water. LOL!

      I see ’em giffys now. I didn’t see ’em work on my smartphone (on my laptop as of current). I haven’t upgraded my device to ICS/JB, too lazy to decipher all the tech jargon, maybe that’s the cause of flash lagging.

      I just got home having bought my nieces and nephews some magformers, excuses really; I’m having more fun playing w/ ’em than they are. XD

  3. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    Where do you watch your dramas? If viki is not working for you, you can try sugoideas . com for all taiwanese dramas/shows. but not all of them has eng subs

  4. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    Great to see people recapping/reviewing Taiwanese drama! I hadn’t tuned into one for such a long time, so Borrow Your Love was a nice welcome. It’s not the type of drama I’d usually go for, but I’m so glad I decided to give it a watch, as I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a nice bit of weekend entertainment!

    I’m ashamed to say that the actors are all new to me except for the mother, who I’ve seen in something lol but can’t seem to remember what. I’m liking the acting though, it’s a lot more subtle compared to other Taiwanese drama. The lead girl, Ping An, has toned it down a great deal since the initial episodes – such a pretty actress too! And the lead guy (sorta) Ye Chen is real gem of a find, what a hunk (fan girl mode), bit stiff in the acting department, but so much on screen charisma! He doesn’t seem to get much screen time though, or when he does, it’s always in aid of other character developments! I hope they focus on his story soon!

    Having said that, it’s been ages since I’ve been in shipper mode, and the lead pairing in this are adorable!! The Pingchen couple have totally captured my heart!! They just ooze chemistry when they’re onscreen together! Ep8 and 9 will be a real treat for Pingchen supporters! Kudos for your recaps!! Such a pleasure to read. x

  5. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    Keane, I’m glad you found the summaries entertaining. Totally my aim. 🙂 And my friend, she has turned out to be one of my best friends in this lifetime. She still points to her hair sometimes to joke about the deep-end fiasco. Something’s wrong! You don’t see the gifs? =/

    Frea, it’s my favorrrrrrite moment too. I keep replaying it cause Ye Chen’s smirk kills me every single time.

    Jen, I download the videos and watch it with softsubs from here.

    Hanguk bites, no need to feel ashamed my friend. I only know two of them, the mother and Ye Chen. The actor playing Ye Chen has never really grabbed my love until this series and you’re right about his onscreen charisma. Absolutely overflowing. I’m wondering why the writer hasn’t shown much of his background story. Surely, we will get some? 🙁

    The actress portraying Ping An won awards for her awesome performance as a villain in last year’s hit, The Fierce Wife. I didn’t watch it but many praised her and said she’s strikingly different in here as Ping An.

    Great that you enjoyed reading my rambling!

    You guys are making me squirm in anticipation of the next episodes. 😉

  6. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    Hellooo! So happy you’re recapping this series again~ I don’t understand why Borrow your love is still ranked no 3 in the Sunday idol dramas department, it’s getting good and week after week I’m chasing what happens next.

    Thank you thank you for the GIFs!!!!! Argghh PingChen are the best parts of this series, the stolen glances, the way he smiles at her… I’m dead already. Dylan Kuo, I didn’t know you can act with your eyes. He’s still wooden at times, but way way way better than the last time I saw him. (possibly 4+ yrs ago)

    I’m beginning to think Ye Chen is a supporting and not lead in this series. False advertising I say!

    You’re raised an interesting point about Zi Wen if he knew Ping An is the daughter, although the plot could turn into those ‘fall in love with enemy’s daughter’ type story which is another can of worms!?

    • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

      Yep yep, stalking viki everyday for 2 weeks and with no development in the subbing area, I gave up and only came by a few days ago to check. It paid off!

      Is the rating so bad? I haven’t checked for many weeks already! Who’s leading in the same time slot?

      I was afraid of that can of worms too but based on the opening video, I believe Zi Wen’s OTP is Xi Le. And it should be that way!! 😛 I won’t allow any missteps!! heh!

      • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

        Borrow ur Love is no 3 behind King Flower and Spring Love, it’s been improving but still hovering around the 0.7 mark? Guess it’s not a bad as that K Song Lover one… which is like 0.2/3 LOL.

        Yes Zi Wen’s OTP has to be Xi Le, meh even if he likes Ping An she won’t have him anyway… her heart is with Ye Chen now HAHAHA.

        • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

          OMG! just around 0.7 mark? i feel terrible for the cast!! What’s going with taiwanese audience??!! when was the last time a drama reached 6? terrible.

  7. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    omonaa..suddenly i remember that i wrote something on CBox.. i thought i requested something and just read your note.. mianhe, i didn’t really pay attention on the note so i didn’t know that CBox is not the place to request :'(

    well then.. i read about king flower.. which one is most recommended, king flower or borrow your love? thank you 😀

    • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

      lol yui, the note has been there since forever! 😛

      alice didn’t watch King flower so her opinion wouldn’t be fair to begin with. hahaah. King flower caters to a bigger audience because it’s a makeover-fairytale story with 2 hot males for the leading lady. i gotta say the first 2 episodes of King flower were sorta……dumb? but it gets better down the line.

      borrow your love has a shaky beginning too but it’s soooo cute right now with our OTP

      looks like my opinion is also biased. LOL!

      • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

        my bad haha.. 😀

        it’s okay..i’m really glad that you gave me your opinion 🙂 thank youuu ^^
        i went to someone’s blog and she wrote about King Flower, and it looks like she falls for Terry, i guessed he isn’t the lead actor 🙂
        well.. i read Borrow Your Love synopsis here and makes me more curious.. can’t wait to watch it..

        thank you frea 🙂

  8. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”


    I like this one best.

  9. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    I like this drama, although the screenplay is very typical the OTP are genial!!
    I love Dylan Kuo!!!!!! Hahaha, and I hope that his role will have more protagonist in the next episodes.
    When Pingn A y Ye Chen are together it’s the better in this serie, and the others protagonists, Xi La and Zi Wen, every time I dislike less.

  10. 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

    does this drama focus on the romance? 🙂

    • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

      Tough question. Not really since the ultimate theme is family reunion and maybe forgiveness. But the romance between the leads is just darn adorable so you literally scrap at whatever sized biscuit they feed you. 😉

      • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

        Oh I see ;). I am in episode 3 and they are really cute and funny together, if they keep the cute moments like this so it’s good :D. I see from now that it looks like a very nice drama but I asked that because I hate it when the 2 leads have a good potential and are cute together but they ignore it in the drama and don’t do anything about it at all.

        • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

          Oh yay! Another viewer! This drama is seriously underrated! Their moments in episode 4 & 5 are very few so stay strong to see the cuteness down the line. You’re at 3 but reading recaps for 6 & 7! The spoilers! heh.

          Enjoy watching and spazz with us when you want! 🙂

      • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

        Which is the last episode that you watched? 😀
        I couldn’t find subtitles after 8

        • 22 thoughts on “Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

          I have summer courses (6) so no time…yet….T___T… I am up to episode 7 only. No spoilers please. 🙂

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