When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

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SSH: My smile makes even a man jealous.

No, this is not a recap or a thoughtful analysis of the premiere episode. It’s just a series of screen captures, telling you the plot in less than 7 minutes. Ha. I was bored and photoshop was open so I just followed the drumming of my fingers. Hope some of you like it one way or the other. The snerky voice is there for entertainment. 😉

The story begins 7 years ago.

Song Seung Hun plays

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 photo WAML1-20.jpg

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 photo WAML1-12.jpg

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Shin Se Kyung plays….

 photo WAML1-1.jpg

 photo WAML1-6.jpg

 photo WAML1-8.jpg
Am I heartless?

 photo WAML1-5.jpg
She only picks dramas where she’s abused.

 photo WAML1-27.jpg

Young JB as…

 photo WAML1-10.jpg
Another one: His dream is to become a singer. Do you see what I’m gonna say miles away? Because Dream High 2 sent him back home…

Yeon Woo Jin is:

 photo WAML1-2.jpg

Kim Sung Oh:

 photo WAML1-7.jpg

Lee Sung Min in a harsh role:

 photo WAML1-25.jpg

Chae Jung Ahn:

 photo WAML1-16.jpg

Too funny. I look at you while you’re looking at him. But someone else is looking at you while I’m not looking at him. Confused yet?

 photo WAML1-15.jpg

Lee Chang Hoon:

 photo WAML1-17.jpg

7 years later. Tae Sang has broken away from Big Boss, running his own loan company.

The abs are still as glorious! 😛

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 photo WAML1-22.jpg

How many minutes?  photo winking0004.gif

  1. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    thank you, it spare me a wasted hour. love the abs<3

  2. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    Brilliant! I mean you, not what is being passed off as a new drama. On the other hand, I do enjoy it for the laughs it gives me. Unfortunately, I’m sure that’s not their intention . . .

    Thanks for your blog.

  3. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    ^ Wow, the avatars are eerily similar!

    For a few hours, I imagined an anti-fan club for myself because of this post. xD

    Glad two people aren’t in it. heehee!

  4. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    LOL!!!! spilling coke here.

    Real name: LEE GA YOUNG. OMG. SO FUNNY! tell me how i remember that name even when fashion king is too far ago in my head?

    what the heck is JB doing here? DH2 comment = 😛 brilliant. brilliant. hats off to you kap’n!!

    fans of this drama shouldn’t get mad. it’s obviously poking fun at the drama for entertainment purposes. i laughed out loud at the carrying books photo.

    thanks kap! i should have checked this out sooner. lols.

  5. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    Lol! Extremely well done! Keep up the good work. Ep 2 gets better and slightly cuter, and you’ll be hooked with the cliffhanging question.

  6. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    Oh man, I sorta wanted to watch this but I knew it was gonna be… not so good lol. I have enough drama on my plate anyway, I’ll just read recaps or something (:

  7. 7 thoughts on “When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

    ha! Welcome to the snerky club everyone. Feel free to add your own snerky captions anytime. 😎

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